I am a storyteller. I search them on the road and compile them on the web. Whenever I get free time in this cruel world of 9 to 5, I step out from my cocoon, to search my soul, to explore a new place, to tell a new story.

I neither have a big desire to explore each and every corner in this world, nor have a bucket list. I just do whatever my heart says. It can be a road-tripping, trekking, river-chasing, photography, motorcycle riding, snorkelling, now scuba diving etc. Sometimes, I just sit and stare on the map. And for all this, I don’t wait for the others. Its written in The Dhammapada,

Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone.

Its all about following my heart. I just have a single wish, “At the dusk of my life, when these eyes started to close, there should be the peace in my heart, that I lived this life with full craziness, spent few moments at some of the most beautiful destinations, and inspired some more people to step out from their comfort zone to explore this beautiful planet”.

Rahul Sankrityayan became my role model, when I read,

कमर बाँध लो भावी घुमक्कड़ों ! संसार तुम्हारे स्वागत के लिए बेकरार है|

 (Buckle Up Future Backpackers ! The World is longing to welcome you)

and, the words of Mark Twain are my source of inspiration,

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.                                    Explore. Dream. Discover.

To all of you, Don’t wait, Find out your inspiration and Celebrate Life on The Road.

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  1. GREAT … Dear Backpacker . You doing a great job to assist others for providding clues to places with not great transparency in terms of Visas , Travel etc. etc .

    I am also a vivid traveller with 40 years of aimless wandering around the globe & been to : North Pole by a Nuclear Ice breaker , Antartica , Glaciers of Ilulissat & let alone rest of the other popular places on this planet earth you name & probably I have been there .

    It will be my delight to be in touch with you if we can reciprocate to assist mutually as well others .

    Ashok Gupta / India
    email : rajapluto7@gmail.com
    My Business : http://www.radhaashok.com

  2. hey @solobackpacker i am a travel enthusiast and planning to go to roopkund trek. I read your blog about roopkund trek and it was very nicely described. But the problem with me is that there are many companies and organizations which organize the trek. Can you please suggest me any one of them on which I can realy and have trust. I am mostly concerned about the safety and proper managment of the trek. Please reply to this ASAP.


    • Hi, I have no idea about the tour operators. Most of them follow same itinerary and same pattern, one may start from Wan Village and other may start from Didna Village. That’s it. Choose any among the well known name.

  3. Hi Solobackpacker!
    I’m planning a solo trip to Spiti Valley and have been religiously following the intricacies mentioned about the journey. I hail from Delhi and wish to take Shimla route. Then reach Peo and later Kaza. I’ve budgeted 8 days including return. First, Is it a fair bargain?
    Also I’m aiming for last week of May 2017 or First week of June 2017, was just curious to inquire if the roads are motorable around that time.
    Lastly, a big thank you for such an encouraging coverage of the place. I’m sure you bare the flag of solo backpackers. Bravo! This blog really gives a kick to travel.
    Please do share a few links you’ve mentioned above detailing about the en-route experiences 🙂

    • Hi, Thank you for the appreciation. First week of June is good time, but you may have to take the route via Shimla during onward as well as return journey. The route via Manali may remain closed. 8-days time is good, but effectively you will get only 4 days for Spiti Valley. If you can add 3-4 more days, then it will be a good itinerary. 🙂

  4. i really like these lines ““At the dusk of my life, when these eyes started to close, there should be the peace in my heart, that I lived this life with full craziness, spent few moments at some of the most beautiful destinations, and inspired some more people to step out from their comfort zone to explore this beautiful planet”.” Thank u

  5. You can’t imagine how you inspire my life… I will be glad to meet you personally…. thanks sir

  6. Hello Solo backpacker!
    Chanced upon your website while planning a trip to Russia and was absolutely blown away at the way you’ve made all this information open source and collated. A big ‘thank you’!

