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Malaysia is a country with picturesque landscapes, rugged mountains, sandy beaches, mangroves forest and diverse cultures, religions and races. From skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur to the beaches of Langkawi Island and from sea-shore of Penang to the cave temples of Batu Caves, Malaysia offers a perfect vacation for the backpackers as well as the luxury travelers. Tourism in Malaysia is very popular among the Indians and this trend is only growing with each year.

Prior to August 2010, Malaysia offered a Visa-On-Arrival for Indian Citizens, but because of increasing cases of illegal immigrants, this facility was scrapped in Aug. 2010 and now, Indian Citizens require a visa in advance to visit this country.

Update on December 10, 2013:Malaysia has re-introduced visa on arrival (VoA) facility for Indians traveling to Malaysia from a third destination country. This facility is mainly available for the tourist arriving directly from Singapore or Thailand (Indonesia is not mentioned anywhere) for a maximum stay of 7 days. It is available at Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Penang International Airports only, provided that they hold a valid visa issued by Singapore or Thailand, return flight tickets and at least USD 1000 per person. The visa cost is whopping USD 100 or MYR 330 for 7 days. The visa will be preferably issued to the tourists who are on their return journey to India from the third country and priorities will be given to families, groups, business travellers, and labourers. This ease in visa norms came in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and the Year of Festivals 2015.

Note:Visa is a document that you required to enter in a country. It is not an authorization and solely depends on the discretion of the Immigration Officer at Immigration Desk. If you are transiting through the Kuala Lumpur Airport and you are arriving and departing from the same terminal at KLIA Main (i.e. KLIA 1), technically you don’t enter in Malaysia. So, you don’t require any type of visa in this case, provided:

1. Your next connecting flight is within 24 hours after your arrival, (Both tickets should be on Malaysian Airlines, Malindo Airlines or on a code-sharing partner only). If you fly using the Fly-Thru programme of Air Asia, then your onward tickets should be within 6 hours. Air Asia operates from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal of KL (KLIA2).

2. The departure terminal of the connecting flight is same as the arrival terminal.

3. You are not allowed to leave the transit area of the airport.

4. You can not transit between Main Terminal and Low Cost Carrier Terminal at KL Airport.

Update on Sept 15, 2016: It is my personal experience at KLIA2, but please note that I did have the multiple entry visa for Malaysia before boarding my AirAsia flight in India, so there was no confusion/fear in my mind. You can/can not (depending on your luck) transit through the low cost carrier terminal (LCCT), i.e., KLIA2 without a prior visa. It means, if you have two flight tickets of AirAsia on different PNR, i.e., one from India to KLIA2 and then from KLIA2 to another country, you can transit through the KLIA2 without any visa. AirAsia is a point-to-point carrier and earlier, we were supposed to pass through the immigration after every flight in a new country, but while going to Indonesia from India via KLIA2, I use the international transfer to proceed for the next flight without passing through the immigration. It is more convenient if you have no check-in luggage and web check-in (possession of boarding pass) for the next flight. I don’t know what is the procedure if you don’t have a boarding pass for the next flight. There is an AirAsia desk in the corridor of International Transfer, but I am not aware if they can print the boarding pass for your next flight. So, it’s better to go for the web check-in, if you want to transit through KLIA2.

Update on June 09, 2017 (In Case You Fly With AirAsia): Many travellers reported that they booked their tickets on two different PNRs and went to board a flight from India (mostly in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc) without having a valid Malaysia visa. The airline staff denied their boarding and asked them to buy a FLYTHRU ticket at the last moment in order to board the flight. Many travellers lost thousands of rupees in this process due to last minute price of the tickets. So, if you are flying from India, better to have a valid visa for Malaysia, unless you are having a FLYTHRU ticket. Ironically, while returning back to India (from Bali, Jakarta etc), they were never asked for the Malaysia Visa and they transited through KLIA2 smoothly without a Malaysian Visa. It indicates that there is some confusion among the AirAsia operations. Even there is no one to see your Malaysia Visa at KLIA2, AirAsia India insists for a valid Malaysia visa, while in other countries, they allow you to board the flight. Actually, no written document indicates that Malaysia Visa is not required to transit through KLIA2, but everywhere it is mentioned that a valid Malaysia visa is required for the Indian citizens to enter or travel through Malaysia. However, in practice, there is no one at KLIA2 to check your visa while transiting.

ATC Tower at LCCT, Kuala Lumpur Airport

ATC Tower at LCCT, Kuala Lumpur Airport

Please do not confuse above note with the below description of visas, those entitled you to enter in Malaysia subject to the discretion of Immigration Officer.

Different types of Visas: There are mainly three broad categories of visa available to visit Malaysia. First one is, Visa without reference, in which visa is approved by the Consulate General of Malaysia for social, tourist or business visits.

Second category is, Visa with reference, in which visa is approved by the Department of Immigration Malaysia or the Ministry of Home Affairs for the purpose of working, study or social visits for a stay more than the allowed period under visa without reference.

Third category is, Transit Without Visa (TWOV), which is available only to the citizens of certain Indian sub-continent countries and allow a short 5 days stay in Malaysia .

From a backpacker’s point of view, only first and third categories of Visa is required. So, in this post, I will provide a complete information on the visa requirements of first and third categories for an Indian Citizen .

Available Visa in Malaysia for an Indian Tourist:

Transit Without Visa (TWOV): This facility is available to the visitors from Indian Sub-continent who wish to travel in transit through Kuala Lumpur Airport of Malaysia in order to proceed to some specified country of destination. This facility allows a visitor to stay in Malaysia up to 5 days without a visa. TWOV is subjected to certain terms and conditions imposed by the Malaysian Government. The important points to note are:

1. Transit Without Visa (TWOV) facility is available only to the citizens of Indian Subcontinental Countries i.e., India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This facility is also available to the citizens of Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal.

2. To use this TWOV facility, visitors must have a long-term* valid visa for any of these countries: USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand. (For citizens from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka a valid visa does not mean a tourist visa to these country. They must have a long-term visa. The definition of a long-term visa of a 3rd country is employment/work permit, expatriate card, student pass or permanent resident card. It is worth noting that a permanent multiple entry visa (MEV) above does not fall under this category .)

3. This facility is available for up to 120 hours (5 days). It means, a visitor must have a confirmed onward tickets to third destination country (specified in point 2) within 5-days of arrival in Malaysia.

