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Havelock is a beautiful island in the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is the most reputed, most beautiful and most visited island in the area. Millions of tourists fly or sail across the Bay of Bengal to enjoy this heaven in a remote corner of India. For most of them, Havelock is Andaman and Andaman is Havelock.

Havelock is a home to the absolutely clean and serene beaches, picturesque villages and exotic resorts surrounded by beautiful coconut and palm trees. The blue sea with the crystal clear water, the sand, the local mouth-watering foods, excellent diving schools and some of the best dive sites-Havelock is a backpacker’s paradise.

Graphical Map of Havelock Island

Graphical Map of Havelock Island

I stayed in Havelock for 8-days and explored every possible corner of this beautiful island. For many tourists a visit to Havelock means a visit to Radhanagar Beach (Beach No.7). That’s it. and If they have some time, they also include Elephant Beach in their itinerary. I met many tourists who arrived there by the morning ferry, visited Radhanagar beach and returned back by the afternoon ferry. Many tourist packages sell like this only. But, Havelock is such a beautiful place, that I recommend everybody to spend at least 3-4 days in Havelock to explore other beautiful locations.

Here is a brief idea of all the beautiful locations of Havelock island:

Beach # 1 (Adjacent to the Main Jetty): This is the main jetty of Havelock Island. Every ferry from Port Blair, Neil Island and Rangat arrives here only.

Beach 1 Near The Main Jetty

Beach 1 Near The Main Jetty

There is a small market adjacent to the ferry ticket counter, where you can enjoy local foods and coconut water. In front of this market, you can see a lot of boats waiting for the tourists. These boats are basically used as a transport option to Elephant Beach, another beautiful beach in Havelock.

Note: Left side of Beach # 1 is basically used as a boarding/de-boarding point for the ferries. No water sports available here, except the ferry or high-speed boats to the Elephant Beach. Right side of beach # 1 is not accessible directly from the ferry site. To visit this side, a walk is required from Beach # 2 side.

Main Jetty at Havelock Island

Main Jetty at Havelock Island

Beach # 2: This beach is generally off from the eyes of a tourist, unless he/she wants to enjoy diving and snorkeling in Havelock. Most of the diving schools conduct their basic diving courses/confined water dives/swim and float tests here. This is also the diving site for Discover Scuba Diving package offered by most of the diving schools/resorts.

Beach 2 at Havelock Island

Beach 2 at Havelock Island

How to Reach? It is situated just 500 meters ahead from the beach # 1, near the helipad. On the opposite side of the helipad road, there is a cluster of 5-6 houses. A narrow path passed through these houses surrounded by the coconut trees to the Beach 2.

Diving Site at Beach 2

Diving Site at Beach 2

Note. 1: It is a nice place to look out for Mangrove trees.

2. While moving towards the sea in the evening, watch out near the roots of first 3-4 Mangroove Trees. They are the home of a Sea Krait family. Sea Kraits are venomous, but they don’t harm unnecessarily. They tend to move out near the beach in the evening.

3. Be careful, if you are clicking the Mangroove Plants. Don’t move inside the cluster of Mangroove roots in the slippers at least.

Govindnagar Beach (Beach # 3): This is also away from the eyes of the people and not visited by many tourists. Beach # 3 expands along the edge of many resorts situated in this area on the sea-shore. Normally the guests from the adjacent resort use this beach. All the boats owned by resorts moored here in the evening.

Beach 3 Behind Barefoot Scuba Resort

Beach 3 Behind Barefoot Scuba Resort

How to Reach? If you are not staying at any resort along the beach # 3, then take a narrow paved road leading towards beach # 3 near the DFO, Forest Department Office. DFO office is just 300 meters ahead from the main market on the road from Govindnangar to Vijaynagar. If you are staying at those resorts, you can directly approach to the beach from your resort.

Note: 1. Unlike many private beaches covered by adjacent resorts in many countries, Beach # 3 is a public beach. Anybody can go there.

2. Very less crowd (almost none) is there. Its a nice place for sunbath as well as ideal for swimming.

Radhanagar Beach (Beach # 7): This is most popular beach in Havelock Island. In 2004, it was named as “The Best Beach in Asia” by TIME. A coastline full of white sand spread over one km, this beach is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset in whole Andaman Islands.