  7. Hi Solo, thank you for a brilliant blog – much appreciated. I am a woman and plan to use the metro for local travel. I have seen that you say that the “woman only” carriages must be avoided. Is it not available to foreign woman? Thanks, Tracy

  8. Athato Ghumakkad: Riding a bicycle in Tehri Garhwal it was amazing trip was mine. good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.

    Priya :- promises myself before travel in book want to explore world in my own eyes.

  9. Hello this is my first time on your blog. I am searching bout egypt and landed here. This is an awesome blog, very informatif . I like your blog. Btw, how did u manage your blog like that?

  10. Thanks for sharing, Solo Backpacker.

  11. Hi
    I feel happy for landing in your blog, finally, as it is.flooded with the info (experience of yours) I have been looking for. Your way of real story telling is superb. Thanks a lot for penning down such inspiring words here.
    Keep exploring and keep.posting your ride on road experiences! Reading your blog itself gives a kind of.refreshing feeling!

  12. Your writing is all about honesty and confidence. I loved reading your articles and I loved reading this about page even more. Your style of traveling is a lot like mine. No checklist, no plan, just be on the road for the stories. I’m following you.

  13. Hi I loved reading your blog , specially the spiti valley ones. I am planning myself for a solo trip along the valley and would like to know some more from you. let me know how can I reach you for the same.

  14. Hello Solobackpacker
    I just read one of your posts. Remarkably written indeed. That’s what one needs to know to make travel plans.,
    Amazing, simple, to the point. Great.
    I also travel a lot and write my Blog, but yours is very nice indeed.
    We can exchange views and you may use read some of my posts to countries that you still desire to visit.
    I am at sdmalhotra@yahoo.com

  15. All places you explored are nicely explained and carry all information once should require. I am from Gujarat and last year I did a trip to Ladakh and your post helped a lot too.
    Have you ever been to Gujarat? Would love to learn about your experience.

  16. Hey, why you haven’t come here to Kerala? 🙂

  17. Such vivid and interesting space you have created here!!! Your stories are so informative and helpful….Thanks for sharing the love for travel

  18. Hello….I just came across your site, while researching about Abu Simbel, thanks for outting the information which has helped me.
    Stay blessed…….

  19. All i needed a little push…..after reading these posts, i will travel as if i don’t care…..

  20. Amazing blog! Really helpful for solo travellers like myself. Thanks a lot and looking forward to reading more of your travel chronicles! 🙂 Keep inspiring!

  21. I really liked your travel philosophy…… hope I can also follow it so soon

    • Thanks Sonali. I wish you to travel more and more. Apart from the travel, I really enjoyed reading about your Love philosophy on your blog. 🙂

      • My Dear Solo Backpacker,
        The thinking, the philosophy, the words, and the person behind all of these things. A big salute to you. I am 52 now and when look back I only found that your words are very true. I also follow some rules in my life (some of my friends says that it is my philosophy). But what I feel, if you have some philosophy, you can live a better life.
        Best wishes for your future.
        Debasis Lahiri

  22. Amazing…….

    still reading and making plans

  23. Written very well..
    I will be most probably visiting spiti valley in the month of september for around 15 days.
    I want to know that is it safe for a female solo traveler to go there?
    I would also like to know that are 15 days sufficient to explore spiti and all near by villages and experiencing their lifestyle?

    • Hi Palak, Spiti is perfectly safe for female solo traveler. People are very kind and helpful. You will definitely enjoy your stay there. 15-days is enough to explore the Spiti Valley. Try to make the complete circuit from Shimla-Reckong Peo-Tabo-Kaza-Losar-Manali and back. Have a nice trip.