4. TWOV facility is available only at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Low Cost Carrier Terminal of Kuala Lumpur Airport. No other entry point in Malaysia offers this facility. And within 5-days limit your departure must be also from Kuala Lumpur International Airport or Low Cost Carrier Terminal of Kuala Lumpur Airport.

5. TWOV is available only for the passenger of Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia. If you are traveling by any other airline, this facility will not be available. Your departure ticket must be booked with any of these two airlines only. But if you are arrive by Malaysian Airlines, then departure ticket should be on Malaysian Airlines only. (Remember Same Airline Same Airport )

6. Passport or internationally recognized travel document must have at least 6 months validity from the date of entry. Visitor must be in possession of a confirmed ticket to a third country;

7. Visitor must be able to finance his/her stay in Malaysia;

8.Visitor MUST visit the country in group (package tour) and the trip is either a packaged tour in Malaysia or in the destination country;

9. There is no extension for TWOV facility. It means 5 days limit can not be extended at all.

10. This facility is available free of charge.

11. If transit is more than 8 hours it is permitted to leave the transit area provided:
a). traveling to or returning from the country which has issued the visa; and
b). traveling on a tour/package arranged by company registered in the third country.

12. Transit between Main Terminal and Low Cost Carrier Terminal is also permitted. When leaving the airport transit area, passports must be valid for at least 6 months from date of arrival.

Note 1. Transit pass for 120 hours (without visa) can also be considered to Indian citizen who hold valid permanent residence, expatriate / working pass, student pass, dependent pass any long term visit pass from other countries (please bring along document to proof it).

Note 2.Please do understand that Malaysian immigration rule differentiate between visa and pass. Visa is the permission to enter the country and pass is the permission to stay in the country. Please check whether your visa is the permission to stay for the said period (i.e. 10 years) or it is only Multiple Entry Visa for 10 years (limited stay each entry). Only long term visit PASS can be considered in this case which means e.g. 10 years stay permission.

Note 3.Granting of TWOV is solely at the discretion of the Malaysia Immigration; even if guest(s) meet all the required criteria above.

LCCT, Kuala Lumpur Airport

LCCT, Kuala Lumpur Airport

Tourism Visa for Malaysia i.e. Visa without Reference: For the purpose of tourism , an Indian citizen needs a valid visa to enter in Malaysia prior to the departure from India. Without a proper visa, you will not be allowed to board your departure flight from India. However, if your plan to stay in Malaysia is not more than 120 hours (5 days) and you meet the criteria of TWOV, you can also avail that facility.

Getting Malaysia Visa in India:

In India, Malaysian Visa Application process is outsourced to VFS Global. In Delhi, VFS Center for Malaysian Visa is located at International Trade Tower, Nehru Place. VFS Center remains open throughout the year except on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. If a public holiday falls on Sunday, then next working day will be the closure day of the center.

For the Visa Application Center timings and contact numbers of all VFS Center in India, follow this link:

Application Process:

After reaching a VFS center, ask for a token number from the security guard or reception. When your number displayed or announced, move inside to any counter for documents verification. After documents verification, you need to deposit the application fee at the counter itself and they will give you an acknowledgment receipt, which is required at the time of passport collection. Some items like bags, knives, inflammable items, laptops etc are strictly prohibited inside the VFS Center and there is no deposit facility available to keep these items outside.

Collection of Passport after Visa:

Visa collection timing at VFS is strictly as per the timings specified on their website, which link is given above. Go to the VFS with your photo identity card and VFS receipt. Security Guard will issue a token outside the center. Go inside the center. Wait for your turn. Once your token number is announced proceed to the Counter as per the token number and collect your passport with your visa stamped.

Documents Required for Tourist Visa (Visa Without Reference):

An applicant needs to submit following documents:

  1. Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months from the date of arrival in Malaysia with three blank pages.
  2. For Mumbai Application Center, Two Copies of Passport front and last page
  3. Visa Application Form completely filled out (download here ). For applicant applying in Kolkata and New Delhi VFS, back to back Application Form is to be filled.
  4. Two recent photographs (3.5x 4.5 cm) of the applicant (preferably not older than 3 months)
  5. Evidence of Transportation: Confirmed air ticket in original and a copy with complete tour itinerary.
  6. Evidence of Adequate Finance: Applicants traveling for the first time or hold a fresh passport, need to submit photocopy of the last 3 month updated bank statement with the bank stamp (Not applicable for applications submitted in Chennai and Hyderabad) or A Credit Card issued by a bank or financial institution. The account balance should be approx. 35000 INR for one week travel.
  7. Invitation letter/ covering letter/ supporting documents (if any)
  8. All documents must be in A4 size
  9. A complete list of all hotel reservation in Malaysia. (Not Compulsory, but desirable)

1. Photo Specifications: Color Photographs (not B & W) taken against a white background and your full face should be visible. The photograph should be taken without sunglasses and without a hat or any other head covering, unless you wear such an item because of your religious beliefs or ethnic background. Photograph should be without any border.

Please Note: If required, you may be requested to bring additional documents by Malaysian High Commission/Consulate General.

Visa Fee for Tourist Visa:
INR 1000 for single entry and also for multiple entry. This fee is payable through demand draft only. For Delhi, Chandigarh and Kolkata, Demand Draft should be in favour of High Commission of Malaysia, New Delhi. For Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, it should be in favour of Consulate General of Malaysia, Chennai and for Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune, it should be in favour of Consulate General of Malaysia, Mumbai.

Additional Charges for Malaysian Visa:
With effect from 9 December 2013, all applications lodged in India will be levied VLN service charges INR 2000/- in addition to the visa fees and logistic fees.

The VLN service charges must be paid by demand draft favoring Γ¬Smart Data Processing Services Pvt Ltd, payable at New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai for all applications lodged in North India, West India and South India respectively.

Validity of Visa and Duration of Stay: Single entry visa is valid for 3 months from date of issue (including issuing date). For multiple entry, it is valid for one year (including issuing date). Tour groups are not eligible to apply for multiple entry. On a single entry visa, only 30 days stay is allowed including the date of arrival and departure both. Under multiple entry visa, each entry is for 30 days only (including date of arrival and departure both) and the extension of stay is not allowed. However, for single entry tourist visa, one time 30 days visa extension is allowed.

