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Inner Line Permit is an effort by the government to regulate movement to certain areas located near the international border of India. ILP is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow inward travel of an Indian citizen into a protected area for a limited period. It is obligatory for all Indian citizens from outside those states to obtain a permit for entering into the protected state.

The Inner Line Permit system is prevalent in the three North Eastern States, namely, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland. Citizens of other States require ILP for visiting these three States. This post deals with the ILP process for Arunachal Pradesh only.

Inner Line Permit for Arunachal Pradesh: ILP is required for Indian citizens (except the residents of Arunachal Pradesh itself) to enter in the state of Arunachal Pradesh by any mode of transport from anywhere.

Jairampur Check Post at Assam-Arunachal Border on famous Stilwell Road

Jairampur Check Post at Assam-Arunachal Border on famous Stilwell Road

How to get Inner Line Permit for Arunachal Pradesh? You can either get it online sitting at your home or you can get it in person, after visiting one of the Resident Commissioner or Deputy Resident Commissioner offices at few locations in India.

From Where you can get ILP for Arunachal Pradesh?

Online Process: The best way to get ILP for Arunachal Pradesh. The link is:


The cost of online ILP for a single person is Rs.100 plus transaction charges. You can apply in a group or as an individual, it doesn’t make any difference.

If you apply as an individual, you are supposed to upload your ID and address proof along with a passport size photograph. You can use Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Ration Card or Voter ID card for this purpose.

If you apply as a group, then ID and address proof is required only for the primary members. Rest of the members have to upload only passport size photograph. Including the primary applicant, maximum 10 members can apply in a group. Document Size should be less than 200kb. Document file format can be pdf or jpg. Photograph should be 15kb to 50kb resolution and in .jpg or in .png format, and should have the white background.

While applying, you can select any processing office. However, it is advisable to select either a close one to your location or a major city office (e.g.Guwahati). You have to select the district, wherever you wish to visit and entry gates will display automatically for that district. You are free to select as much district as you wish, but you can select maximum 30 days for your return from the date of entry. You are also supposed to mention a reference while making online application. You can give reference of any person from your hometown, not necessarily from Arunachal Pradesh only.

Time Required for ILP: Normally, you can expect it within 24 hours from the time of application (it may delay upto one week in worst case). After uploading the documents, the application remains under processing. Probably within the next 24 hours, it may get approved or rejected, as the case may be. In case of approved application, you get a link to pay the required fee. After successful payment, you can download ILP instantly. In case of rejection, you get the cause of rejection specifically mentioned. After necessary corrections, you can re-apply for online ILP without any delay.

Offline, Application for ILP in-person:

1. Major Relevant Cities: Delhi (The National Capital), Kolkata (Largest City in The Eastern Part of India), Guwahati (The Gateway to the North East India), Shillong ( A Major Touirst Center in North East India)

2. Major Cities of Assam near Arunachal Border:
Tezpur, Jorhat, Dibrugarh and North Lakhimpur

3. Tourist Transit Points: Naharlagun railway station, Gumto railway station, Guwahati Asom Paryatan Bhawan near Nepali Mandir and Guwahati LGBI Airport (Office of Arunachal Pradesh Tourism in Arrival Hall)

4. Deputy Commissioner Office of each district in Arunachal Pradesh

Time Required for ILP:
Normally, you can expect it within 24 hours from the time of application, except holidays in case of offline application, however in case of online application, it is possible to get ILP during holidays also.

But this time limit actually varies from one office to another office. As a thumb rule, if you apply for a permit in the morning before 12 PM, expect to get the permit by 4 PM on the same day. If you apply for the permit after 1 PM, expect to get that by 10 AM on the next day. Most of the offices don’t accept ILP application after 2 PM.

Cost of Offline Application: In case of offline application, the cost of ILP is Rs 25 per person. If applying in a group, only one person can apply for other group members also. If you don’t wish to visit these offices, you can apply through a travel agent after sending the photocopy of the required documents.

Instant ILP: At the cost of Rs. 400 (+ transaction charges) per person, you can get an instant ILP, online, in case of urgent requirement. At LGBI Airport, you can also get an instant ILP at the cost of Rs 450 per person.

