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While reading this post, I hope you remember your school history books of schooldays. Probably you can recall the name like Kamboj or Kampuchia, King Yashovarman , Indravarman, Suryavarman and Angkor Wat Temple of Lord Vishnu. Now relate those name in modern world.   Kamboj is present Cambodia, a country in South East Asia, which is famous as a land of wonder.  Angkor Wat Archeological Park containing the numerous ruins of giant temples made by earlier Hindu kings in Cambodia is one of the most impressive tourist destinations across the world.  Its relation with India dates back many centuries and both the countries share many common cultural and religious values.  After many years of political instability, dictatorship and isolation, this country opens its door to the world a decade ago and now tourism in Cambodia is increasing day by day.  Many Indians are also traveling to Cambodia to explore its magnificent temples, impressive colonial structures and remains of its notorious Khmer Rogue.  This post is compiled to provide some information on the process of getting a visa for Cambodia visit.

@ Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

Magnificent Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

Breaking News: Thailand and Cambodia are agreed to implement a single visa scheme, known as ACMECS Single Visa, that allows tourists to visit both the countries on a single visa from Dec 27, 2012 onwards. Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam are expected to join this single visa scheme soon. To know more about ACMECS Single Visa, check this post.

Proceed further on this post to know about Cambodia Visa separately.

How to get a Visa for Cambodia Trip ?  As an Indian Citizen, you have three options to get a visa for Cambodia.  First, you can get a Visa-on-Arrival,  second to get an Electronic Visa (e-visa) online and third is to apply at Embassy of Cambodia to get a Visa Stamped on your passport prior to your departure.  Let us know about each options one by one:

1. Visa-On-Arrival:  Cambodia offers a Visa-on-Arrival for the Indian Citizens.  You can get a visa-on-arrival at following ports of entry depending on your mode of travel:

By Air:
1. Phnom Penh International Airport
2. Seam Reap International Airport

By Road :

At Cambodia-Thailand border
1.  Cham Yeam International checkpoint
2.  Poipet International checkpoint
3.  O’Smach International checkpoint
Apart from these, three additional international checkpoints are also listed at Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia website (click here for the relevant page), where Visa-on-Arrival facility is available. I have confirmed this information from some other websites also.

At Cambodia-Vietnam border
1.  Bavet International checkpoint
2.  Kha Orm Sam Nor (Kaam Samnor) International checkpoint
Apart from these, seven additional international checkpoints are also listed at Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia website, where Visa-on-Arrival facility is available. I have confirmed this information from some other websites also.

At Cambodia-Laos Border:
Only at the website of Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, it is mentioned that the Visa-On-Arrival is available at Trapaing Kreal international border checkpoint, if coming by road from Laos. This information is also confirmed. However, many websites and travel forums still suggest that Visa-On-Arrival is available at Dom Kralor(Dongkralaw) border checkpoint while entering in Cambodia from Laos, but this checkpoint is no longer exist. It has now moved to 6 kms North and known as Trapaing Kreal international border checkpoint.

Documents Requirements for Visa-On-Arrival: To get a Visa-on- Arrival, you should have the following documents:

1.  Passport in original with minimum 6 months validity

2.  One recent photograph, preferably with white background (4×6 cm)

3.  20 USD Visa fee in cash

4.  Return confirm flight ticket. If you are intended to return by road, you must have a cover letter stating this with the valid visa of the     next country, i.e.,Thailand or Vietnam. Please be informed that you can not get Visa on Arrival in Thailand if traveling overland from Cambodia at Aranyaprophet Checkpoint.  But if you already have a valid visa for Thailand, you can enter in Thailand via this checkpoint.

5.  Bank Statements, Credit Card Copy or at least 500 USD in Cash as a proof of sufficient fund for 15 days.

Visa Validity: Visa-on-Arrival is valid for next 3 months from the date of issue, but duration of stay is restricted to 30 days for a single entry.  It means if you get a visa on arrival today, you have to leave Cambodia on 30th day from today,  however your visa will be valid till the end of 3rd month from today.

