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The charm and mystery of the ancient pyramids and old mummies attract millions of people towards the country of wonder that is known as Egypt or Misr. The ancient civilization of Egypt, its immense wealth, hidden treasures and other unanswered secrets are still a hot topic for the historical and archaeological research worldwide. Egypt is not only about Pyramids and Mummies, it also has many ancient temples, amazing tombs, the grandeur of Nile River, some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving sites and a vast desert and its oasis. That is why about 14 million tourists visited Egypt every year, before the civil unrest in the country due to the Egyptian Revolution in 2011.

Post-revolution number of tourists drop significantly for a year, but then tourism sector started picking its speed in the middle of 2012. When everything was returning back on the track in the first quarter of 2013, suddenly, Egypt started burning due to recent political unrest and civil demonstrations in June-July, 2013. The tourism in Egypt is again derailed from the track.

However, the charm of Egypt is not going to end because of these events. We hope that everything in Egypt will be fine very soon and life will be back on the track again. This type of civil unrest and political destabilization do not harm the tourists only, but there are thousands of local people also, whose daily business is on the stake due to rapid fall in tourism. Sooner or later, peace will prevail in Egypt and tourists will visit that country again. If you are still uncertain what is there in Egypt, please go through this post to know What do You Lose As a Backpacker, if you do not visit Egypt.

Once you make your mind to visit Egypt, the present post comes in the picture. It provides you the complete details of the application process to apply for a Tourist Visa for Egypt as well as many other useful tips/suggestions. At the end of this post, I hope you will be able to apply for an Egyptian Tourist Visa without any hassle.

Getting Egypt Visa In India:

Visa Requirements: As an Indian Citizen, you need a pre-approved visa for Egypt before your departure from India. Egypt does not offer any kind of visa-on-arrival to the Indian Citizens, except in the case:
On March 20, 2013, The Tourism Minister of Egypt announced to offer Visa-on-Arrival at the airports to those Indian citizens, who are having a valid UK or US visa. However, shortly after that the civil unrest in Egypt started and nothing heard more on this policy. But there is a strong chance that this policy is implemented by now. Please contact the local consulate to get a clear idea on this. Some reports also state that Egypt does offer the visa-on-arrival for the Indian Citizens, if they arrive there in a group through the authorize travel agents, but this is also not sure.

Special Case: To visit the peninsular part of Egypt known as Sinai Peninsula, you don’t require any pre-approved visa. Visa-free entry is allowed for the maximum duration of 14 days to visit that part of Egypt. We will discuss it later in this post.

Different types of Visas: There are mainly five broad categories of visa available for Egypt. They are Tourist Visa, Work Visa, Transit Visa, Business Visa and Seamen Visa. For the purpose of travel, we either require a Tourist Visa or a Transit Visa to visit Egypt.

How to get a Tourist Visa for Egypt in India ?

Where to Apply? The Embassy of The Arab Republic of Egypt in New Delhi or The Consulate General of Arab republic of Egypt in Mumbai.

New Delhi: The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
1/ 50 M Niti Marg,Chankya Puri, New Delhi-110021
Tel : (011) 26114096/ 4097
Fax : (011) 26885355
Mumbai: The Consulate General of Arab republic of Egypt
101, Benhur Apartments, Off Nepensea Road, 32 Narain Dabholkar Road, Malabar Hill,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006
Tel : (022) 23676407
Fax : (022) 23634558

Timings for visa application:
New Delhi: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Daily (Saturday and Sunday Closed)
Mumbai:   09:30 AM to 15:00 PM Daily (Saturday and Sunday Closed)

Timings for for passport collection, after the approval/rejection of visa:
New Delhi: 02:30 PM to 03:00 PM Daily (Saturday and Sunday Closed)
Mumbai:   09:30 AM to 15:00 PM Daily (Saturday and Sunday Closed)

Documents Required for the Tourist Visa:
An applicant needs to submit following documents:

  1. A cover letter stating the purpose of visit
  2. Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months with one blank page.
  3. One Copy of the identification pages (First and Last Page) of the passport
  4. Visa Application Form completely filled out and duly signed (download here for New Delhi : Egypt Visa Application Form). Print out and photocopy are allowed.
  5. Two recent photographs (3.5x 4.5 cm) of the applicant (preferably not older than 3 months)
  6. Confirmed return air ticket
  7. Detailed tour itinerary
  8. Proof of finance as Foreign Exchange Endorsements, Credit Card Statement and Savings Account Statement of last six months. The bank balance should be at least INR 80,000.
  9. Copy of income tax returns from last three years
  10. A complete list of all hotel reservation in Egypt as a proof of accommodation.
  11. A letter of leave approval from the employer

Visa Fee: INR 1900 for single entry tourist visa, payable in cash only. INR 2800 for multiple entry tourist visa.