Areas covered under ILP: While applying offline, the offices normally issue ILP for the specific places as mentioned in the application, e.g, if you mentioned your intended place to visit is Tawang, then you will get permit for that area only. While at LGBI Airport, Guwahati, they issue permit for entire Arunachal Pradesh. In case of online application also, if you select every district, then it is possible to get the permit for entire Arunachal Pradesh.

Note 1: The application may get rejected if you only have the PAN card as an ID proof. It is advisable to submit a document having your valid address, whether applying online or offline.

Note 2: What if you reach at the entry checkpost without a permit? At most of the checkposts, you have the option to get the permit within one hour after paying the permit fee. However, greedy tour agents may cause troubles to you in this scenario. For example, if you are entering through Shantipur Checkpost towards Roing or Bhalukpong Checkpost towards Bomdila, you may get permit at the checkpost without any hassle. But, in case of Bandardewa Checkpost towards Itanagar, if you ask to the policeman at the entry post, he may direct you to one of the shop near the checkpost for the permit, as in my case. If you look desperate for the permit, the shopkeeper may charge hefty amount for the ILP, that is actually an instant ILP, possible to get online after paying Rs 400 per person only. When he asked Rs 1000 per person, I actually dropped the idea to reach Itanagar and moved onward in Assam.

At most of the checkposts, it is possible to get ILP within couple of hours, if you don’t have already. But still, it is advisable to get the permit beforehand to avoid any hassle. For example, at Jairampur Check Post, they may not allow you to proceed further without any permit, and they may not issue any permit also.

Does any Separate Permit required for the vehicles? No, separate permit is not required for the vehicle, whether you travel by your own vehicle or hired vehicle.

Additional Permits for Border Areas: The ILP entitled you to travel everywhere in Arunachal Pradesh as mentioned on the permit except few places near India-China Border or India-Myanmar Border. The popular destinations are:

1. Bum La and Pankang Teng Tso (PTSO) Lake in Tawang District: A special permit is required from SDM/DC office, Tawang. It may take upto 24 hours in processing. After that permit, the final approval is given by the Brigadier Office at the War Memorial Tawang. So there are two passes basically, one from SDM/DC Office and other one from Army. The pass is valid for a single day only .

2. Kibithoo in Anjaw District: ILP entitles you to travel freely upto Walong. To travel beyond Walong towards Kibithoo, another permit is required from the Commanding Officer of Indian Army at Walong.

3. Nampong-Pangsau Pass in Changlang District: ILP is sufficient enough to reach Nampong Village, 12 kms before Pangsau Pass on India-Myanmar Border. To travel beyond Nampong, permission is required from Sub Divisional Officer, Nampong. You will get three copy of the permit, first copy to submit to Post Commander, Assam Rifles; second copy to submit to Post Commander, Myanmar Army at Pangsau Pass and third one to keep with yourself. No special permit, except ILP is required to visit Manmao or Miao villages.

Note: Every month on 10th, 20th and 30th, the border is normally open for the visitors from both side. An Indian visitor can go upto Pangsau Village in Myanmar and similarly, a citizen of Myanmar can visit Nampong village in India. Normally, it is an easy task to get permit on these dates. Also, during Pangsau Pass Winter Festival (normally on Jan 18, 19 and 20 every year), the border remains open for the visitors and the permit can be obtained from the checkpost at Jairampur or Nampong. But, a large crowd gathered at Nampong to celebrate the festival, so it is very difficult to get instant accommodation. Also, expect a long queue of vehicular traffic (2-3 kms long normally) during the festival.

Apart from the Inner Line Permit, few more states (Jammu and Kashmir in Ladakh Area, Sikkim in North Sikkim district, Nicobar Islands groups etc) in India have certain kind of restrictions for Indian Citizens and they can not travel freely without a permission from the relevant authorities. This is not actually an Inner Line Permit, but kind of permit required to visit few restricted areas in the country, mainly near the international border. We will find out all these restrictions in the subsequent posts.

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