Extension of Stay:
Those who wish to stay longer in Malaysia after the expiration of 30 days period on a tourist visa, can do so, by applying for an extension up to 30 days only. The application for visa extension should be made in person at the Immigration Office in Kuala Lumpur ((Mon-Fri, 07:30-13:00 and 14:00-17:30). The extension of stay is solely at the discretion of the Immigration officer. The usual fee for a visa extension is 50 RM.

For all types of visa extensions, bring along two passport-sized photos and one copy each of the photo and visa pages of your passport. Remember to dress neatly and do all visa extensions yourself, rather than hiring a third party.

If you overstay your visa, the usual penalty is a fine of 30 RM per day and you may be prohibited from re-entry. Fines can be paid at the airport or in advance at an immigration office.

VFS Service Charges: INR 335 per person including all taxes up to 24 people. If there are more than 24 people in the group, the service charges are different and slightly lower (INR 310 for 25-40 people and INR 290 for 41 and more people).


1. VFS service charges and other additional charges (Except Visa Fee and VLN Service Charges) at all application center is payable in cash only.

2. If you apply in person and then want your passport delivery at home, you can get this option at the charge of Rs.204 per application. The passport will be delivered by courier to your home/office address.

Important Note: All fees and charges are non refundable, even if the application is refused or withdrawn.

Some Clarifications (Source:

1. When is the last date for Indian tourist to enter the country?

Indian tourist can enter the country till the day of visa expiry date provided the passport remains valid for not less than 6 months.

2. Can Indian tourist apply for Malaysian visa in Singapore (Malaysian High Commission in Singapore)?

Indian passport holder may apply visa from Singapore. But, principally, in Singapore, Malaysian High Commission is issuing visa for bonafide foreigners who reside in Singapore. Therefore, it is always advisable for Indians to apply for Malaysian visa from their home country.

3. Can Indian tourist apply for urgent Malaysian visa?

At this moment, tourist visa is only being processed in 3 working days. Please plan your trip accordingly. Avoid buying non-refundable package(s), air ticket or hotel booking.

4. What is the validity of passport for Malaysian visa application?

The passport shall not be less than 9 months.

5. What is the validity of passport which is required for entry purpose into Malaysia?

The passport shall not be less than 6 months.

6. I am invited as a speaker in a training program / conference / seminar in Malaysia, can I enter the country with tourist visa?

No. You have to apply for Professional Visit Pass (doesn’t matter it is paid or unpaid or even for a few minutes). The said pass can only be obtained from Immigration Department of Malaysia in Malaysia. Application can be done by the organizer / sponsor in Malaysia (before you enter the country).

If you enter the country with tourist visa for this purpose, it is violating Malaysian visa rules and regulations. it is also punishable under Malaysian law.

7.How to apply for Business Visa?

Nowadays, Malaysia does not issue any business visa. If the visit / trip is only for business meeting, discussion, negotiation etc., as long as the visit is not engaging any employment (paid or unpaid) you may enter the country by using tourist visa.

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  1. Hi there, i am having an Indian passport, i am working in Jakarta, i am travelling from Jakarta to kolkata on 15th of June threw air asia. I have a transit in Kl, what are the requirements for me to apply for transit visa, here in Malaysian Embassy Jakarta. Thank you

    • Hi, The list of required documents is mentioned in this post. The documents requirement is more or less same for an Indian citizen, whether he apply in Indonesia or in India.

  2. Hi,

    Firstly good job with the the forum. You’ve helped many with their queries. πŸ™‚

    Need your help regarding my trip to Thailand:

    I and my wife (Indian citizens) will be travelling from Mumbai to Krabi(Thailand) in the 1st week of June for 5 days trip having a stop-over of 3.5 hours and 5 hours respectively to and fro at KUL. We will be flying with Malaysia Airlines both ways. We don’t intend to go out of the airport during the stop over and will be applying for the Thai Visa by Visa-on-Arrival at Krabi Airport. (Am not too sure about the terminals we land on and board our next flight from at KUL)

    My query is: Do I need to apply for any visa for our stop-over at Malaysia?

    • Hi, Since you are travelling with Malaysian Airlines, you don’t need any visa at KL airport. You can remain in transit area to catch the connecting flight. Have a nice trip. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi,
    My well know frnd opening restaurant in Malaysia. He like a to hire an Indian cooks from India. And my home town is India and my some frnds in India are cooks they are interested to work in Malaysia.

    1. Is it possible that owner can hire candidate direct from India.
    2. What type of visa can need by indian cooks.
    3. How to process the visa.
    4. Is it possible to process visa without agent.

    Please reply Thanks..

  4. Hi,
    Iam travelling to Kuala Lumpur by 25th May with family, we have got Malaysian and Singapore Visa (entry permission). We intend to travel by bus to Singapore, is it possible to get clearance of immigration in the border whilst travelling by bus?

  5. Hello Solo Backpacker,
    Thank you very much for your post and valued information.
    I stay in thailand for 2 years. I would like to visit Malaysia for 4 days with family for tour.
    What is the procedure for applying visa ? Please guide.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Gautam,

      You can apply for a Malaysia Visa at Malaysian Embassy in Bangkok. Just take all the relevant documents mentioned in this post to the embassy. Whether you apply in India or in Thailand, document requirements as an Indian Citizen are almost same. Also attach your Thai Visa copy/Work Permit copy for the reference. Have a Nice Trip.

  6. I planned for singapore and Malyasia trip , got my singapore visa .. but till now didnt get my malaysia visa and my passport is with them .. tomo night im departing to singapore .. is der any way to get my passport back , can i cancel the malaysia visa application? how long will it take to get back my passport if i cancel the visa application .. pls reply

  7. Hey there, I have read a number of the comments and your responses above that have partially answered my question. But I would like to ask my specific question, as it sounds like you have lots of knowledge of traveling around the South East Asian region from the perspective of an Indian citizen.

    My wife is an Indian citizen and we want to spend the next few months traveling aroung the SEA region with Malaysia as our base. My wife will be traveling on a multiple entry Tourism Visa for Malaysia valid for a year allowing stays of 30 days at a time. We will be based in Malaysia not far from Thailand.

    Can my wife travel to Thailand on any given day and return to Malaysia the same day on this Visa via bus or train or private car from Thailand, and her Visa still be valid for 30 days once she enters? Would she be able to do this twice within a 60 day period?

    Thanks for your wisdom on this matter.