Visa Extension:  If you want to stay more than 30 days, you can request for the extension of Visa at Immigration Counter outside Phnom Penh Airport at the cost of USD 25. The visa is extended for maximum 30 days.

Important Note:  Visitors will be fined USD 5.00 per day for overstay.

2. e-Visa of Cambodia:  The best way to get a Cambodian Visa is to apply online for e-visa. There are many apprehension regarding this and people generally don’t trust on this process.  But, when I tried it during my own journey to Cambodia, I found it quite easy and hassle free.  It costs 8.00 USD extra, but that is nothing in comparison to convenience offered by this process.

About e-Visa:  This service has been launched by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, that enables travelers to apply for an online visa before entering into the Kingdom of Cambodia.  The whole process is online and payment can be done by a credit card.  After receiving the visa, you have to just keep the print out of this to enter in Cambodia.  This service is only applicable to the Tourist Visa.

Salient Features of e-Visa:

Type of Visa :   Tourist Visa
Entry Type  :     Single Entry Only
Visa Fee          :     USD 20 + USD 5 (Processing Fee) + USD 3 (Additional Bank Charges)
Validity          :     3 months starting from the date of issue
Length of Stay:  30 days
Processing Time:  3 business days
Requirement :  A passport validity of more than six months balance at time of entry, a recent passport-size photo in digital format (JPEG  or PNG format),  a valid credit card (Visa/MasterCard).
Photo Specifications:   Photo will be uploaded online during the e-visa application. It must be in JPEG, PNG or BMP format and size must be less than 1 MB.
Exempted Countries:  Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia
Countries not supported by e-visa:  Afghanistan, Algeria, Arab Saudi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria (Citizens of these countries have to apply for a Visa from their nearest embassy or on-arrival, if applicable, at all major checkpoints. ).

Extension of e-Visa: Tourist (T) visa can be extended upto to stay for 30 more days at Cambodian National Police Immigration Department, Ministry of Interior.

Address: No. 332, Russian Boulevard, Opposite of the Phnom Penh International Airport, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel: (+855) 12 581 558
Fax: (+855) 23 890 101 / (+855) 23 890 439
Hotline (24 hour): 012 826 025
Visa Information:
2. Required documents for Visa Extension:
+ e-Visa certificate (e-Visa holder)
+ applicant’s passport
+ 2 photographs (size 4×6)
+ appropriate visa fee USD 25.
Processing time for Visa Extension: 2 business days

Please note that every entry and exit ports of Cambodia do not support e-visa. This table will give a good idea on this:

Name of Port  Border Entry Exit
Phnom Penh International Airport Yes Yes
Siem Reap International Airport Yes Yes
Cham Yeam (Koh Kong) Thailand Yes Yes
Chorm (Oddar Meanchey) Thailand No Yes
Daung (Kamrieng Battambang) Thailand No Yes
Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey) Thailand Yes Yes
Prom (Pailin) Thailand No Yes
O Smach (Oddar Meanchey) Thailand No Yes
Bavet (Svay Rieng) Vietnam Yes Yes
Kaoam Samnor (Kandal Mekong) Vietnam No Yes
Phnom Den (Takeo) Vietnam No Yes
Trapaing Sre (Kratie) Vietnam No Yes
Dong Kralo (Stung Treng) Laos No Yes
Preah Sihanouk International Airport No Yes
Sihanoukville No Yes

Some Important Points to Remember:

1.  If you are not sure about your traveling date, you can always change that even after applying for an e-visa. But that date should be within the validity period of e-visa.

2.  Visa extension is not allowed on e-visa website.

3.  Each visa is valid for single entry only. If you wish to go to another country and then again back to Cambodia within a short period, you have to apply for two e-visas.

4.  No visa are required for the children under 12 years old. As long as they don’t have their own passport and are traveling with parent’s passport, they don’t need a visa to enter in Kingdom of Cambodia. But, All children above 12 years old requires a Visa, whether they are traveling with parent’s passport or with their own passport.