Radhanagar Beach (Beach 7)

Radhanagar Beach (Beach # 7)

How to Reach? Best way to reach here by using a public bus from the main Jetty. The bus also passes through the main market near beach 3. Fare is INR 10 per person for one way journey. Many people go there by hired moped/bike as they are cheaply (INR 400-500 per day) available all over in Havelock. You can also hire an auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk)from the jetty as well as from beach # 3 market. But public auto-rickshaw on sharing basis is not available in Havelock.

Radhanagar Beach After The Sunset

Radhanagar Beach After The Sunset

Note:1. Distance: Main Jetty to Radhanagar: 10-11 kms, Beach 3 to Radhanagar: 8-9 kms, Vijayanagar to Radhanagar: 15-16 kms

2. Bicycles on rent are also available in Havelock. But the road from Beach 3 market to Radhanagar beach passes through the hilly terrain. I tried one day and it was really tiring. Since the public bus is easily available, it is not recommended to go on this route by a bicycle, unless you are very enthusiastic about it.

3. First bus from Jetty to Radhanagar departs at 06.20 AM, then there are consecutive buses on 08.45 AM, 09.30 AM, 10.30 AM, 11.15 AM, 12.45 PM, 03.45 PM, 04.30 PM and 05.15 PM.

4. An AC bus facility is also available on this route, fare being flat Rs. 50 per passenger from Havelock Jetty to Radhanagar Beach. It departs from Havelock Jetty to Radhanagar Beach at 09.00 AM, 10.30 AM and 02.45 PM.

5. Last bus from Radhanagar departs at 06.00 PM, giving you a good time to enjoy the sunset.

6. Sun sets early in this part of India (About 05.10 PM in October), as compare to the main land.

7. Hitch-hiking is very common in Havelock Island and the best thing is that people are very kind and they never try to charge you money for this.

8. Beach # 7 is also famous for the diving elephant Rajan. I heard that Rajan still dives/snorkels from January to April in the calm water, but I am not sure of this. I stayed at Barefoot Resort, but never tried to get this information. 🙁

9. No water sports are available at Radhanagar Beach.

Elephant Beach: This is another popular beach in Havelock Island and most difficult to reach. and Don’t expect to sight any elephant here. The beach is picturesque with lot of fallen trees in the background. This is the place for the water sports in Havelock. You can enjoy jet-skiing, boating, snorkeling, kayaking, boating in the glass bottom boats etc near the elephant beach.

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach

How to Reach? Most people reach there by ferries or high-speed boats available from the main jetty at beach # 1. They usually charge INR 1000-1500 for a round trip.

Another cheapest way to reach here is by a public bus from main jetty at beach # 1 or main market at beach # 3. Catch the bus to Radhanagar and de-board near the trekking path to Elephant Beach. A well marked trekking trail through a dense forest for 2 kms leads you to this beach.

Trekking Trail to The Elephant Beach

Trekking Trail to The Elephant Beach

Note: 1. Forest is very dense from the main road to the beach. If possible, never trek alone on this trail. I went out alone, but my heart was sinking during the complete trek.

2. Have a stick to move away the dogs.

3. Most of the time, tourists tend to walk in the shorts and chappals in Havelock Island. Don’t go on this trail in shorts and slippers. The forest is dense and Andaman is the home for many venomous reptiles.

3. Avoid this trail right after the rain.

Vijaynagar Beach (Beach # 5): It spreads along the village of Vijaynagar, just behind the famous Dolphin Resort. Large Mahua and Coconut trees grew along the beach. It is a perfect place for long walk along the sea.

Vijayanagar Beach (Beach # 5)

Vijayanagar Beach (Beach # 5)

How to Reach? Public bus operates twice in a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Hired auto-rickshaws are also available. AC Bus from Havelock Jetty also goes upto Dolphin resort, once in a day at 09.00 AM. Better to go by a hired motorcycle. Terrain on this road is not hilly like Radhanagar road, so you can go by a bicycle also.

Kalapathar Beach/Village: After 2-3 kms from Vijayanagar, there is another beautiful beach named as Kalapathhar Beach. This beach is a nice spot for snorkeling.

Kalapathhar Beach

Kalapathhar Beach

Kalapathar is a small village, that lies about 3 kms further away from this beach. It is a very beautiful village in a calm, serene surrounding. This village is also a nice place to observe the local village life, local agriculture, vegetables and fruit plantation etc.