    • Hi, Technically she will be able to do this, as there is no official cooling-off period for exit and re-entry in Malaysia. But with the immigration authorities of Malaysia becoming more and more stricter towards visa trip, same day exit and entry is not recommend. First time it will be safe and they will not ask any question. But from the 2nd trip onwards, they will start asking questions. Better to exit for 5 days or if in hurry, for a night at least. Just don’t do it too long. However, Some are lucky and keep doing it. πŸ™‚ . Looking forward to hear your experiences from SE Asia.

  8. hai ,me and my friend are planning to visit to malaysia for trip,we booked flight ticket on 9th may 2014,but visa is not ready,how many days are take for visa….if we applied visa in embassy in chennai how many days are taken to visa prossesing…is it possible for get malaysian visa in 2 days..

  9. hi presently am working in saudi arabia i want to apply direcly for job visa in malaysia and can i search for a job if i comes to malaysia on a visit visa???

  10. Hi,
    Is it possible to directly apply for visa at the embassy with the visa approval letter for a single entry visa without going through the VFS?

    • Hi, its not possible to apply at embassy directly. They accept applications through the VFS only.

    • Hi,
      I am travelling to KL via Singapore and then travelling back to India from KL.I dont have anough time to get a malyasian visa but have taken a Singapore visa.What all do i need to carry to get a Malyasian visa on arrival?

      • Hi, you need a passport, hotel accommodation proof, returned flight ticket, a cover letter stating the purpose, proof of sufficient money and USD 100 in cash to get the visa-on-arrival.

  11. Hi, I’m a Indian national. I’m planning to visit Singapore & my visa is also ready. But I would also like to visit Malaysia for 3 days.but I don’t have enough time to apply for Malaysian visa from India.Is on arrival visa available for Malaysia from singapore? But my return tickets to India is from Singapore.pls reply

  12. Dear SB,

    This is fantastic work by you. Should request those who post questions to update after they have undertaken their journey. My query is more or less similar to a few comments already on the thread. But thought I’d still check as there are minor differences. I traveled from India to Australia via KL (LCCT) earlier this month. During the onward journey I was given a TWOV on showing my Australian multiple entry tourist visa and my tickets and I could stay in KL for 3 days before leaving for Australia . I am returning back to India via KL (LCCT) on 30th Apr. The flight from Sydney lands at 1730 and the flight to Kochi is at 2115 both from LCCT. Should I again take a TWOV facility in the same way as the onward journey, collect bags and then enter the departures and follow check in procedures or is there any other way. Is 3h 45 min enough to collect bags and get to departures. I will web chk in co I will have the boarding passes with me.The Fly through by Air asia wont work as I didnt know about it while booking and now the tickets are on different booking numbers. Thanks

    • Hi Samuel, Wish if people can understand this power of sharing back their experiences. Generally, nobody returns back with their experiences. No Complain, its a Busy World. And, you are again eligible for TWOV facility same as in your onward journey. Since both the flights from KL LCCT, the time gap is pretty enough. Have a nice trip πŸ™‚

      • Thanks a ton. Will revert after the trip. Regards

        • Hi,

          Just to update regarding transit through KL LCCT. My flight was an hour late thus giving me only 2 and half hours to catch the next one. As you said had to use the TWOV facility which was quite quick actually. from thereon pick up of bags and bag drop for the next flight -I could complete it all in about 45min. so i was well in time for the onward flight to kochi. Thanks and keep up the good work. Warm Regards, Samuel

  13. What is the visa fee for visa with reference for one week duration?

  14. Dear,

    I have a doubt regarding the Immigration clearance.

    I got the employment pass stage 1 approved from the MDEC malaysia.

    I got the approval letter in email and I took the print out and processed the reference visa. I got the single entry visa with 3 months validity.

    Now I have only the print out of MEDC stage 1 EP approval letter and Single entry reference visa. Is this both alone to clear the immigration and once i reach there, i can process the stage 2 and get the EP endorsement?

    Please advice. In some sites i read like we need the approval letter from Immigration department along with Reference visa to clear the immigration . Plz advice.

    Thanks and Regards,

  15. Hi,
    I am Shoba from India. My husband is currently working for an IT firm based in India. He had been given an onsite to Kualalumpur for some 4 to 5 months. When the company processed the EP for him, they also processed the DP for me and my 2 kids. The validity of the DP was from Jan 9th for a period of 3 months. Now since my husband is in KL we had been planning a small vacation there with the family and since his project is getting closed by the end of this month, the company is no sponsoring our travel in DP. Hence when I approached my travel agent for a tourist visa to KL, the agent told me that I cannot apply for a tourist visa immediately after the expiry of DP. This application can be processed through VFS only after a month of expiry.
    Is that the case to apply for tourist visa?
    Can you help me with some details on this please…

    • Hi, I am Sorry. I don’t have any idea on this. I request you to inform me also, once you find the solution.

      • Hi, I applied for the tourist visa the next day after expiry of my dependent pass and was asked to give a letter saying I donot need extension of DP and just need a tourist visa for 25 days. I hadbeen granted visa and currently I am in KL. Thank you.

  16. hi please help me.
    i coming to malaysia with single entry visa for 3 months and here on airport immigration officers has stamped with one month validity. i came here to work in company for which i was for last 6 months from india and its only 10 days i am here my passport is with them now they TERMINATE me without any valid reason now i dont know what to do and what not to do this is my first visit to outside of country. now my question is what should i do if i want to get back to india asap. and what should i ask to my company. please suggest me.

    • Hi, you should ask to your company about the compensation as per the company rules, in case of lay-off (Normally one month salary). Since, your visa is valid for one month and its still 10-12 days, just ask for your passport and come out from Malaysia.

  17. Hi… please solve my problem.. I have a valid malaysian employment pass but I ran out of passport pages and got a new passport in singapore. My employment pass is valid for west malaysia only but I have been travelling to sarawak onnit with nonissues. Now I want to travel to miri directly from singapore. But my kuala lumpur employment pass is on the old passport? Will they allow me to enter miri? 0

    • Hi, As per Ministry of Foreign Affairs website of Malaysian Government, Malaysian visa is remaining valid if the passport remains valid (according to the passport number). Therefore if your old passport get cancelled and you are issued with new passport, you are required to apply for Malaysian visa. In many other countries, you can travel on valid visa on the old passport plus new passport, but in Malaysia, I think, you can’t.