5.  If your trip is delayed and e-visa is expired, you can not change the dates. You have to apply for a fresh e-visa.

6.  No sticker will be issued to you for e-Visa. Please print out 2 copies of this e-Visa certificate. Pass one (1) copy to immigration as your travel Visa at entry and one (1) copy upon departure. For your convenience, you may cut your printed e-Visa and staple to your passport. As long as they are clear, Black and White printouts are acceptable.

7. You are required to fill out departure and arrival cards at the entry and exit point.

8.  At the checkpoint, please go directly to the e-Visa immigration counter for processing. Look for e-Visa signboard. If not sure, please approach the officer for instructions to avoid unnecessary delay. For Siem Reap Airport, please go to any counter from 02- 08. For Phnom Penh Airport, please go to any counter from 03 – 09.

Caution:  Again, Please be informed that all ports of entry do not support e-visa.

How to apply for e-visa ? You can apply for an e-visa at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which link is this:

Before applying for the visa, just click on the Read how to apply tab of the above weblink page. This link will give you a detailed information regarding each and every step of application and payment process.

After applying for e-visa, I received two mails regarding the reference number and payment success status. On third day of application, I received the Cambodian e-visa in my inbox.

3. Apply for Visa at The Embassy:  Alternatively, you can also apply at the Cambodian Embassy in New Delhi for a Tourist Visa.

Embassy Address is:
Royal Embassy of Cambodia
N-14,Panchsheel Park
New Delhi-110017, India

Documents Required:  Following documents are required to get a visa, if you are applying at the Embassy of Cambodia in New Delhi:

1.  A passport in original and must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of application (photocopy of the first, second and last pages)
2.  Two visa forms (photocopy allowed). Download Visa Form
3.  Two passport-size photographs, preferably with white background (4 x 6 cm)
4.  A covering letter from the Applicant.
5.  Confirmed onward/ return air ticket.If you are intended to return by road, you must have a cover letter stating this with the valid visa of the next country i.e., Thailand or Vietnam.
6.  Hotel booking.
7.  Proof of sufficient funds.


1.  Visa is issued for 1 month with a maximum stay of 1 month. This can further be extended in Cambodia.
2.  Processing time is 2 to 3 working day.
3.  An additional fee is levied for express service (same day delivery of visa).
4.  For single entry Tourist visa fee is INR 1600 and for same day urgent visa (single entry tourist visa) is INR 2300.

Have Queries regarding Travel Visa for Cambodia, Ask here at Cambodia Visa Forum

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  1. I am planing to go to Thailand &Cambodia last this month,if we need any vaccinations before enter this countries? please advice me from u r experience thank U.i am traveling from Chennai through DMK(Bangkok)

  2. Thanks for the information, it’s extremely helpful.
    I might be going to Cambodia soon for an internship, and it might lead to permanent employment.

    What extra documents do I need to get a business visa from the Cambodian Embassy in India?

    More importantly, can I go to Cambodia with a tourist visa, and then get in converted to a business visa there, or in a neighboring country?
    Or do I need to come back to India and apply?

    • Hi Sam, for a business visa of Cambodia, you need a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of application (photocopy of the first, second and last pages), Two visa forms (photocopy allowed), Two passport-size photographs, A covering letter from the concerned Company stating all relevant Business details, Business correspondence, Invitation letter from Cambodia, Confirmed onward/ return air ticket and Proof of sufficient funds. Processing time of the visa is 2 to 3 working days. Visa is issued for 1 month with a maximum stay of 1 month. I don’t have any idea of the second part of your question. Please let me know, if you find a correct solution of the second part of your question. Thanks. Have a nice trip.

  3. Thank you so much for the many valuable information.
    I am also planning to visit cambodia for a business, can I get business visa in Delhi, what are the requirement and also how many working days to get it done. Thanks! cheers

    • Yes, you can get a business visa for Cambodia in Delhi. Visa is normally valid for one month stay in Cambodia, and it can be extended there. It normally takes 2-3 working days and cost is INR 1900, but you can also get same day express visa at the cost of INR 2600.