Kalapathhar Village

Kalapathhar Village

How to Reach? Same Public bus that goes to Vijaynagar Beach goes further to this village, twice in a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Better to go by a hired motorcycle. Terrain on this road is not hilly like Radhanagar road, so you can go by a bicycle also.

Govindnagar Market : Govindnagar is Number 3 village in Havelock Island, near beach # 3. Villages do have a name, but normally they are known by their number in Havelock. Govindnagar is the main market in Havelock having many grocery shops, cheap and decent restaurants, a departmental store, chemist shop and internet cafes. Two ATMs, one of SBI and one of Axis Bank is also there near this market. (About 300 meters from the main market towards Beach No.2).

How to Reach? It is about 2 kms from the main jetty. Catch a public bus from Main Jetty or walk. You can also hire auto-rickshaws, near the jetty.

Around Govindnagar Village

Around Govindnagar Village

Mobile Networks in Havelock Island: Mobile networks of Vodafone, BSNL and Airtel are available at Havelock Island.

Havelock Island is popularly becoming a backpacker’s paradise in the tourism world. It is a natural paradise full of white sand beaches, coral reefs with a colorful array of aquatic life, palm trees, as well as dense forests in the interiors. Sea water Havelock Island is generally safe for swimming, snorkeling and diving activities and looks inviting, but it also has some potentially dangerous marine animals like Jelly Fishes, Stone Fishes, Sea Snakes etc. Always remain vigilant and enjoy the pristine beauty of Havelock Island.

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  1. Hi, great information, i’m planning to go andaman to stay 2 days in port blair and 2 days in havelock island.

    i’m going first time with my wife. If i plan my own itenary it’s more cheaper .then the travel packages of travel company providing. with same hotel. and ferry price.

    because it’s my first visit to andaman island i’m sort of unknown about several things .and frightened what if i will not get any ferry to havelock from portblair or return ferry . from havelock to portblair. could be language problem there. beacuase mostly people speaks bengali .

    so should i book travel company package in which i will have not to worry about anything. or should i go with my own which is lot cheaper please suggest.

    • Going on your own is definitely cheaper and don’t worry about the language. Most of the people understand and speak Hindi. Since, your trip is very short, and you are with your better half, it’s good to take a tour package. You don’t have the flexibility in your time frame. Even, if you want to go on your own, book Makruzz online between Port Blair and Havelock.

  2. What a lovely post! I’m planning to visit in soon and this was very helpful. Though if I’d read this earlier I’d have planned for one more day in Havelock and one less in Port Blair. 🙂
    Good to read about scooters as a mode of transport. I plan to make use of this fully 🙂 I hope the roads are not confusing and no chance of getting lost.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  3. Hi, very informative information, me and my wife are visiting in November, we are planning to buy snorkeling kit, what’s your suggestion. Which is best beach for snorkeling? can we do snorkeling in Radhanagar Beach? As I heard they do not allow this there? Thanks.

    • Hi, Snorkeling is not allowed at Radhanagar Beach. You can either go to Kalapathar Beach or Elephant Beach for snorkeling. The trail going to Elephant beach is not suitable for the bikes/cycles. Either walk or use a boat from the main jetty in Havelock (Beach 1).

  4. Hello,

    Very informative i had a doubt. The travel agent told me that Elephant beach will be open only for half a day i.e., it will be closed later by afternoon. Is it true?

    • Hi. it’s comfortable to be there till 3 PM. The tourists normally start returning to their respective locations after that. The sun sets early in this part of the country. 🙂

  5. Hi, I’m visiting havelock for 2N/3D day trip from aug 24, 2017. Can we get tickets for government ferry on the day of my arrival in port blair to havelock as this is off season. Please suggest

  6. your blog helped me a lot in planning our trip, specially your ” how to reach” as i prefer to explore new areas on foot. thanks a lot.

  7. Hi,
    Myself Poly and I am planning a trip with my Husband Andaman in the month of August (12th to 16th probably). However I am in touch with a local travel agent company of Andaman who is providing us a package (that includes the visit to two major locations at you mentioned in your post i.e. radhanagar and elephant beach), But still would like to ask for a few suggestions from you since you stayed there for such a long time.

    1. We have been offered havelock island beach resort for our stay but the lunch and dinner isn’t included in our package, can you suggest me simple yet clean restaurants of reasonable rates (I am bengali, so even bengali thalis can work out very well 🙂 ). Please suggest me! some options.