1. Cover Letter: A cover letter stating the purpose of visit is a must. It should be in a clear and concise manner. It should be addressed to the consular section of the embassy in New Delhi and to the consulate general in Mumbai.

How to right a cover letter for the tourist visa? Here is a sample of my cover letter addressed to the consular section of The Embassy of The Arab Republic of Egypt:


The Consular Section
The Embassy of The Arab Republic of Egypt
New Delhi.

Subject: Request for a Tourist Visa to visit Egypt from………

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the afore-mentioned subject, I would like to apply for a TOURIST VISA to spend a holiday in Egypt from…….to……

I have keen interest in travelling, so that I can meet different people at new places to understand their cultural and traditional values in a better way. In pursuit of this desire, I wish to visit the Arab Republic of Egypt on the stated period. My purpose for travel is tourism, to see the beautiful sights especially the Pyramids and The Ancient Temples. I also look forward to experiencing the foods, learning the Egyptian way of life in this visit and meeting new people.

I am working at……and currently holding the position of ….. Vacation from work has already been approved for the whole duration of this trip. I request you to kindly consider my application to grant a Tourist Visa. I will be highly obliged to you.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely
( )



2. Photo Specifications: Color Photographs taken against a white background and your full face should be visible. The photograph should be taken without sunglasses and without a hat or any other head covering, unless you wear such an item because of your religious beliefs or ethnic background.

3. Proof of Finance: Expect to show at least INR 80,000 in your bank or credit card statements. You can also use foreign exchange endorsements on your passport. At least INR 50,000-60,000 should be there in your bank account from last six months regularly. It is not like you transfer around INR 75,000 in your account suddenly just 2-3 days before your visa application and earlier it was only INR 2000-3000 of balance in your account. The bank account statement should be in original with a bank seal on it. If you are applying with the bank passbook, then it should be in original. If you are having a regular INR 50,000-60,000 in your account and at the time of application there is approx. INR 70,000 amount in you account, then to prove more finance, you can show the statement of your credit cards.

4. In case of travel to Egypt with tourist visa, a confirmed return air ticket is required.

5. If you want to book a hotel after your arrival in Egypt to get a better bargain, then it is advisable to book cheap hotels/hostels online with full refund on cancellation and get your confirmed reservation printouts. Later, after getting your visa, you can always cancel all these bookings with full refund (in most cases) and then re-plan your trip accordingly.

6. In my case, they did not ask for copies of income tax returns from last three years. It may be required any time.

7. Letter of leave approval from the employer is must for every applicant.

Please Note: 1. If required, you may be requested to bring additional documents by the Embassy / Consulate.

2. There is no need to appear personally at the embassy to apply for the Egypt visa. You can also apply with the help of any visa agent.

3. While filling the visa application form: There are two columns in the application form asking for your address in Egypt and asking for the address of any friends/relatives in Egypt. Write the address of the hotel, where you are intended to stay for the most of the days during your trip or the address of the hotel booked for the first day of the trip. If you do not have any friends/relatives in Egypt, leave that column blank.

Application Process at The Embassy in New Delhi:

1.There is no parking lot to park the vehicle outside the embassy. You will see lot of bikes/cars parked on the main road itself. Generally visa agents do so. But traffic police may charge you for the traffic rules violation anytime. Just look further 100 meters from the embassy. There is ample parking space available on the left hand side adjacent to the boundary wall of a government office.

2. Reach at the Embassy Gate and stand in the queue, if any. The security guard will give you an entry pass and deposit your mobile there.

