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  1. Hello,

    My name is Guru, Firstly i would like to thank you
    For all you valuable information. “SoloBackpaker”Awesome Name,
    I am planning a trip in Sep mid and i need a little help of yours,
    Its an around 10 day trip and i am confused between Delhi-Manali-Ladakh-Leh or Delhi-Shimla-Lahaul Spiti, please suggest where should i go we are 6 friends and planning to hire a car from Delhi. Also if you can suggest that if it is possible to see snow at any of these places during Sep second week?
    Thank You.

    • Hi, Thanks. Both the routes are awesome and offer similar landscapes. Both are must doable once in a lifetime, so choose as per your own convenience. If time is not a constraint, then I will suggest to follow Delhi-Manali-Leh-Kargil-Srinagar-Jammu-Amritsar-Delhi route. Its awesome. In Leh, you have more chances for snow as compare to Spiti. Have a nice journey.

  2. Hi There,

    I would like to thank you for this immensely helpful website and blogs. I am planning a trip to RoopKund and what to pack blog of yours is very helpful. I haven’t done trekking in my life (but have been to amarnat thrice) before and wanted to go to roopkund I am not sure how much difficult it could be and will I be able to make it and any particular suggestions you would like to give.

    I am little bronchitis, that is why there is little doubt in my mind regarding the climate and yes I am planning it with India hikes.

    And yes somebody has suggested me to go for easier treks like pindari glaciers but I am quite mesmerised with the scenic beauties of RoopKund

    Your response would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi, Roopkund Trek is really a beautiful trek, but it also demands certain level of physical fitness and hard work. Sometimes, the trail seems like a big challenge, but that is why we go for the trek. Despite of bronchitis, I hope you will be able to do this trek, because the cold weather will be mostly in the night, when you are supposed to rest inside the tent. Chill wind will be there throughout the day, but its ok. When are you going for this trek?

  3. Sir,
    I am visiting first time to Maa Vashno Devi on 24 June 2014.

    I will reach Jammu on 24-june 2014 around 9:30 night. I have booked room for night. I will start around 6 am in the morning to Katra. I have planed to stay at Bhawan on 25-june-2014 & Next day from bhawan to katra-jammu.

    Can you give me some advice & plan my trip.


    Rajeev Sharma;

    • Hi, Since you will start from Jammu at 6 AM in the morning and intended to stay at Bhawan in the same day night, you have to push yourself a bit harder. You can reach Bhawan by the night, but you have to trek continuously from Katra to Bhawan for this. But, again, its perfectly okay to reach there on first day and come back on second day. Jai Mata Di.

  4. Hi… i have booked 7 tickets from aurangabad to new delhi for 22 june2014. among these 4 adults,3 children and 2 infants. But problem is that i don”t have birth certificate of one of infant and id of one child is also not available …. Plz clear me can this create problem for me..

  5. Hi buddy,

    Deepak from Bangalore. Been reading your blogs and found them great.A treat to the eyes!! I have the following query – I have booked one way flight tickets for me and my family from Pune to Chennai for travel in the month of June in Indigo airlines. While booking, I had accidentally missed out last 2 alphabets in my Father’s second name but did not notice until my dad pointed it out which was after confirming the itinerary. Will this cause any problem while boarding the flight? Checked with Indigo where they replied name changes are not possible (but didn’t mention its just 2 alphabets though). The ticket is booked in my name and i have a valid id proof. Should i try with customer care again or should i cancel and book again(at a loss of 50% 🙁 )? Need your views on this.

    • Hi Deepak, Thanks for liking this blog. Name correction is possible upto three alphabets. Generally it costs about Rs.500. Since the error is in second name, you may travel without correcting that. Can you tell me the name at ID proof and name at the ticket to suggest you correctly? Each passengers’ identity is necessary irrespective of primary ticket holder.

      • The second name in the ticket is ‘Padmanab’ while the name in the id is ‘Padmanaban’. Rest of the passengers possess valid identity proofs.

  6. Hi,
    I am Sanju.We r going to Roopkund on Oct, 2014. I want to Know that when we will go with a porter where the porter will stay at night. Is it necessary to carry an extra tent? And rope is necessary to climb Junargali pass? Pls send your advice.

    • Hi Sanju, I went to Junargali without a rope. Any trekking stick and good shoes will serve the purpose. Porters travel with their own sleeping bags and they have their own arrangements with the other locals.

  7. Hi,
    Manu from Bangalore, I need clarification regrading visa on arrival, I am travelling from Bangkok to siem reap with VOA for Thai and E-Visa for Cambodia through Aranyaprothet/Poipet, then to Saigon through Moc Boi/Bavet Border with Vietnam Visa and to Laos through Lao Bao /Dansanvah Border with VOA for Laos and back to thailand through Non Khai immigration with VOA for Thai.