    2. A complementary snorkeling session at Elephant beach has been given to us but m not sure if the elephant beach will remain open during the time we are visiting the place? Need suggestions regarding this. So, that I can keep it added or removed from my package.

    3. The operations of the Cruise/Makruzz. We have been offered these for inter-island transfers. But while I can hear many saying that if the weather conditions become bad (rain and thundering) then they so not sail by Governments orders. How much is this true?

    • Hi, you can explore the variety of foods in Govindnagar market. Small, but 2-3 good restaurants. Elephant beach should be open, but considering the crowd, I don’t find it a very good snorkeling destination. Although, lot of people go there for snorkeling. Kalapatthar beach is another option for snorkeling. Makruzz operation is more reliable. I think they cancel only in extremely bad weather. You shouldn’t worry about this. Have a great and memorable trip. 🙂

  8. Dear sir can u please tell me that can we track to the elephant island from govind nagar beach.. we are two person me and my dad.. is this safe or any danger in this.. any robbery or any kind of wild danger

    • Hi, while going to Radha Nagar Beach from Govindnagar market, there is a 2-km long trail in the middle of the forest. You can trek on that to reach Elephant beach. No scare of the wild animals, except reptiles. Although, I didn’t find anything scary at all.

  9. Thank you for the details and sharing your experiences. It sounds fun! I am planning to visit Andaman in the end of June 2017 and wish to stay at Barefoot Resort. I will spend 2 nights/ 2 days in Havelock, which I know is not enough, but I can extend it to 3 nights. Any information you can provide on getting the ferry from Port Blair to Havelock would be highly helpful and I would like to keep in touch with you. Keep writing and Happy travelling. Please contact me in case you ever plan to visit Maharashtra, India [Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad] & Goa.

    • Hi, It is nearly impossible to get the government ferry ticket on the date of travel, unless you have a strong luck during the peak tourist seasons. For a solo traveller, however, the chances are good. But, if possible, try to get the ticket of government ferry in advance through a local agent or local hotel. The private cruise Makrruz can be booked online without any problem.

  10. A very detailed beautiful description of the beaches . Just need ur advise please . Planning to stay in havelock for 4 nights . It’s me n my dad . I m only interested in water sports so narrowed down to elephant beach .
    1) should I stay at elephant beach or Govind Nagar market as suggested in ur earlier response .
    2) heard of camping grounds … How to book them . Looking for cheap accommodation as I will be out in the beach all day . I don’t want to waste money on accommodation .

    • Hi, There is no accommodation available at Elephant Beach. It’s completely isolated during the night time. Better to stay at Govind Nagar Market. Accommodation is really expensive, so try to search one in the market online, away from the resorts. No idea of camping grounds. Have a nice trip. 🙂

  11. Hi.. We are planning to visit andaman in the month of april. Could you please let me know the best location to stay which can be easily accessible to the beaches in havelock island.

  12. Hi, this is a nice information provided, Can you also provide any Rent a Bike information in Havelock.

  13. I know i am late in commenting here..just came across your blog while doing some research on Laos….wonderful blog and all are very informative.
    i have explored Andaman on similar lines…and jst made me feel i should/i can write my blog tooo…thanks for inspiring….:)

  14. so nice and informative. which Beach is most childfriendly? can i use bikini at the beaches? 🙂 Maria

    • Radhanagar Beach is the most childfriendly. Bikini on the beaches is very rare scene in Havelock, better to avoid that. But if you want to use, you can use them on sea beaches located next to the resorts. That would be ideal.

  15. Hey, Really Nice article.
    One query regarding Elephant Beach boats, do they run during specific time or we can get it throughout the day ?


  16. Thanks for this useful info on Havelock Island. We are staying at Barefoot Resort in February, my partner has a lame left leg and can’t walk very far or easily, but she is a good swimmer. Is the swimming off the beach at this resort good and can we snorkel straight off of the beach.

    • Yes, the beach is right next to the resort, so easily accessible. You can snorkel straight off the beach, but marine life is not that much exciting. You can enjoy snorkeling near Kalapathar Beach, just 4-5 miles away from the resort. 🙂

  17. i am planning to do a diving course through barefoot & plan to stay with them in Feb 2017
    Can you please tell me an agent through which i can book govt ferry. what time is govt ferry from portblair to havelock
    how to reach from ferry terminal havelock to barefoot by bus . How much will a autorickshaw cost.