3. Leave the bag in a corner near the main entrance, after entering through the main entrance.

4. Walk for 100 meters and you will reach in the visa application room. There is no rush (normally 10 people) for the visa application. There is no sequence there, however just decide your sequence among yourself, so that only one person go on the window at a time. There may be some people who tends to jump ahead of you. So, manage that situation anyhow. Standing in a queue in front of the window is generally not allowed.

5. There are two windows in the room. Left window is for visa application process and right window is for document verification process. While waiting for your turn in the room, go to the right window for document verification. There is an officer of Egyptian Embassy who will verify your documents of the visa application. While verifying my documents, he took about 20 minutes and spend most of that time on the hotel booking pages and cover letter. He also scrutinized the bank passbook.

6. Once your documents get verified and your turn come, go to the left window. Deposit all the documents there with the visa fee in cash only. The person at the counter will give you a receipt, that you have to show at the time of the passport collection. They also returned my original passbook at that time only.

7. Passport is generally returned on the fourth day or fifth day from the day of the visa application.

Collection of Passport after Visa: To collect your passport on the fourth/fifth day, again enter through the main entrance after getting the entry pass from the security guard. Wait for your turn in the room and when your turns come, go to the left window, show your receipt and collect your passport.

Visa Validity: Single entry tourist visa of Egypt is valid for three months (90 days) from the date of issue. It is valid for a single entry in Egypt and permitted you to stay there upto 30 days from the date of arrival.

Multiple entry tourist visa of Egypt is valid for six months (180 days) from the date of issue. It is valid for multiple entries in Egypt and permitted you to stay there upto 90 days in total with multiple entries, but no stay should be more than 30 days.

Transit Visa: This type of visa is required when you transit through any city/airport of the Egypt to the third destination country. It is valid for 3 days only. If you are going to any third destination country, then you can opt this visa to visit Egypt for a short period. For example, if your connecting flight is from Cairo, after 30-40 hours, you can apply for transit visa to visit nearby pyramid complex of Giza. Similarly, you can visit the temples in Luxor, if your connecting flight is in 2-3 days from Luxor.

Documents Required: All documents required as in the case of tourist visa except:
1. In place of confirmed return air ticket, you have to produce a confirmed onward ticket to any third destination country, that ensure your departure out of Egypt within 3 days of arrival.
2. Approved visa of the third destination country, if that country does not offer visa-on-arrival to the Indian citizens.
3. You can so less money in your account.
4. If there is no night stay in Egypt, then no need to show the hotel bookings.

Note: If you do not leave the transit area of the airport to catch your connecting flight, you do not require a transit visa.

Transit Visa Fee: INR 1900 per entry.

Transit Visa Validity: Single entry transit visa of Egypt is valid for one month (30 days) from the date of issue. It is valid for a single entry in Egypt and permitted you to stay there upto 3 days from the date of arrival.

Visa Requirements for Sinai Peninsula: Sinai Peninsula is the peninsular part of Egypt, that include resorts areas like Sharm-El-Shiekh, Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba etc. These cities on the coast of the Red Sea are considered as one of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the world. UNESCO World Heritage site St. Catherine’s Monastery is also situated in this part of Egypt.

If any visitor is intended to visit this part of Egypt only, and has no intention to travel to the other Egyptian cities on the mainland, he is eligible for a visa-free entry at any port of entry in this part of Egypt. You do not need a visa to visit Mt. Sinai, St. Catherine’s Monastery, Sunset quad biking, Tiran Island boat trip, Jeep safari, Star-gazing in the desert, Coloured Canyon, Dahab, Nuweiba etc, but to leave the immediate beach area and to go further out to sea to some dive sites, you will need a visa.

Maximum Duration of Visa-free stay: 14 days including the date of entry

How much money can a person take with him to Egypt? There is a limit of L.E. 5,000 and $10,000 or equivalent GBP on the amount of cash allowed to be carried in or out of Egypt.

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  29 Responses to “Egypt Visa Information for Indian Citizens”

  1. Hey,

    I got selected for an internship in Egypt. The internship is for 6 weeks exact .
    I’ve got the organization invitation letter and accommodation proof, could you please tell what all extra documents do I require and what kind of visa should I apply for ?