  4. I am planning to visit Siem reap, Cambodia, as part of a study trip in June this year. However, looking at comments above, I understand that being a Indian passport holder I can get a visa on arrival, however my visa expires 4 months later than the date of arrival in Cambodia. For instance, I plan to arrive in Siem Reap in June 2014, and my resident visa expires on October, 2014. Will I still be able to travel? (In regards to the requirements of Visa-on-arrival listed above, you require minimum 6 months validity)

    • Yes, that is the requirement to get the Visa-on-arrival. If your passport is valid for less than 6 months, then I advise you to try for a tourist visa(online) from India only, to avoid any problem at the entry checkpoint.

  5. hi..we are planning a trip to thailand by flight and then to cambodia and vietnam by bus.and back to india via thailand or some other destination by flight from vietnam..i need to know about the visa procedure..should we take visas of cambodia and vietnam from here or is it ok to get them on arrival..will they ask for hotel vouchers or is there any other formality..pls advice

    • Hi, Thailand and Cambodia both offer visa-on-arrival. Just make sure that you are at the right port of entry to get VOA. For Vietnam, you have to coordinate with a travel agent. Vietnam VOA is not available on arrival, if there is no invitation letter from an authorised travel agent. And, to get any type of visa, you are supposed to provide the hotel reservation details as a proof of accommodation.

  6. Truly detailed information given by you (Here – as well as the other threads on Thai Visa and ACMECS visa). Unfortunately, ACMECS Visa is not available in Mumbai.

    We plan to enterThailand with Visa on arrival. Then proceed to Siam Reap via Poipet and return via Thailand Bangkok. Open point which is not answered anywhere …The visa-on-arrival will be for single entry (I am told double entry is not possible). When I leave Thailand for Cambodia, this visa expires (Probably). I get Cambodian visa on arrival (or carry e-visa). However, on return, I am lost … will the old visa taken on arrival at Bangkok work … Poipet does not issue visa on arrival. What is the way out – short of allpying separately to the two embassies for two visas.

    • Hi Parag, Visa on Arrival is valid for single entry only and when you enter in Cambodia, this visa expires. For the return journey via Poipet, you have to travel on a double entry transit visa of Thailand from India Itself. You can apply for a double entry transit visa in Mumbai. Else, you can fly back to Bangkok Airport from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh to get another visa on arrival.

  7. You are a star. Very helpful information. One thing to add. You can chat with the Cambodia visa officials via Skype using the Skype ID: chinsochea – They are prompt and very helpful. They will approve your visa in 1 day if you chat with them in advance and then send in your reference number.

    Thanks once again for your extremely helpful post.

  8. Hi..this amazing! Actually i am planning a long backpacking trip from this Jan..i want to cover Thailand, vietnam, cambodia, laos, malaysia, indonesia, philippines, myanmar, china and nepal…also…my plan is to take only first flight to thailand and then everything will by road/ ferries etc. So i have given myself almost one year….i was planning to take a one-way flight to thailand and then do all the countries..also, i was planning on keeping thailand as central point, considering easy border crossing…however, now i find that thail immigration asks for return ticket or onward ticket (has to be a flight) before allowing the entry…any way out? also, any more info on any of these countries will be really useful 🙂


    • Hi, You can give them a statement in writing that you will travel to a neighboring country by Road. Just show them a rough itinerary and if possible, the visa of the next country, that you are intended to visit from Thailand. If you convince them with your year-long travel plan, then Return/Onward flight ticket will not be a major issue..
      Have a nice trip.

  9. Tq for your info. I need further clarification. I will be visiting my in-laws in Malaysia in Nov 2013. Once there, I want to visit Siem Reap with my brother-in-law. Do I have to apply for visa from India or can I apply from Malaysia. If I apply for Cambodian visa online from Mumbai, do I have to send my original passport to them or just the scanned copy of front page and last page?