  18. Hi,

    I recently visited south east asia included Malaysia. I got the Malaysia visa on arrival at KL LCCT. I wanted to stay there longer but according to your information they didn’t let me stay longer like 30 days. They only gave me 1 week entry even though I requested them to give me at least 15 days. However now I got the MEV and my question is Can indian passport holder stay in Malaysia longer then 30 days on social or multiple visit (approximately 90 days)?


    • Hi, you can not stay in Malaysia on a tourist visa for more than 30 days in continuous period. If you have a single entry tourist visa, then upto 30 days stay period is allowed. If you have a multiple entry tourist visa, then each entry should not be more than 30-days. So, after each 30 days, you have to go out from Malaysia to come back again for next 30-days.

  19. Hi
    I am Indian national working in Saudi Arabia
    Would like to visit Malaysia from saudi for a month…
    Is there possibilty to get visa on arrival?
    May I know the procedures?

    • Hi, Malaysia doesn’t offer Visa-on-Arrival for Indian citizens, if they arrived there directly. But if you are travelling to Thailand or Singapore and wish to visit Malaysia from these countries, then you can get a visa-on-arrival, and its cost is 100 USD. For one month stay in Malaysia, it is better to take a visa in advance.

  20. Hi Supritam,

    I’m going to Thailand from India (permanent Indian citizen) by Malaysian Airline and I’ve connecting flight from KUL Airport with the gap of 5 hours and 9 hours in both to and fro. It is possible for me to get Transit VISA in KUL airport just for sight seeing during those hours.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Nikhil, as per the latest Visa on Arrival policy, you are eligible for Visa-on-Arrival at KUL airport, while returning back from Thailand at the cost of USD 100. While going to Thailand, you are not eligible for transit visa, but you can catch your next flight from KUL Airport without any visa.

  21. Hi,

    Very informative site. Before asking my question I would like to share a useful information. This has been confirmed over mail by Malaysian visa helpdesk.

    Under VTR (that is without reference) category Malaysian visa, if the duration of stay is less than 30 days, one can make multiple entry and exit with a single visa. It means, if using KL as the base, someone plans to tour in Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. and completes his tour within 30 days then there is no need for Multiple Entry Malaysian Visa. Considering the present cost of Malaysian visa this is a welcome relief for budget travelers.

    Now my question. I am a Indian passport holder from Kolkata. I am flying to KL LCCT and from the same terminal taking a connecting flight to Indonesia within a few hours. On my way back once again I wish to fly from some Indonesian airport to KL LCCT and immediately take the return flight to CCU. My CCU-KUL-CCU flights are already booked in AirAsia and most probably the other two flights will also be of AIrAsia. The question is, whether I can altogether skip Malaysian visa how.


    • Hi Supratim, Unless you are flying using the FLYTHRU tickets of AirAsia, that offer transit facility at KL, you can’t escape the immigration and so the visa. I think, you don’t have FLYTHRU, so in your case, you need Malaysian visa.

    • Hi Supratim, Unless you are flying using the FLYTHRU tickets of AirAsia, that offer transit facility at KL, you can’t escape the immigration and so the visa. I think, you don’t have FLYTHRU, so in your case, you need Malaysian visa.

  22. Hi,

    I found your post really helpful. Thank you. However I have one question.

    I am an australian permenant resident holding Indian passport. I am flying to India via Air Asia with transit in LCCT Kuala Lumpur ( 3 hours while going and 9 hours while coming back). I have checked with Air Asia and it’s not fly through so I am sure I will have to pass through Immigration while going and coming back.

    I have contacted Malaysian High commission and they said I am eligible to get transit pass. However I am bit nervous as they have mentioned in their website to apply visa in prior also Air asia said the same.

    Can you please let me know if I should apply visa in advance If yes what type of visa. or I can easily get transit pass at LCCT?


    • Yes, you have to pass through the immigration at KL Airport.. You are eligible for transit pass. But I can’t give you an assurance. However, you fulfill the criteria of getting a transit pass at KL. If Malaysian High Commission assured you, then you should go for the transit pass. Look below at the comment of Sachin on Nov.28,2013. As per him, they don’t bother much at immigration, if you are an Indian Citizen and having a resident permit of Australia.

      • Thanks for your response.

        As I have mentioned I have already contacted Malaysian High commission regarding transit pass but they said it’s up to immigration officer at point of entry to grant you visa even though I am eligible for transit pass.

        And I believe the new rule is that they are only granting transit pass to travellers from Bangkok and Singapore only.

        I can apply for tourist visa for this however the issue is that the transit time is really small so not sure if I am able to get tourist visa even.

        When I ask Air Asia they ask to contact Malaysian High Commission and when I ask Malaysian High commission they are saying it’s up to airlines to allow you to board without visa.

        This is the first time I will be flying with Air Asia and regreting the decision as I had to go through this much of pain.

        I would appriciate your suggestion.

        • Hi, the transit visa you are talking about the travellers to Thailand and Singapore is different from Transit without Visa (TWOV), that you need. That is a kind of visa on arrival for the tourists and costs 100 USD, while you need a TWOV facility without any cost.
          An immigration officer can even refuse you an entry despite of having a valid visa. Entry into a country is always a discretion of the immigration officer. Don’t worry about that. I suggest you to go ahead with Air Asia. Don’t apply for a tourist visa. You will get TWOV facility. Just make sure that Air Asia will allow you to board from Australia. Have a safe journey.

          • Hi, Thanks for your response again.

            I have one more question if you don’t mind. I am ladning LCCT at 4:10 AM and my connectig flight is at 6:30 AM. So I have 2 hours and 20 minutes. Considering I will only have carry baggage and nothing to check in and will have both boarding passes ready after web check in, do you think so the I would be able to make my connecting flights?

            I am bit nervous as I never transit through LCCT. Also let me know if there are other things I should be take care while transiting.

            Your advise would be much appriciated.

  23. The new visa on arrival facility is ONLY valid if the person is coming from Singapore and Thailand. I just found this out from the malay high commission. 100 USD gives only 12 days!!!

    • Hi, Thanks for the info. But, you can also avail this facility while coming to India from any third country via Malaysia. This facility is basically introduced to cater a large pool of the tourists visiting neighbouring Thailand and Singapore due to their easy visa norms. Malaysian Government hopes to attract those visitors in Malaysia through this Visa-on-Arrival facility.

