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Have you ever think of an idea of bathing in the polar region? It sounds crazy. Think of a pool hole in the middle of the ice, the temperature is below minus 10 degree Celsius and you are supposed to jump inside to take a bath. How many minutes you can remain in that cold water..1 minute..2 minutes or few seconds..or wait, do you even like to jump in that hole..It requires a lot of guts to make that decision. So, when I watched The Polar Plunge Bath video of Alive is Awesome campaign, I found it quiet interesting. I quickly made a dream of polar plunge bath. This post is about my fantasy of polar plunge bath.

My Dream of Polar Bath: If ever, I would be lucky enough to get a chance of polar plunge bath, I would like to take it on the poles either on North Pole or South Pole. I am fascinated towards the northern lights and have a great dream of watching them live one day. So , a polar plunge at North Pole while watching the Northern Lights seems a great idea to me.

But, still I prefer my polar plunge bath to be executed at the South Pole..Why South Pole?..Only reason behind it is the Antarctica. No, Antarctica is not a dream destination for me. Even, that is far from my wildest dream of traveling and that is why I called this bath at the South Pole as a fantasy. and then I weaved my dreams around this fantasy only.

Antarctica,at a distant corner of civilization, is a place, where aircraft land on the ice runway, snow automobiles move smoothly on the ice, iceberg frequently bouncing on the sea-bed, and incredible hardship at every step. In the heart of Antarctica lies the South Pole, where all the lines of civilizations, all the latitudes meet and then there is no point beyond that. It tested the human will for exploration from very beginning and when in 1911 Amundsen and Scott set their feet there to celebrate the victory of human determination over the nature odds, they never thought even in their dreams that one day big cargo aircraft would be able to land on the iceberg of Antarctica.

Today, Antarctica is more accessible in comparison to 1911 and this fact always gives me the wings to fly with the idea of Polar Bath on the South Pole. I do not expect pristine landscapes in Antarctica and I do not have an expectation of a fantastic life in a research camp there. But, for me Antarctica is a dreamer’s dream, a logical place to find each other as the people there share a common passion..it is so pure..it is so peaceful..it is a obsession. I want to meet some like minded people there, who always had an intention to jumped off from the margin of the mob and finally, they landed in Antarctica to fulfilled their crazy dreams.I want to feel the rumble of icebergs below my feet, I want to take the wild rides on snow automobiles, I want to feel the peace of the place where you can even hear your heartbeats or a small ice crack. I want to learn the art of survival against the forces of nature.

Polar Plunge Bath in Antarctica: In my fantasy, I just do not want to jump in a ice hole and then come out from it with a cold shivering body in the need of a towel. My dream of polar plunge is beyond that. I want to be a vagabond floating in the ocean below a cover of ice, I want to explore a whole new world below that thick layer of ice. This is totally different world under the frozen sky. To me, a diver here look like an astronaut floating in the ocean, but it is extremely dangerous. You have to know the location of your ice hole exactly, a single mistake and you will be trapped in the ice. Only best thing here is that you are near the pole. Your compass needle will be either exactly up or exactly down. There is a strange reality under the ice.

If ever, I will be able to experience the deep ocean below the thick ice of Antarctica, I will say “Awesome!”. That will be my Alive is Awesome moment.

A Reality Check from Antarctica: All these ideas are the part of my fantasy of a polar plunge bath at Antarctica. But, I would like to draw your attention towards a reality check. When Amundsen set his feet on the South Pole long ago, it was supposed to be an end of the human adventure, because the last unknown was unleashed. But, then started an absurd quest…A quest to explore the unexplored, a greed to exploit the unknown. Today, Antarctica is a permanent base of human settlements and 1000 to 5000 people always reside their as the part of the various research missions. Our technical civilization made us complete vulnerable as well as Antarctica. Some of Antarctica is warming up and there a big Ozone Hole over the large areas of Antarctica, which is only growing in size with each year. We can see the effect of Global Warming there. I hope that the deteriorating condition in Antarctica will inspire us to be a green person. Otherwise, one day will come when this climate change will end the human life in a similar manner as it did to the dinosaurs. Then, may be one day some alien archaeologist will come from another planet to explore the past life of the planet Earth and they will write a history on the destruction of human life from the earth because of the greed and quest of this technologically advance human race.

Cinthol Gift Hamper Experience: As I mentioned in earlier post, that my post on the awesome bathing experiences are the part of Godrej Conthol’s Alive is Awesome campaign. Godrej entered in the Indian market with exciting range of products. They sent me a gift hamper to get the first-hand user experience of these products.

Cinthol Gift Hamper

The Apple’s i-pod shuffle sent by them is now used by my wife and she is happy with that. The bathing soaps packaging looks nice. These days we use a soap and it is a good experience to enjoy such a nice range of products from Godrej.

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