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For hundreds of years the sauna is considered among the best activities to relax and enjoy.  It is a type of bathing experience and people taking a sauna can be considered as bathers, which helps them to detoxify and cleanse. To soak your body in the steam (loyly) produce by the splashing of the water on a hot stone or to soak your body in a steam produce by natural geyser.. choice is yours and either will give you an immense satisfaction.  Just like an ordinary bath, you can take a quick dip or enjoy it for considerable time.

Recently, when I came across the Alive is Awesome campaign of Godrej Cinthol and watched their geyser bath video, an idea of natural sauna quickly shaped in my mind.  Ah, The natural sauna ! sounds interesting..but at which place?  Whenever there is a thought of natural geysers comes in mind,Yellowstone National Park is the name, which strikes in the mind of every traveler.  So, my idea takes me to a natural sauna near a geyser in the Yellowstone National Park.

My Idea of Sauna Bath in Yellowstone National Park: Okay, destination is finalised for the natural sauna..But how to enjoy it?  How to make it an awesome bathing experience?  I wish to enjoy this sauna in order to detoxify and cleanse my body and I also with to make it an awesome bathing experience. To enjoy the every moment of this sauna, first I would like to stay at any guest house inside the park.  Sauna experience and its effects on the body will be more good, if I sweat more during this bath.  In order to sweat, I have to be hydrated, so I would like to take one or two glasses of water before the sauna. I wish to encourage my body to sweat as much as possible during sauna. Then,  I will go to a safe geyser, that is not at boiling hot temperature in the park and enjoy this natural sauna there.  I will sit aside it in a towel only and when I will start sweating, I would like to brush my body with soft brush in order to stimulates my skin.  I wish to bath with a Cinthol soap in order to cleanse my body.  After 15-20 minutes, I would like to take a cold bath in any nearby cold stream and then again return to sauna bath. I would like to repeat this process again and again…and when I will finish this natural sauna bath,  I know I will feel awesome. Ah..the natural sauna, Awesome! That will be an Alive is Awesome  adventure bathing experience for me.

About Yellowstone National Park (Source: National Park Services Website): It is a national park located primarily in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The park is located at the headwaters of the Yellowstone River, from which it takes its historical name. Yellowstone National Park is home to some 10,000 thermal features including geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, mud-pots etc, over 500 of which are geysers. In fact, Yellowstone contains the majority of the worlds geysers.

This park is also famous for its flora and fauna. Hundreds of species of mammals, birds, fishes and other species have been seen in the park area. Declared a national park in 1872, it is perhaps world’s first national park.

Since its founding, millions of tourists have visited Yellowstone. In addition, roads, several hotels like the Old Faithful Inn and visitor centers, such as the Heritage and Research Center, have been constructed within the park’s boundaries. Recreational activities like snowshoeing, mountaineering, fishing, hiking and camping are also popular tourist activities in Yellowstone. Overnight camping is not allowed in any of the park’s picnic areas.

Yellowstone is open every day of the year, and is always approachable from the North Entrance outside of Gardiner, MT, which is south of Livingston. This road is plowed in the winter and leads toward the park’s Northeast Entrance, toward Cooke City, MT. Travel out of the park past that point in winter is not possible, as the pass to Red Lodge, MT, is not maintained during winter months.Most entrances (except the North Entrance) close to automobile traffic in November while roads are being prepared for the winter season snowcoach and snowmobile traffic. Entrances close again in late March and early April so roads can be cleared for the summer season. Interior park roads are only open to over-snow vehicles during the winter season.

Most famous, the Old Faithful Geyser: Old faithful is a cone geyser located in the Yellowstone National Park. It is known as the most predictable geographical feature on Earth erupting almost every 91 minutes.

The Word of Caution:There are several major hazards in Yellowstone. One is the animals, one is the hot water in the thermal springs.There are also hazards due to breaking through the thin crust over the hot internal features. You see those signs everywhere.

The National Park Service has the following warning on their website:
Yellowstone’s thermal features, rare among the earth’s wonders, are extremely fragile. Boardwalks and trails protect you and preserve delicate formations. You must stay on boardwalks and designated trails. Scalding water underlies most of the thin, breakable crust. Pools may be near or above the boiling temperature and can cause severe, possibly even fatal, burns. Keep your children close to you at all times; make sure they understand the danger. Pets are prohibited in thermal areas. Swimming or bathing in thermal pools or streams, where water flows entirely from a thermal spring or pool, is prohibited. Where swimming is allowed, swim at your own risk. Thermal waters may contain organisms know to cause infections and/or amoebic meningitis, which can quickly be fatal. Obtain more information at any ranger station or visitor center.

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Note: This blog post is written for the Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign and contest run by Godrej Group.

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  1. Wow!! Its a wonderful idea. By reading your post on Yellowstone National Park, I am eager to visit this park and have bathing experience.

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