  24. Hi,

    I am travelling to Malaysia for 1 week duration for tourism. I am going to apply for Malaysian visa before-hand. But I also intend to visit Singapore in between for 2 days. Do I need to get the singapore visa in advance as well ? Or i can apply it in Malaysia (if yes, how much time it would take) ? or I would be able to get “visa-on-arrival” at singapore entry.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    • Hi, you will need a pre-approved visa for Singapore. You can get that online in India as well as in Malaysia through an authorized travel agent. It will take 2-3 days. List of agents are available at Singapore High Commission website.

  25. Hi,

    What a great post/ You are doing a wonderful job here! Thanks.

    Now, the same question everyone has asked i will ask and present my case. please try and answer

    I am travelling to Bali via KUL , all of my flights are on Malaysian Airline. I am not aware of the location of terminals.

    Do I need to get a visa for Malayisa. I plan to get Visa on arrival in Indonesia when I get there.


  26. Hello,
    Great blog first of all.
    I am planning on visiting South Korea via Malaysia airlines or Airaisa only but I wanted to have a stopover in KL for 2 days before leaving to South Korea. Will I get my Transit Visa? As per the rules South Korea is on the list of countries an Indian National can use for applying for Transit Visa.
    1) Am I right?
    2) I assume the cost is free?
    3) On my recent trip to Vietnam via Malaysia Airlines due the cancellation by the Airline I ended up staying a night in KL and the transit visa was given for free. Since Vietnam was not a part of the list of countries I wanted to know if it was special case since Malaysia Airlines cancelled our flight or can we get a Transit Visa heading towards any country too.
    Thank you

    • Hi, I guess, You get a visa on humanitarian background due to cancellation of the flight. There is a list of specified country and their long-term visas entitle you to get a Transit-Without-Visa (TWOV) facility at KL. But that is a discretion of the immigration officer. Although, beyond that list, you can not get a Transit Visa at KL. But some people got that in past. This TWOV is free of cost. Other point is the visa type of the third country. In the rules, it is clearly mentioned that visitors must have a long-term valid visa for any of these countries: USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand. So, if you are going to South Korea for the tourism purpose, you can not have a long-term visa. In this case, as per the rule, you can not avail TWOV facility. But then travelers also reported that they availed that facility at KL. Its totally depend on the Immigration Officer.

      • Yup I just found out I needed a long term Visa in the listed countries, Just a day in KL is more than enough so should I take a gamble on getting a (TWOV) and book the flights accordingly ? IF they do not allow me I assume I can stay at the airport hotel for that day. What would you suggest?
        Thank you for your help.

  27. Hello Bro,

    Gud day.. Ashu here. Actually I have 1 year multiple visa for malaysia and now presently i am staying in Malaysia and getting married here with a Malaysian Girl but the malaysian Registrar office asking me to get a single status certificate from your country and now i am planning to go back to India to get that certificate. so when i will come back to malaysia at the airport the immigration officers if they ask me what reason you going back to Malaysia. Should I mentioned with that going to Marry there, thats why going malaysia? Will they stop me if i tell the proper reason?

    Thanks in Advance


    • Hi, Since you have a multiple entry visa, you can enter in Malaysia again. If you wish, you can tell them the correct reason. There is no problem. Otherwise, tell them any other reason.

  28. Hi. I am Indian. i want to marry Malaysian girl. What type of visa need me to enter Malaysia and get marry her?? After marriage i must stay for 5 years in Malaysia to get Malaysian citizenship ? It is must to apply for citizenship ?? Pls tell me correct procedures and document needed… Which is better if Indian do marry in Malaysia or Malaysian girl come India to do marry? What are document needed? Pls tell correct procedure.

    • Hi, I am not aware about this type of visa. Marrying a Malaysian Girl and arranging a long-term social visit pass is a tough and time-consuming process. I am helpless on this topic.

  29. Hi SB. I have a valid multiple entry Business VISA for entering MAlaysia. With this can I extend my stay in MAlaysia after 30 days ?? MOHANRAJA

  30. sir, i am going to kulalampur(malaysia) with my wife as a tourist for 6days & 5nights individual tour, we also thought of visiting singapore from kulalampur by bus / train, can we get the singapore toursit visa in kulalampore it self, or we have to apply in india ? please inform me.

    • Hi, You can apply for Singapore Visa at The High Commission Office of Singapore in Kualalumpur. Address is:
      Level 15, West Wing, The Icon, No.1, Jalan 1/68F, Jalan Tun Razak,50400 Kuala Lumpur. Phone: +6(03) 2161-6277
      Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, Closed on Sat, Sun & Public Holidays.
      Moreover, as an Indian Citizen, you can also apply for an e-visa of Singapore online in India through an authorised visa agent.

  31. Hi SB,

    Accidently came across your blog and the information….good work!!

    I want to post a query to check if you can help me ,….

    I and my wife are planning a trip to Bali and flight for Airasia carrier is Blr–> KUL-DPS. I see there is a connecting (transit) time of roughly 2-3 hours and also I think, for each destination I need to run across immigration? Is this true even if the next flight is of Airasia in KUL airport?

    Do I need any Visa for this trip and in case yes, what Visa would work for me. I don’t plan to venture out of the airport in KUL.

    Please help


    • Hi Amit, AirAsia is a point-to-point carrier. Unless you are flying using the FLYTHROUGH facility of AirAsia, you have to arrange a visa for the country (for Malaysia in this case), wherever your first flight lands and connecting flight departs. You have to pass through the immigration at KUL airport and check-in again for the next flight to DPS. If your both tickets have single PNR, you may have the FLYTHROUGH tickets, just check it with AirAsia. In case of visa requirement, apply for a tourist visa. Have a nice trip. πŸ™‚

  32. Hi sb,
    Help me out….my husand is in malaysia on pvp for 6 months
    .i want to go there on tourist visa which will allow me to live there only for 30 dys but i want to stay there for two can it extension is possible?or tbere are some other way by which i can stay malaysia for 60days….or if i go singapore on tourist visa after sataying 30 days in malaysia then come back from singapore and reentered in malaysia..