    My query is can i get VOA at Nong Khai with out problem , since entire thing will be done within 15 days of my VOA permitted period, since I will be arriving at Bangkok by VOA for 15 days and exit stamp at poipet will there be problem for to get new VOA at Nong Khai.

    Please clarify.

    • Hi Manu,

      The VOA expires right at the moment you get an exit stamp on the passport. So, there is no issue of that 15 days period. You are again eligible for Thai VOA at Nong Khai Immigration Checkpoint. Have a nice trip. 🙂

  8. Hi,

    I have booked a domestic ticket. I have put the name as Shiv Kumar while booking the flight booking as the last name is mandatory.
    But in the ID my name is only Shiv.
    The ticket is booked for 2 person. The other person have the exact name on ticket number.

    Will be there any issue during check in.


  9. hi I am a Indian and will be travelling to singapore next month. I got visa for Singapore and from there would like to visit malaysia for 3 days and come back to singapore to board the flight to India. MORE IMPORTANTLY WILL BE TRAVELLING TO MALAYSIA BY BUS FROM SINGAPORE..IS MALAYSIAN VISA REQUIRED….

    • Hi Mahesh, you need a Malaysian visa in your case. You can get a visa-on-arrival, but it will cost 100 USD. Better to get a prior tourist visa to avoid any problem. One more thing, to catch the return flight from Singapore, you will need a visa to enter in Singapore again. So, just make sure that you have a double entry visa for Singapore. Have a nice trip.

  10. Hi Solo Backpacker!

    Salam! Good Day… I would like to ask where to stay in Macau? I am solo backpacker too. Thanks 🙂

  11. Hi Solobackpacker,
    Is VOA to Cambodia a sticker one? I am asking this as I am running out of my passport pages. If it is so, then I need to apply for e-visa to save a page. Please clarify regarding sticker visa for VOA to Cambodia .
    Thank you.

    • Hi, VOA is not a sticker, but a stamp of half page. and if you get an e-visa, it also needs 1/4th page of the passport to put the immigration stamp at the time of entry.

  12. Hi Solo backpacker,

    You are doing a nice job and i found this blog very informative ! Well done bro.

    I have a question to ask. Last time i had booked a thai flight from delhi to bangkok and then a connecting flight to chiangmai. At new delhi check-in counter i was given one boarding pass only and i was told to collect the next boarding passport from bangkok because i was on VOA category but my luggage was booked upto chiangmai.

    Upon reaching bkk, i got VOA and i had to pass through immigration process. After this formality, i reached upper level (domestic airport) and approached thai check-in counter. The lady at check-in counter surprised that i was not given 2 boarding passes though i had told her that i am on VOA. She explained me that i was not required to go through immigration process and instead, i can have boarding pass inside airport as well as visa on arrival.

    I could not find such facility inside airport. Any idea on this ? I plans to go again next month.

    Thanks in advance !

    • Hi, The lady at check-in counter was correct. Since your luggage was booked up to Chiang Mai, You were supposed to get both boarding passes from Delhi and Visa-on-Arrival at Chiang Mai Airport. There is no exclusive facility at the airport for this purpose. After landing at Bangkok Airport, before going to immigration, you can ask to the representatives of Thai Airways for the procedure.

      • Hi SB, Thanks for your reply.

        I checked with Thai airways office and they told me that if gap of time between 2 flights is more than 3 hours, then they issue 2 boarding passes. In my case, the gap is just 1.45 hrs. This enough to get VOA & getting new boarding pass.

        VOA is issued at first port of entry. Since my first port of entry will be BKK, i will not be able to get VOA at CM though they have counter for this.

        Anyhow, i will let you know my next experience when i returns.

        Cheers !!


  14. hi,
    Myself Keshav from Ranchi, are doing good job ..hats off to you.
    I need one suggestion …i am reaching Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport very early ( 00:55 ) on 22nd of may and want to go same day Ho chi minh city, Vietnam. I will come back Bangkok after 4 days and want to spend my another 4 days here.
    i don’t want two times immigration at Bangkok . is it possible? if yes , please teach me about this. i m going abroad first time
    right now i have ticket only from kolkata to Bangkok.
    what is maximum transit stay timing at Suvarnabhumi airport ?

    • Hi, If you are flying with Air Asia..then no choice, you have to pass through the immigration at Bangkok Airport. However, if you are flying with Thai Airways, then you can remain in transit area to catch your flight to Ho Chi Minh City.

      • thanx for your valuable suggestion….
        i am flying with indigo ….is it ok for me ?
        please tell me about maximum transit timing ….
        again thanx

  15. Hi it’s maninder singh now I’m in Malaysia my tourist visa is expired now I want to go back india so how can I back india

    • Hi, Before it gets too late, just pay the overstay fine and leave Malaysia asap. If you overstay your visa, the usual penalty is a fine of 30 RM per day and you may be prohibited from re-entry. Fines can be paid at the airport or in advance at an immigration office.