    • Hi,

      You have to contact a travel agent or a hotel for the booking of government ferry. There are 3-4 government ferries to Havelock Island from Port Blair. (0620 AM, 0900 AM , 0200 PM, 0430 PM depending on the season). From Ferry Terminal, take a bus to the Govind Nagar Market ( 2 kms approx), from there walk to the Barefoot Scuba ( approx 1 km). An auto shouldn’t cost more than Rs 50.

      If you are unable to find prior booking for the government ferry, try to book Makruzz (private cruise ship from Port Blair to Havelock) online.

  18. Hey.. Quite an informative blog.. Could you suggest a beach facing resort to stay at havelock ? Also any suggestion on how to travel to other islands like Batarang, ross island ?

  19. Hi Solo,

    Good Afternoon. I stumbled upon your site and was awed with the vivid description you have given about Havelock. Thanq.
    Can you please answer me these questions?

    1) We a family of 4 including a 9 mnth old kid are planning to visit Havelock in the Diwali Holidays. Is it a good time? Probably will go with 1-2 families.

    2)I am told that the accomodation rates are pretty high at Havelock or Neil island? What is the price range for a decent accomodation?

    3) Also, am told that the transport facility from Port Blair to Havelock is limited and only runs once a day. As in the ship coming from Port Blair does a round trip covering Havelock & Neil island.

    • Hi,

      1. Timing is good. Not an issue.

      2. Accommodation rates are indeed high. A decent room for a night is about Rs. 2000 and upwards. Some small properties are there in the market, where may get decent room at a cheaper price, but I don’t have exact information about them.

      This is a big issue. If there is no rush, you can manage it. But, there is always a risk that you may not get a ticket on the ship after your arrival. While travelling with family, it’s always better to arrange it in advance with a local agent. Alternatively, on a bit higher price, you can book Makruzz (Cruise Ferry) online at their official website. Just check their rate and book accordingly.

    • Hi

      I am just back from there

      Not sure about point 1

      Point 2

      I guess in relation to Indian prices not cheap

      You get what you pay for I suppose

      We paid £88 per night

      Room with air condition, no restaurants

      Havelock island resort

      Seashells nice

      But not that cheap

      Point 3

      There are two ferries to havelock from point Blair

      I think only one goes to Nell island

  20. Hey nice post!! Thanks. Am planning a trip with my daughter and your article has given me a much clearer picture of what to expect and plan. How about safety for 2 female travellers?

    • Hi, it’s very safe. You can’t enjoy it after the darkness, otherwise it is perfectly safe to travel in the night also from safety point of view. People including the females go out for scuba diving in the night also. Don’t worry about this. Enjoy the trip. 🙂

  21. Hello, Planning to visit Andaman during 3rd week of May 2016. Can you let me know if Makruzz or Costal Cruise will operate during that time and also what are the various Water Sports that we can experience during our stay (3rd week of May – 21st to 26th).

    • Hi, Makruzz should operate during that time. You can check their website for right information. You can enjoy many water sports at Andaman Water Sports Complex, Port Blair and Elephant Beach, Havelock Islands like Banana Boat Rides, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Under Sea Walking, Jet Skiing, Scuba Diving etc.

  22. Hi,

    The article is quite informative. 🙂 I am visiting Havelock this Feb for 3 days, wanted your advice on a couple of things:
    1. Do you suggest hiking to Elephant beach? If so, do we need any guides? And what kind of footwear should we wear (I have read it has some marshy lands in between)
    2. How are the auto fares in Havelock? Are they fixed rates? I queried my hotel for a pickup from jetty, and its hardly 500mt from the jetty. They said they will charge 400! I would rather walk with the luggage there 😀
    3. Are there any bike rental shops near jetty?
    4. Is it safe to travel in bikes in the evening?
    5. Any good restaurants you suggest that are must-haves in Havelock?

    • Hi,
      1. Do you suggest hiking to Elephant beach? If so, do we need any guides? And what kind of footwear should we wear (I have read it has some marshy lands in between)
      Hi, It depends. The trail is well marked, so a guide is not really required. But it passes through the dense forest. It’s better to walk in a group of 2-3 persons. Knee length shoes are good, but as far as your feet are covered, any shoes serve the purpose. Try to wear full length jeans, because Andaman is notorious for many venomous varieties of the snakes.