    • Hi Sushmita, Before the expiration of 30 days stay, you are eligible to opt for another 30-days visa extension. You can apply for visa extension in Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, you can try for a multiple entry tourist visa of Malaysia. This way you can go to Singapore and re-enter again in Malaysia for next 30 days. The last option is taking the benefit of recently re-started VoA scheme for Indians. Leave Malaysia on 30th day to enter in Singapore. You will need a prior visa to Singapore. and next day, enter again in Malaysia with VoA scheme, but it will cost you 100 USD and you will also need a confirmed ticket to India. However, I am not aware about the validity period of this VoA. Personally, I suggest you to go for multiple entry visa or alternatively, visa extension. Have a great trip πŸ™‚

  33. Hi SB,

    I am working in Malaysia since last ten months on an EP. I wish to bring my mother and brother from Delhi, India to KL and then take them on a Malaysia wide tour! What is the most hassle free way to get them the tourist visa….Is there anything I can do while being here in Malaysia?

    I remember one of my friend’s elder brother, working in Singapore, processed his tourist visa from Singapore itself and emailed him the visa so my friend did not have to do anything but just take the ticket and come to Singapore. Is there anything similar I can do from malaysia and get their visas processed from here in KL itself?

    • Hi Ketan, Getting an e-visa for Singapore is relatively easier and it can be apply in Singapore by a friend/relative. But, this is not the case with Malaysian Visa. However, physical appearance in case of Malaysia Visa is not mandatory and it can be apply through a travel agent, but it has to be done in India only. So, arrange a 30-days tourist visa for your mother and brother from India only. They can mention in their cover letter that you are sponsoring their trip. They will need your reference and a sponsorship letter from your side. It will be easier to get a visa in that case.

  34. Hi Bro,

    I am working(EP) in Malaysia and my wife is with me with Tourist visa. Tourist visa lead time(30 days) going to expire. Can I go to thailand for one day and come back?

    • Hi Gopal, You can go to Thailand and come back, since you are having an Employment Pass. But your wife needs a prior visa of Malaysia before entering again. This visa can not be processed in one day. You have to apply at Malaysian Embassy in Thailand and wait for the visa approval. You can also go to Singapore. I hope, you are already in the process to get dependent pass asap for your wife.

  35. Hi,

    We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children holding Indian passport going to Australia for holidays by Malaysian Airlines. On way back we have 5 hrs. and 55 minutes halt at KL Airport. Can we get transit visa on arrival at KL airport. Is this tranasit visa free of charge. Both the flights are of Malaysian Airlines.


    Ashwin Bhuta

    • Hi Ashwin,

      The Transit Without Visa (TWOV) is free of charge and generally for the Indian citizens, who have a long-term visa of Australia and travelling to India/Australia via KL Airport. Specifically, it is not for the tourists. However, sometimes Malaysian Immigration may kind enough to allow you to come out from KL airport by granting a TWOV facility (Even if you are in Australia on tourist visa), if you are returning back to India via KL Airport Main Terminal. But this is not the case always. Is it really a good idea to come out from KL Airport in 6 hours transit time? You may not be able to explore anything in KL.

      As per the latest update about VoA at KL Airport (w.e.f. Dec, 2013 onwards), You can also apply for VoA facility at the cost of USD 100 per person.

  36. hello brother

    i & my friend are planning to go to malaysia on a multiple entry one year visit visa. we have an intension to find job there. ifincase we got some job how can we change our visa? and yeah we have to exit in singapore and reenter to malaysia again after a month rie? can we do the singapore visa process from there and how much does that cost? could you please email me the details. please

    • Hi, After getting a job you have to apply for an Employment Pass in Malaysia with the help of your employer. You can get Singapore Visa in Malaysia. The cost will be approx. 110 Malaysian Ringgits for a tourist visa to Singapore.

  37. Hey,

    I am flying from Mumbai to Bali via Malaysian end of Jan. I am on Malaysian Airlines and have a connecting flight from the Main teminal inside an hour and a half to Bali. I return the same way with just an hour of flight transfer. I am flying Malaysian Airlines throughout and do not leave the Main terminal at any point. I will be receiving the boarding pass for both the legs at the time of departure itself and my luggage will be checked-in from Mumbai to Bali directly. Do i need a Malaysian visa for this trip?

    Thanks for your useful post.

  38. Hi SB,

    It would be really helpful if you could help me out with the following situation.

    I am an Indian National. Travelling to Bali via Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia (Only 2 hours gap in the connecting flight). While coming back wanted to stay in KL for couple of days.

    Hence, I assume I would require a multiple entry visa. Following are my queries:

    a) Is it easy to get multiple entry tourist visa for Malaysia? (as it is mentioned on their site, multi entry visa for Business or govt. related purposes) ???

    b) Is 2 hours gap sufficient to check out (immigration @ KL airport) and again check in for Bali flight??? (Sad drawback of point to point flight).

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Saurabh, Multiple Entry Visa is available for the purpose of tourism also. They just need a valid reason for multiple entries.

      Your connecting flight from KL to Bali is from the same terminal of your arrival flight at KL, i.e., Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). You can easily go through the immigration and check-in again for the next flight in 2 hours time. Safe Journey.

  39. hi
    i intend to travel to malaysia on 3rd feb 2014 when i should apply for visa as vfs staff told me tht the validity of social visa is one month only from the date of issue.

    • Hi, Normally the validity of the visa is 3 months from the date of issue. Indian tourist can enter in Malaysia till the day of visa expiry date provided the passport remains valid for not less than 6 months. But, once you entered in Malaysia, you are allowed to stay upto 30 days including your date of entry and exit. You can apply for the visa now.

  40. hi
    i just wanted to know because i was going for indonasia semarang for that the Air Asia ticket was purchesd connecting flight via malaysia,singapore to indonasia semaran,0n 24th 12.45am was boarding of flight as i arrived ti kolkotta international Airport and showed my booking ticket to Air Asia Counter,to my surprise they asked my visa for malaysia and was a connecting flight,i was not going to go aoutside of airport but the counter people told me i cannot fly because i dont have visa for those two country,Iam confused anyone is there anyone who wanna help out to understand,I feel iam cheated by Air Asia .

    • This is the major issue with the low cost airlines. They are basically point-to-point carriers and not offer connecting services. It means once you board the plane and reach at the destination, you have to go through the immigration at that airport and check-in again for the next flight. Same is the case with AirAsia, unless you are using the FlyThrough facility (available with certain rules and restrictions at Kuala Lumpur LCCT Only). The customer service guy in Kolkata did the right thing. Only you were not aware of the rules. Same happened with me at Bangkok, but luckily I have a prior visa, though they have the visa-on-arrival also.