  16. Hello Solo Backpacker,
    I found your blog by chance and after going thru it I must say it’s an wonderful blog and very informative. I have a small query. We intend to travel Kuala lumpur and Langkawi in the month of June by Air Asia. I have bought tickets for Langkawi-KLCC sector on 11:25 -12:30 fligh and then 15:35 flight from KLCC-Kolkata on the same day (not a fly-thru). Based on your experience in Air Asia what would you suggest ? Should I stick to that Or should I buy Langkawi-KLCC sector 1 day before which would require travelling to and fro from KLCC-Kuala lumpur City without having much to do there as we would cover KL before going to Langkawi. Appreciate your suggestions on this…

  17. hi Mr.Avinash. Really god has blessed u with great oppourtunities of Exploration, wonderful. Any trips on BIKE or CAR enroute to and till thailand , pls let me know at Am from COIMBATORE , any help for u on south trip am ready to co-ordinate.

    • Hi, It would be wonderful to make a trip to Thailand by a car/bike, however, I don’t have such plans right now. Do you have any? I will definitely contact you for a trip to the Southern Part of India. Thank you so much for this offer.

  18. Any suggestions on entering Cambodia by road from Vietnam? or do you suggest Boat / Cruise?

    • Hi SK, Choosing a mode of transportation depends on the time you have. If you travel by a bus, it takes least time, and also most comfortable , 6 hrs from Ho Chi Minh city to Phnom Penh. There are many buses operate between these two cities. For more leisure travel, you can opt for a boat / cruise, that generally takes 2 days/night via Mekong River Delta.

  19. Hi Avanish,

    This is Juvraj here. I am quite sure you remember me and I don’t need to introduce myself. I used to see your pics on fb but never really was aware about this site and that you are travelling so much. Yesterday only I came to know from Shivani & Manish. Would like to talk to you when u r free. give me a call on 9910021051 or mail me ur no. Super proud to see ur website.

  20. hi,

    Mr.AVANISH. myself DWARIKA , after taking tour of ur website and spotted glance of ur awards then decided to write blog. i know it is not soft-cake for me but still i want to write blog on social dream in that
    i want express my ideas for making new society in my style. but some loops in me like speed problem ,English problem,missing of website for posting my blog ,lack of words to express of my idea and so on..

    therefore i chosen u for my hurdles. then guide me .

  21. dear sir

    thank you for all the tips and trip details that you have shared with me.I am planning for a trip to spiti,a solo road trip from bangalore for may it advisble to do bookings in hotels early,cause this s budget i l b lukin out for a not so over the board expensive hotels.i am travelin alone for first time,any tips as such??

    • Hi Neha, May is not a high time for Spiti Tours, so you do not need any prior bookings of the hotels. You will get plenty of them. But, please be sure that some of the villages in Spiti Region have only one or two options for accommodation. You don’t need to book them also and you can hope for a good budget rate also, say within Rs.500 per night. You can also choose homestays there.

  22. Hi,

    To start with, you have written some highly rated blogs in your webpage: Very well written and you have kept your readers well informed on every route you have taken.

    I have always wanted to travel, but somehow got stuck with something or the other. The last thing I did was a Rishikesh trip on a weekend last may to Divine Life Society.

    Can you suggest me a good 4 days trip around from Delhi? Can I go to Spiti this weekend or would you suggest Kasol/Thirthan.

    Thanks again. Do keep travelling, enjoying, feeling and putting them on the website!


    • Thanks for the kind words Abhimanyu..Spiti is not advisable in 4 days only. .It needs at least a week… Kasol and Tirthan is the best option in 4 days. You can also include Narkanda in this itinerary. Keep Traveling and Celebrate this life on the road.

  23. Hi.

    Thank you very much for the information gathered in your blog. I am about to go to Cambodia next week and the post on “Angkor by bicycle” is of great help.

    Sylvain from France.

  24. hello,,,just mail me all your upcoming tours,,,,,,,,i would be happi to be with u,,,,,,,,,

  25. Your blogs are lovely. Valley of flowers is too good. so are the pics. I too want to visit it once.
    Try to publish a book instead of these blogs. 🙂

  26. Hi,

    This is Arun from NIT Trichy (2010 passed out). Right now am working in an MNC as a planning engineer. Planned to go to Thailand for 1 week. With friends.
    Seriously your blog is awesome. I have some doubts. Do u mind giving me your contact no?
    Plz.. Or mail ID.
    My contact no is: 8905219167.
    Am leaving next week. And i really need ur help. Kindly help me out.