      2. How are the auto fares in Havelock? Are they fixed rates? I queried my hotel for a pickup from jetty, and its hardly 500mt from the jetty. They said they will charge 400! I would rather walk with the luggage there
      No fixed rate. You can bargain around. Your hotel is really asking too much. Better to book an auto by yourself or walk.

      3. Are there any bike rental shops near jetty?
      I didn’t see any near jetty. But just have a look. There is a market near the jetty, you may get a rental shop. But 2-3 shops are there at the main market of Vijaynagar. It is not too far from jetty (2 kms).

      4. Is it safe to travel in bikes in the evening?
      Absolutely safe anytime. It’s not an issue.

      5. Any good restaurants you suggest that are must-haves in Havelock?
      Apart from the restaurants inside the resort, there are some food joints near the main market. The Welcome Restaurant in Govindnagar Market is the most famous.

      Have a nice trip 🙂

  23. I am planning to go for 2 nights in Havelock a part of my Honeymoon (9-11 Feb 2016), can you help me with good in budget resorts where I can get facilities like Candle night dinner and Under water activities. Is it good to book these online or go there and explore (esp the Water activities)

    • Hi, I don’t have any particular reference. You can explore many of the resorts online. Its advisable to book them online, because during the peak season like February, its difficult to get a good deal after arrival. Sometimes, last minute bookings also attract much higher prices in that part of the country. You should also consider to book a ferry ride from Port Blair to Havelock and back in advance through an agent. Its very difficult to book the cheaper government boat after reaching there. However, luxury Makruzz is relatively easy to book, but at higher prices than the government ship.

    • Try for Havelock Island Beach Resort. Though I am also visiting now in December. But till now there response has been very good They arrange the candle night dinner with cake and a bottle of wine for 5000 Rs . They also have a private beach.

  24. We are visiting Havelock in November. Your post is very helpful. Keep travelling; keep writing. 🙂

  25. Hi, I will be on my own and want to stay somewhere that is a bit busier at night time for company as intend to fish during the day. start of october

    Where is best to stay, most people

    Thank You

    • Hi, if you want to book online, then only costly accommodation will be available. However, you can go and explore some cheaper accommodations in Havelock after reaching there. There are some accommodations available near the main market (Beach No.3). Have a nice trip.

  26. Havelock Island is a great destination to visit. You know what you have shared nice insights about how to visit the islands solo. I belive its applicable for other travelers who are planning to visit the destination in a more economical manner. This is something that I would like to add to your insights. You know what fishing is another popular sports in the Havelock Island. Inglis Island and South button are nice islands around havelock for a day trip. If you find fellow travelers who can join you on a boat trip then you can surely make your trip a more memorable one. This way you minimize on cost and explore more around the havelock archipelago.

    Andaman Expert
    Experience Andamans

    • Thank you for the information.

    • Sir, Very informative and useful article, thanks a lot. I am visiting portblair on this week end with my wife and two children ( 7 and 4 yrs).Booked port blair to havelock ferry on 10 /9/16 at 6:30 am in green ocean ferry and return on sameday 1500 hrs ferry from havelock. Can I cover both elephant and radhanagar ? Rs. 1000 to 1500/- is the charge per person for jetty to elephant beach or per boat?
      Thanks & Regards
      Johnson Joseph

      • You can. But with two children, I advice you to visit only Radhanagar Beach.

      • hi sir, have u visited Havelock island? Actually i am also planning to visit havelock island and return on the same day. IS it possible??

        • Yes. It’s possible. Go by morning ferry to Havelock, visit Radhanagar Beach and return back by the afternoon ferry. Some tour agencies offer this trip. However, if you have time, it’s better to spend 2-3 days at Havelock. It is such a nice place. 🙂

        • Yes I visited both location but spent one night there in havelock. But it is possible to visit both radhanagar and elephant beach in a single day, for that
          1) You have to book both the trip in Govt ferry (reaching 9am and leaving 4pm)
          2)First visit elephant beach by speed boat which is normally 2 hr package.(9 to 1130)
          Then hire a taxi or auto for radhanagar. You can return within 1530 pm.

  27. A thorough account of the travel. Helpful in many ways. Thank you for the hand held guidance

  28. Thanks for such a best information, travelling next week… It gonna help me a lot. Thanks again.

  29. Very informative article… keep writing such wonderful guides to tourists planning to visit for the first time.

  30. I am planning to go there and your blog gonna help me definitely there.
    Thanks bro. Your blogs give inspiration to me to explore this beautiful India;my world.

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