      • Hello Avinash, what a wonderful website you’ve managed. It’s taken me a full day to jot down all the details I might need for spiti and fishing for more tips from your comments. I have a similar plan of 15 days in September. I am doing it solo and while I have a good idea/plan of the delhi-shimla-peo-kazo route by “kazo bus” (after I read your post). I am a little sceptic about exiting via the Manali route. Is rohtan pass going to be open in the sept-1-15 period. Is there a public bus option for this one..like the kazo bus with a sort of fixed stoppage so I can see places and catch the same bus next day? That is how I will do the shimla-kazo route and explore pretty much the same places you stopped. Do share your inputs. Also, I would love to find a travel partner. So this is for all the curious readers of solo backpacker. I am travelling solo and should anyone have a similar plan or is interested in doing these places on the following dates…please do drop me a line:-

        Sept 1-15th – delhi- shimla-spiti-manali – Delhi

        Sept 18 – 28th ladakh

        Sept 30 – Oct 11 – Kashmir

        I am based in Mumbai and will fly to Delhi on 29th august. Solo, and budget where ever possible.
        Gaurav Singh
        7506460961 (watsapp)

        Once again thank you Avinash. This is such a brilliant feat you’ve achieved with so much of the helpful info all over your website. I have a long 4 months of south east Asia trip planned for Nov ’15 – Feb ’16. Will start making an itinerary, visa pointers and notes from your website real soon.

        Good luck!

        • Hi Gaurav. Thanks for your kind words. Kaza-Manali route will be open during your trip. Two government run buses ply on this route everyday. Many shared jeeps also operate between Kaza and Manali, when this route gets open. For a travel partner, why not to use the forum section? You may able to get the right audience there. Hope you will have a nice trip. Looking forward to hear your experiences.

    • Hi Palak, Just curious to know if you went for this trip, and if you did, look forward to your experiences of traveling solo to Spiti, your detailed itinerary and feedback, if any. Cheers!

  24. I am a retired person – a 58 years young and a travel enthusiast.I have traveled to many places in and out of the country but with family and friends except once to Goa.I traveled solo to Goa once about 10 years ago but somehow did not enjoy the trip.
    I chanced to see your blog and the traveler in me got invoked once again. Your blog is awesome and I got hooked up with the simple and clear language. I started off with one article but could not resist reading more.Keep it up !
    I am bookmarking your page for future references.I would also like to know if there are any budget trip planned and possibly I can join. I am fairly fit person and do a lot of walking during my travel.

  25. v nice pic.

  26. Hi! I came across to your blog while seraching inforamtion about abu simbel. You have covered the information nicely & precisely. It was helpful. After completed reading Egypt I jumped to Leh trek n then to Bike Ride to Tanot. I feel like just go on reading all experiences. I am a biker n would love to read bike ride experiences.
    You are doing good work. Keep up the spirit!
    Ride Hard.. Ride Safe!

    Vaibhav Gaikwad
    Team BBRC (Biker Buddiz Riders Club)

  27. Thank you for your post about travel between Aswan and Luxor. You are an excellent storyteller! I will be in Egypt next month, so the information your provided is very useful to me. Thanks!

  28. HI
    Really the blog is gr8. It helps people a lot.

    M planning to visit in May 26th to Maa Vaishnav Devi, Could u please guide us towards hotel bookings and how to reach Amritsar as we have to visit Golden Temple, Wagha Border and Jallianwalabagh

  29. Just came across your blog and loved it…..
    need some information about Udaipur…. can you help me out?

  30. I wish to share my SOLO journey to Canada from India 😀

  31. Hey……… Avanish, Great job man keep going…..awesome blog which gives lots of information to solo traveler like me

  32. I can say only one word about this blog…..Just Awesome. This blog provide lot of information that inspire me to travel more.


  34. Hi, it is wonderful. whole I have read your details for egypt. I wish I can travel like you. it is wonderful/ I wish you have more & more travel safely & peacefully. Regards,Gopinath

  35. Hi bro, myself Sudhir ( Maddy ) from delhi
    First of all I would like to say about your blog ” LAJAWAAB, dil garden garden ho gaya aapke blogs padh kar.”
    Thank you dear Avinash for your valuable, fantastic,wonderful,awesome n amazing blog.
    I want to visit your office n meet you if you dont mind.where is your office.
    My no. is 09999139914.
    Have a great day !!!

