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First time I have visited a sea was the Arabian Sea, when I took a speedboat from The Gateway of India to the Elephanta Caves in Mumbai. That was the my only affair with a sea and its beaches, until recently I made a trip to Hong Kong and Macau, where I have visited the famous beaches and harbours of Hong Kong and Macau. I also had a plan to visit the world-famous Pattaya in Thailand, but could not reach there due to time-constrained. So, when I came across the Ocean bath video of Alive is Awesome campaign by Godrej Cinthol, the only ocean I could relate with this bath was the South China Sea.  My present post is about that idea of the Ocean Bath at somewhere in the middle of South China Sea.

But to realized this idea of Ocean Bath, I have to travel in the South China Sea using a boat. There are various points in Hong Kong and Macau, where one can easily catch a ferry or boat to travel in South China Sea:

First option is to travel between Macau and Hong Kong or vice-versa. Macau and Hong Kong both offer a visa-free entry to the Indian citizen, so it is relatively easy to travel in these Special Administrative Region of China. You need to buy only a return ticket from India and you can travel to both countries without any tension of Visa. The ferry can be catch at the Outer Harbour Terminal of Macau to the China Ferry Terminal of Tshim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. These turbojet are very fast and cover the distance within two hours and this is my main concern. Pulling a bucket of water for awesome bathing experience on a passenger ferry, that too at high speed would be difficult, so it was the toughest task from the three options.

South China Sea from Macau


A ferry in South China Sea

Second Option is to get a Star Ferry from Star Ferry Pier of Tshim Sha Tsui to Central Pier of Hong Kong Island.  This iconic ferry, the pride of Hong Kong,  is running between these two islands from decades and completes its journey in 10 minutes.  Speed is also not too much. Open spaces are there. This makes it an awesome bathing destination near Victoria Harbour, in the middle of South China Sea . This area is always remain packed with local people as well as tourists. Many people will be there to cover this story of awesome bath near the most visited sea promenade of the Hong Kong overlooking the amazing skylines of Central District. This will be an awesome bathing experience of life-time.

A Star Ferry near Victoria Harbour


Skylines near Victoria Harbour

Third and the best option is to hire a boat from the Tai O village in Lanatau Island of Hong Kong.  Residents of Tai O are basically the fish-catchers who always go in the heart of South China Sea to catch the fishes. To realize this idea of Ocean bath, I have to be nice with any fisherman of this village. I can rent his boat or steamer to reach in the middle of South China Sea. All I need will be a strong rope and a bucket. I can easily fill the bucket with water and after pulling the bucket up on the deck of the boat, I can realize this idea of Ocean Bath there and if ever, I will able to achieve this dream, that will be an Alive is Awesome moment for me.

Tai O Village

Tai O village

At the end of Alive is Awesome Campaign:  Present post is my last post on the Alive is Awesome campaign, that is running from last 4 weeks. When this campaign is reaching to its end, I can say that it was a great pleasure to be the part of this campaign. I never preferred an idea of awesome bathing experiences, this was never been a part of my backpacking. But when I came across this campaign, I saw some amazing video of awesome bathing experiences and I came across some exotic destinations worldwide to feel these experiences. Now, I am very much aware on these awesome bathing ideas in a desert, on a glacier, under a waterfall, in a deep cave, in the middle of the ocean, near a hot geyser, on the back of elephants etc.  Due to this awareness, these experiences become an essential part of my backpacking and wherever I will travel now, I will definitely try to do all these awesome things.

I would also like to thank the Alive is Awesome Campaign Team for the excellent presentations they sent to us in there weekly briefing. It gave me a lot of knowledge and ideas on these awesome bathing experiences. The gratifications sent by them in lieu of writing these blogs were also amazing and I liked them very much. It was very nice to work with such a fantastic team. and in the last, I want to thank you all the fellow bloggers, who came with their awesome bathing experiences during this campaign. Best of luck to all you guys for the future endeavors. Hope to see you somewhere on the road.

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Note: This blog post is written for the Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign and contest run by Godrej Group.

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