  41. Hi,
    Thanks for your great posts! My boyfriend is an Indian citizen and I have booked us a flight from Loas to KL with Air Asia on the 6th of March 2014, with the plan of flying to Bali. We wont be in India 1 month before he needs the visa as we will be travelling to Thailand, Cambodia and Loas first. Is it possible to apply for a visa in a different country or should I just cancel our plans? I am so confused with all this! Thanks for your time πŸ™‚

    • Preferably, an Indian citizen should apply for a Malaysian visa in India only. But, there is no restriction for the applications made in different country. Your friend can apply for a Malaysian visa in any office of Malaysian Embassy/Consulate worldwide. It is the discretion of consulate people to issue a visa or not. Otherwise, he can also apply in India for the visa in three months advance of his journey date.

  42. Hello Brother,

    Good Day. This is Ashok from India and I am staying here in Penang Malaysia and my tourist visa is for one year and itz for multiple entries so need one help. I am not going back to India coz i have to be here and I know i have to cross Thailand Border or Singapore Border but now a days There is in Thailand something happning so can’t go there if i go to singapore for crossing the border do i need to have singapore Visa or i can go there without Visa?? if Visa required then how long it takes to get the visa because my visa was 4th of december and it will till 3rd december. Please let me know..


  43. Dear,

    Thanks for the post, I want to apply for another month extension of tourist visa for my wife (who is here on multiple entry visa from india) and I am working here. May I know how soon before those 30 days of validity that I should apply for extension and what is the possibility of having this extended. Please guide me.



  44. Hi, thanks so much for this informative post.
    Can you please help me with the following doubts, would be highly grateful for the same.
    1) I’m an indian going to malaysia to my sister (who works there) for a month on tourist visa (without reference). We would like to visit singapore and bali (indonesia) and be able to enter malaysia again. Is it possible since i presume malaysia gives only a single entry visa to indians?
    Thanks again.

  45. Hi SB!

    Very useful post, I’m using this to supplement what I read from VFS website too! I have some questions, would appreciate your good advice:

    1. Submission – If my friend is from Kashmir (Srinagar), can he employ a travel agent to help him submit at Delhi VFS office? And any you know of? Else he has to waste a return air ticket to just go submit… (And I assume it’s safe to courier original passport to such a person to assist in the process.)

    2. Collection – Is it fixed appointment date & time to collect? Also, if take courier option, I suppose they can send back to Srinagar? Any idea how long this process can be, from submission date?

    3. VFS website mentioned if apply at Delhi, need fill in back to back application form. Where is that?

    4. Visa type – Wish to apply multiple entry, to avoid having to re-apply next time if future trips again. Where to state on the form? Don’t seem to have a section for that..

    5. Visa application form – ‘Inviting company’. What if it’s his Singaporean friend (me) inviting him to Malaysia and we intend to stay at my Malaysian friend’s house few days and a hotel another few days. How then should he fill in this section?

    6. Documents required – As it is indeed his fresh passport (traveled before on his old passport), photocopy of 3 months bank statement with bank stamp required, per VFS. What if he doesn’t use one! Haha, I know right… (-_-) Is this a must? If yes, he can go open one now, assuming it’s ok to just show Dec statement? Any minimum amount? Not stated anywhere it seems. Otherwise, I can vouch for him but as a ‘Singapore sponsor’, maybe a short paragraph coming from me and my signoff, helps?

    7. Support document – We are keeping this trip flexible as much as possible. I suppose it’s ok to just show his international ticket to Singapore? Only want to book Singapore-KL ticket (by air or by coach, haven’t decide, want to have a mix of experience) at a later time, as it depends on my work schedule too.

    8. Support document – Some websites say itinerary… Any idea what sort of details needed? Does it have to show exact dates when I’m going KL? Tough if I wish to keep the trip flexibile… =(

    9. Payment – Can it be by cash entirely? I assume it’ll be 1800+336+2000 at Delhi’s office, for an indian national applying for a Malaysian tourist visa (multiple entry). I kept seeing the term ‘demand draft’ on VFS website.

    Many questions, apologies! Wish the VFS website could be clear and detailed like your blog post! Thank you SB in advance.

    • Hi Vanessa, you devoted so much time and effort to create such a long list. Its my duty to answer your questions. However, it is too long to answer all here. Please check your inbox of the same e-mail id..I have answer all these.

  46. Hi, just a doubt i have… iam an Indian national working in Singapore and iam married to a Malaysian..Hence i travel too and fro on a daily basis..i have a Malaysian spouse visa valid until march 2014… however my passport had run out of pages hence i renewed my passport in Singapore … hence my valid spouse visa is on my cancelled (old) passport… so to get back to Malaysia do i need to get a new visa done?? please reply thanks a bunch..

  47. Hi SB,
    Thanks a lot for your informative posts. I have a few questions:
    * I intend to travel to both peninsular Malaysia & Sarawak. Are there any special visa requirements for Sarawak? Is a single entry visa sufficient?
    * When you say confirmed air ticket in original what exactly do you mean? I only have an e-Ticket.
    * The VFS site talks about an additional Rs.2000 fees – is this applicable for everyone?
    * Bank statements required for first time traveller – do you mean first time traveller to Malaysia or in general? I have travelled in the past to the US & Egypt
    Thanks very much in Advance

    • Hi,

      * I intend to travel to both peninsular Malaysia & Sarawak. Are there any special visa requirements for Sarawak? Is a single entry visa sufficient?

      Earlier there was a special entry permit for Sarawak, but these days its the same visa as Malaysia. So single entry visa is sufficient. You may get another visa stamp (upto the rest of the days of your visa validity) as you enter in Sarawak, because you have to pass through the immigration there. and like other immigration checkpoints, they also have a right to deny you an entry.

      * When you say confirmed air ticket in original what exactly do you mean? I only have an e-Ticket.

      E-ticket is sufficient.

      * The VFS site talks about an additional Rs.2000 fees – is this applicable for everyone?

      This INR 2000 fees at VFS is w.e.f. Dec.9, 2013 onwards and applicable for everyone.

      * Bank statements required for first time traveller – do you mean first time traveller to Malaysia or in general? I have travelled in the past to the US & Egypt

      It means first time traveller to Malaysia.

      Hope I am able to address your queries. Have a great trip.

  48. Hi,
    I intend to travel to malaysia for a week with my husband and kids.
    My sister wants to travel with us too. I was wondering if she could travel with us with my husband’s bank statement because she is just twenty and still a student. We will b responsible for her expenses.

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