    It’s an AIESEC internship


    • Hi, I don’t have much idea on this, but since Egypt doesn’t issue any type of work-permit, I suppose you can go there on a Tourist Visa. A tourist visa is valid for 30 days and you can extend it further for next 30 days in Cairo. Please contact embassy for the correct information, and if possible, share the correct information here. Thanks. Have a nice trip to this wonderful country. 🙂

  2. Hello Sir,

    Kindly our Buyers sent me invitation letter for Egypt ,so i need which type require Visa ,Buisness Visa or Visitor Visa
    & which require document must for Visa Consulate Egypt.
    Please advice me as soon as possible


    • Hi Anil,

      Your buyers sent an invitation letter..Do you wish to go there for travel only or wish to do some business there during your trip? In first case, you need only a tourist visa and in second case, you need a business visa. If you only wish to visit your buyer without doing any business, then also a tourist visa is sufficient. You can read this post for the required documents.

  3. Ribin here.
    All information posted was really very helpfull.
    Just wanted some help regarding few of my querries.

    I am travelling to Egypt on 13.05.2014 to 16.05.2014 along with my friend (for 3days tickets booked thru Saudi Airlines.)
    Also I’ve done the Hotel Bookings for the above said 3 days.
    The querries are:
    1) for 3 days, how much fund should I show. (I’ll be having around 25,000INR) will this be fine enough. I’ll be showing my salary account statement & there’s plenty of transaction happening in that account, but the problem is there’s no consistent stay of fund. But I’ve kept 25,000INR reserved for the trip, which I’ll be putting in account.

    Am travelling along with my friend, He posses a Credit Card with Limit of 80,000INR. Can he sponsor me for the trip.

    I dont have Form 16 for 3 years (coz in 2012 my salary was not taxable, for 2012 I’ve & for 2013 itz not yet generated as this is early April.

    2) When can I apply for Tourist Visa for the above said travel dates.

    3) Is it fine if I go personally & apply rather than going thru an agent.

    Really looking forward to your reply.

    Thanking You,

    • Hi, There is no need for sponsorship. You can show INR 25k for the 3-days trip and its sufficient as a proof of finance. If possible, just show your last 3-months salary slip. No need to show From-16 for such a short duration. You can go personally or you can go through an agent, its really doesn’t matter. However, an agent will charge you some amount to make your work easier. Normally, in Delhi, it takes 3 working days to get an Egypt Visa.

      • Thanks for the info…
        Just 1 more querry.. How early can we apply for Egyptian Tourist Visa.


  4. Hi, nice piece of information. I am currently working in Egypt and my residence is going to finish soon. My employer has indicated that its renewal will take time due to new Government and ministers. Until such time, they offered a solution of opting for Education Visa as my kids are already in the school so that there is no break in their curriculum. I agreed and they proceeded and got a visa number stamped in the passport. This number in the passport means that we will be granted a visa but it would take some time to actually get it stamped. Now I have to leave for India due to an emergency and by the time I will be back, my residence would have finished. My question is that will I be able to get a Entry Visa from Egyptian Consular in India, given that I have documents from the school, endorsed by Ministry of Education and Ministry of External affairs.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. I am really thankful to you for posting this information. It helped me a lot. I am a student and going internationally i.e Egypt for the first time. I would like to know that how can I manage my money there (ATM, cheque) and also how can I contact my people back home as the roaming rates are soaring high. Any extra information or tips you can give will be appreciated.

    • Hi Ricky, You can withdraw money in local currency (Egyptian Pound in Egypt) from any Visa or MasterCard ATM across Egypt by using an International Debit Card. This is the best way to get good exchange rates. However, these withdrawal are subjected to certain fees apart from the exchange rates at every transaction. Try to withdraw required money in minimum transactions to avoid these charges. To call back home, you can buy a local SIM (Vodafone or Etisalat, check their tariffs on the web, During my trip Etisalat was cheaper and better). You can get these SIM Cards easily from any road-side shop in Cairo with the photocopy of your passport or even without that. They are generally pre-activated and can be used right away. For more information, please check other posts about Egypt on this website. Have a nice trip !