    • Hi,

      You can apply for a Cambodian Visa at their consulate/embassy in Malaysia also. Moreover, you are also eligible for Visa on Arrival as an Indian Citizen at the entry checkpoint in Cambodia. and, Passport in original or scanned copy is not required in case of e-visa application. So, you are not bound to send them to embassy.

      Have a nice trip !

  10. Hey…
    Really helpful post! Thanks.
    Quick question, I see that the new e-visa regulation includes vietnam/laos/cambodia/thailand in the exempt countries list. So is getting the e-visa for one country good enough for travel to others? What exactly does the exemption apply for? I am planning a backpacking tour starting from vietnam-cambodia-thailand for two weeks and just realized that vietnamese visa is really expensive.

    Thanks Again.

    • Hi,

      For an Indian citizen, separate visa is required to visit each country you mentioned here, i.e., Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. However, Cambodia and Thailand can be visited on a single visa under new ACMECS visa scheme, that Laos and Vietnam are also expected to join in near future. But, for ACMECS visa, again you have to pay separate fee for Thailand and Cambodia visa. For Vietnam, you have to take a separate visa.

      Happy Travelling 🙂

  11. Good info thanks

  12. thank you the info is fantastic !!!!! cheers suman monga

  13. Brilliant, dedicated post with good and clear information. Thank you. I am an Indian but with an Australian citizenship and passport. Any valueble information for me please ? specially staying more than one month and doing what ? please assist. regards DM

    • Hi Deepak, as an Australian Citizen, you are eligible for 30-days Visa-on-Arrival at Phnom Penh as well as Seam Reap International Airport. 30-days is really a good time to experience the life and culture of Cambodian People. You can spend one week at Seam Reap (Ruins of Angkor Park), One week at Phnom Penh (Capital City, French Colony and most famous Killing Fields) and rest of the time between destinations like Sihanoukville (Seaside Town), Kampot (Gateway to Bokor National Park), Battambang (Another interesting city), Preah Vihear (Nice ruins pre-dating Angkor Temples), Tonle Sap Lake (Huge Lake with Floating Villages) etc. If you do not want to spend so many days in Cambodia only, you can club it with any other neighbourhood country like Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, where you are again eligible for visa-on-arrival.

  14. We’re going for our honeymoon to Seam Reap and you’re post has been the most helpful yet. Many thanks!

  15. Exceedingly well researched and well written. Hope we can have such clarity for other tourist spots that Indians want to visit – but are wary of the hassle of the required formalities. Do you know the system for Laos and Myanmar, and if so, could you post it in your clear and concise manner?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks Dipankar. I am happy that you find these information relevant. I never been to Laos and Myanmar, so I do not have any idea. Generally, I write post from my personal experiences.So unable to write a post on the visa for Laos and Myanmar. But, If I will come across someone’s personal experience and authentic information, I will surely write a post on their Visa system. By the way, Just for information, Laos and Myanmar both offer Visa-on-Arrival for Indian citizens with 30 and 28 days validity respectively for the purpose of tourism. So, you can opt for that, if you are planning a trip there.

  16. Highly commendable,informative and kudos for sharing the needed information, immensely appreciate it and thankyou for providing valuable and detailed insight.Rickkey@TRAVELFISH CONSULTING

  17. Hi, Would you happen to know if there have been cases where the E-visa processing had been delayed. By trip is in 1 week will I be taking a risk if I were to do a E-visa or do you suggest doing the visa on arrival option.

    • Why to take risk Neela? I got my visa 4th day, but we can’t do anything if it gets delayed. So,its always better to go for VOA, if you are traveling on such a short notice. Getting VOA in Cambodia is also a hassle free and convenient process.

  18. Very good information. Highly appreciate the efforts taken by you in sharing this valuable information for fellow Indians. Very clear information.

  19. Impressive post….all of the information is laid out in a clear and articulate manner. Yup a lot better than most official websites

  20. Very clear and helpful. Thank you. One question, my passport is fast running out of pages so will this evisa (since its a print out) save me one page on the passport? Would you know this? Thanks again.

  21. Nice post. Very helpful!

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