Nov 052012

Rain shower in a desert..seems interesting..But when I got a chance of rain shower in the cold desert of Spiti Valley, I was scared. I just prayed that rain-rain go away. My wife and I was on a hiking trail from Kaza town to Komic village in the Spiti Valley. Komic is famous for its age-old monastery, so we enquired about the route in Kaza and decided to go there. A lady in Kaza town, who briefed us about the trek route, informed that it could take 2 to 3 hours to reach there.

We started our trek in the morning, but instead of the trek suggested by the lady, we took another trek route to Komic village. After 3 kms of trek, we realized that we forgot our water bottles in the hotel room. There was no chance of going back now. We thought in less than 2 hours we would be in Komic village for our breakfast, lunch and of-course water. At that point, we did not know that we would never reach to Komic Village despite of a continuous 11 hours of trekking on the hills. We were trapped in the cold desert of Spiti Valley !

Cold Desert of Spiti

Despite of missing the water bottles, we were happy in the lap of nature. All areas around us was so charming, we felt that we were in heaven, It was amazing everywhere. Below was the Spiti river divided in many streams, at some distance from the hill, we could see the Kaza town, the largest town of Spiti looked like a small hamlet and another side, we could see the snow-capped peaks of mighty Himalayas, and on the other side is the barren hills of Spiti looking similar to the Utah Desert. We forgot our tiredness, our water problem, cold weather..everything..and we just lost in the beauty of the valley.

Spiti Valley: You can also see Kaza Town

But this charming affair ended very soon and a fear took over. That was the fear of rain. The clouds came very low in the valley and due to the cold, they condensed in the form of water droplet and started falling on the ground. Though intensity was very low and it looked like a beginning of snow fall, but still it scared us. We were in the middle of nowhere, Kaza was 5 kms away down the hill, there was no sign of any shelter in upward direction and since all the landscape around us was barren, so we could not hide anywhere. We were totally unprepared for the rain. Only positive thing was that our new Lowepro camera bag was waterproof and it also had a separate all weather cover, so our mobile and camera gears could be at least safe in the case of the rain. Drizzle started, so we thought, if heavy rain would be there, then we will not proceed further and returned back to Kaza. Suddenly, strong wind started with a mysterious sound. Wind was very strong and very chilled. But at least we were prepared for the cold weather.

Clouds over the mountains

We rested on a rock for the sometime and waited for the weather improvement. Within 15 minutes, everything was charming again. clouds and rain were nowhere. The snowy peak was visible again. Numerous streams of Spiti River again shone with full glory. Ah, weather was so pleasant now and smiled back on our faces. We trekked further on the day and captured some of the best landscapes of Spiti Valley. But by that time we had realized that we were on a wrong trekking route. It was a big mistake. But we moved further. It was only the landscapes who kept our interest alive. After 7 hours of trek, about 1 PM, we came across to a small house in the middle of the deserted hills and got the first drop of water since the morning. We returned back to Kaza town by 6 PM and it ended our 11 hours unsuccessful, but amazing trek in the search of Komic village. However, we were not able to reach Komic village in that trek despite of 6 hours hiking (which was supposed to be 2 hours only!) and returned back to Delhi without visiting Komic Monastery.

Mountain, Snow, Clouds

Barren Landscape of Spiti

Cold Desert of Spiti

Now, 5 months later, when I watched this The Desert Shower Bath video of Alive is Awesome campaign by Godrej Cinthol, it again reminded me about that trekking attempt to Komic Village. After watching that video, I again wish to hike on that route. I again wish to see those high mountains, snow-covered peaks, charming river, beautiful clouds of the Spiti Valley. This time, I wish to face the strong wind, I wish to face the chilled weather and I wish to take the rain shower also.  I wish to be the top of that cold desert in the minimum clothes and I will feel very happy if a heavy rain shower will drench me completely. That will be an incredible experience. In a cold desert surrounded by high barren mountains and snow-covered peaks, taking a rain shower on the top…that will be the awesome bathing experience of my life and I will feel alive. That will be an Alive is Awesome moment of my life.

Spiti River in Spiti Valley

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Note: This blog post is written for the Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign and contest run by Godrej Group.

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