      • As far as contacting your folks back in India, apart from SIM, VOIP calling is extremely popular and cheap. Cyber cafes are commonly found everywhere in Egypt and they also offer wi-fi services for your own laptop/tablet/ ipads. Furthermore, unsecured wi-fi is very common in Cairo and u can easily hook up to any available network (though very tempting…try to avoid). VOIP calling is extremely cheap …around RS. 1.5 per minute (anywhere in india) VOIPWISE service was the most popular VOIP service amongst our group.

  6. Very well explained by Solobackpacker. Look forward to more inputs. In case, a family of three – spouse and a child, do we have a common cover letter or separate cover letters. For a child, how can we show leave of application. School ID card Zeriox


    • Thanks Kanchana..Since you all are applying with a separate passports, its better to treat every application individually with separate cover letter. But for a child, there is no need to show leave application or cover letter. Any of you can mentioned that in your cover letter.

  7. Nice information. Just a question on collection of passport after the visa, do we need to go there in person or the embassy sends it via post to a mailing address?

    • Thanks…I don’t think that Egypt Embassy do this favour to the applicants. But, personal appearance of an applicant is not necessary for a visa application to Egypt. So, you can do that through a travel agent also, who will arrange the delivery of the passport at your mailing address.

  8. My travel agent is telling me that he can arrange the VISA in one day and with the help of scanned bank statements, Covering Letter, Invitation letter and passport…is it possible..Based on his assurance, we have booked the tickets for coming Monday…

    • Hi, Personal Appearance of the applicant is not required in case of visa application for Egypt. Any travel agent can do that for you and if your agent is saying that he can arrange the visa in one day, he may be able to do that by using his contacts. Scanned copy of bank statements, covering letter, invitation letter can be okay, but I don’t think that he can arrange a visa without the original passport. I can’t assure on the scanned passport. But, if you get a visa by submitting the scanned copy, please let me know for future references. As per standard procedure, if you apply for a visa on Wednesday, then expect to collect that on Friday, i.e., on third day and passport should be in original.

  9. hi,
    I have an job opportunity from Egypt. And willing to go there. I am planning to visit Egypt first and the will think about relocate. is it possible to get visitor visa for this reason?
    Can anybody guide me, how this country for living with family? I am from Hindu Gujarati backgroud.
    please shre info on

    • Hi Hardik,
      You can apply at Egyptian Embassy/Consulate for the single entry, 30-days tourist visa. The whole process is described in this post. Go there for 30 days, assess its people, culture, living conditions etc on your own and then make your decision about the job offer. Egypt is really a great country in my opinion, but things are not good there from last two years. It all depends on the location of your job. If possible, spend 7-10 days at your future job place to assess that by yourself.

  10. My visa valid upto 11/11/2013, issued 3 months prior to that date, multiple entry business visa, each duration of stay allowed is 14 days. However I need to go to Egypt on 6th Nov and stay there for 14 days. This means the validity date will be over while coming back on 20th Nov. Please clarify if I can stay there as per this plan and is it true that the 14 days will be counted from the date of arrival in Egypt.

    • Hi Kaushik, I am not sure in this. In some countries, specially in the Americas, you can enter in the country at the last day of your visa validity and you can stay for the permissible duration. I mean, there visa validity is the last date for your entry in that country and immigration stamp tells you the exit date. But, in the European countries, Visa validity is the last for your exit from that country. So, if you arrive there at the last date of your visa validity, you have to exit also on the same date. I just checked my visa stamp. I think Egyptian Immigration do not specify any exit date while stamping the passport. So, it means visa is valid only till the date of expiration, I mean Nov.11 in your case. Can you check stamps on your passport also? I am not aware about the exact procedure at Egypt Immigration. I request you to write me once, whenever you get the required information on that.
      Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks for your valuable inputs. I checked my passport and found that Egyptian immigration do stamp the passport with the entry and exit dates written in Arabic. I am trying to get more info on this issue and revert back to you soon.

  11. Thank you for all this information. I have a question. I am a student and so dependent on my father. As such I do not have a high bank balance. So how do I show proof of finance. Can I submit my father’s bank account details. I want to go to Egypt with my brother who will bear all expenses.

    • Hi Anu,

      You can write to the embassy in your cover letter, that you are a student and your entire trip will be funded by your father or brother. You can show their bank account details.

      Have a nice trip.

  12. Very nice and valid informations. Myself is working in Suez, Egypt.


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