  36. hey.. just came to this site while surfing on the net.. and the blogs written are amazing.. which makes me travel like that alone… so if there are any further trips happening and u take people with u i would love to join.. please do inform me for the same!

    • Hi, Just introduced a new widget in the right sidebar of this blog. You can see next five trips planned by me there. Except family trips, we do search for the fellow trekkers/travellers for the other trips. Keep Travelling and Enjoy. 🙂

  37. Hi Avanish,hey buddy wassup?Where have you been travelling latest..Love reading the articles on your blog – very nicely written – always.

    • Hi, I am fine. What about you? I am planning a 12-days trek across the Pin-Parvati Pass in Himachal Pradesh, probably in July/August. Any plan to be in Delhi? Let’s meet.

  38. Hi Dear,

    Nice Blog, vibrating thoughts & contains very useful information. Inspired by your thought to come-out of our mechanical life. To day you have provided me useful information even at midnight spending your precious time. I had experience that people are charging in dollars as consultancy service, how you are responding & advising free of cost sacrificing your own time ?

    Heartily thank for you & Solo Backpacker. Well done man…! Keep up the good work…!!

    Best Regards,


  39. Hi there ! Nice blog and believe me you have created a platform I was on lookout for. I have just enrolled myself for your updates. Can we connect with like minded people to join when ever some one is planning a Solo trip ? My next three trips are Rajasthan Desert Safari at Jaisalmer – next week, Vietnam & Cambodia over New Year eve and then NYC and over to Peru & Bolivia Jan end / Feb – SK

    • Thanks SK..I endorse your idea of a community of like-minded people..But, I doubt, if many of us are able to travel at your pace :-)…Your coming trips are amazing and making me jealous..Happy Backpacking Buddy..

  40. Hi Avanish, landed on your Blog while searching for Thai Visa for Indians. Have seen so many expat/backpacker blogs, It feels really good to know a native backpacker. Your blog is full of inspirations to many who have a hidden backpacker inside them but are scared/afraid to take it out. I was scared too but after traveling abroad with friends for the first time and reading expat blogs I realized my fears were nothing but self made boundaries.
    I am upto following my backpacking dreams. Next, I wish to go to Thailand (again for 3rd time) Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. I wish to see all Asian countries first than saving up for Europe 😛 Happy backpacking buddy! I’ll read your blog posts on in spare time!

  41. I always remember those few trips (college days) done with u while reading ur blog … Keep going buddy.

  42. You are a dude and dude for me is any person (irrespective of gender) who has the guts to follow its heart… So may be I am not Queen of England to confer the title of ‘Sir’ but getting a ‘Dude’ from me isn’t that bad either.. Keep up the work, Dude, twenty years from now when your kids will see these photographs, again and again and again, they will be proud of their Dude Daddy 🙂

  43. Great blog man!…Feels great to read about a fellow solo backpacker…considering its such a rarity in India!…Keep up the good work!

    “Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then
    turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

  44. enjoyed your blog keepup the good work.and offcourse travel more n more n more !!!

  45. Very nice sir ….. awesome blog ….. Wish U to be in the top travel blogs of the world …….

  46. Fantastic blog this one! I am headed to another backpacking adventure in SE Asia in Feb ’13 and it was nice reading from an Indian backpacker’s perspective, helps a lot 🙂

  47. Wonderful blog! i like it very much. Although my idea of travel is always associated to driving, hence becomes a little limited, but i enjoy it, so no complaints 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting this blog, Sumeet. Your idea and dream to drive across India is wonderful. Hope to see a lot of trips from you in coming days. Will meet you somewhere on the road.

  48. Hi Dear found out about your blog lately..I totally enjoyed reading it ..especially that macau incident 😉 ..keep up the good work…cheers

  49. You have an awesome blog…. I really love the way you have maintained your blog. Keep up the good work

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