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Bathing in a deep cave…have you ever think of this idea?..Imagine a deep hole that size looks nothing in comparison to this planet and you are swimming inside it to explore the underwater world while bathing.. Your freely falling body immersing in the deep darkness of a cave and the eyes trying to explore the underwater world. Suddenly in front of the eyes, there comes a group of fishes or another caverns of a deep cave. Your body feels this adrenaline rush and the heart feels the thrill and magic of this journey in to the cave.  The mind instantly says wow..this is awesome..that is indeed an awesome bathing experience and that is what Alive is Awesome philosophy suggests. The deep cave bathing offers the thrill of exploration and discovering places that no other person has ever seen.

But this adventure is not for everyone and this is not a simple bath. In a deep cave, you can not put-off your clothes, can not jump in excitement, can not shout in joy..it needs a discipline and the perfect diving skills. As defined in Alive is Awesome campaign, The deep cave bath is a dive into an icy pool of clear water that is at least 40 meters deep. It requires a professional diving skills and technical equipments. You must be brave to bath in a deep cave. There is no chance for a mistake. You’re deep underwater. There is icy cold water, pitch black darkness and at every step cave walls are closing on you. It sounds amazing and thrilling and threatening too. But whatever it is, for some brave-hearted it is a sport, a very dangerous one. In to the deep darkness of a cave, any mistake could be fatal. A slightest movement from you kicks up silt from the wall, so visibility is lost. But still you keep going in the hope that you will discover something awesome, something magical, somewhere in this deep cave. At the end of the day, you may be able to explore age-old fossils, archaeological stuffs and formation of stalactites and stalagmites. This makes it an awesome bathing experience. But still, in a deep cave, any malfunction in the equipment or human error will most likely result in severe injuries or death. This is a big reason why cave bathing is considered as an extreme sport.

Cave bath presents the challenge of testing the boundaries of your skills and making sure that you have the highest technical advantage to survive the elements. It realizes the power of self-reliance. It is a man against the elements- you have to show all your guts, stamina, patience and you have to maintain, above all, your powers of judgement. You practice self-mastery.  In the most threatening situations inside a deep cave, you need to be calm enough to overcome your problem. This will help you to come out of it with increased authority and then you must feel that Alive is Awesome.

If you want to experience this extreme adventure of life, then there are many places in the world to welcome you. This is the list of top 5 places in the world to feel the thrill of the deep cave exploration: (All the images here are taken from Google Images)

1. Great Blue Hole, Belize:  Located 70 kms from the mainland Belize City, it is considered as one of the best scuba diving sites in the world.  It was formed as a limestone cave system during the last Ice Age when sea levels were much lower.  As the ocean began to rise again, the caves flooded, and the roof collapsed.  Usually, dive trips to the Great Blue Hole are full-day trips, which include one dive in the Blue Hole and two further dives in nearby reefs.  Blue Hole diving is not recommended for beginners as it takes hundreds of feet into the hole to be able to enjoy the marvelous wonder of this underwater cave.  As it takes diving deeper than sport diving depths, the Great Hole of Belize is only for specialists and cave divers, who have the required training and equipments.

2. Grand Bahama Island:  The caves and caverns of Grand Bahama contain an immense underwater cavern with a vast flooded labyrinth of caverns, caves and submerged tunnels that honeycomb the entire island of Grand Bahama and the surrounding sea bed.  These caves were formed during the last ice age.  The inland caves are not abundant with life, but do contain creatures living in the caves other than the migrating gray snappers.  Residents of these caves include a type of blind cave fish and remipedia that don’t pose any threat to cave divers.

3. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico:  In the Jungles nearby the ancient city of Tulum lie the two longest underwater cave systems known on earth. Creatures found nowhere else on the planet have been discovered in these caves.  The Yucatan Peninsula is world famous for it’s Cenotes or sinkholes.  Many of the Cenotes are connected and form the largest underwater cavern system in the world. The Yucatan is noted for its famous spectacular formations and the amazing clarity of the water.  The water is so crystal clear that you will have the illusion of floating in air.

4. Emergence Du Russel, France: The Emergence Du Russel is an adventure equally exciting for highly experienced divers and amateur divers alike.  The entrance itself is at a considerable depth, and the cave then splits into two tunnels.  The second tunnel is only accessible for those who have their Deep Diver certification, as it drops to 70 meters, but the first tunnel only goes to 10 metres, making it the perfect place to find out whether or not cave diving is for you.

5. Sardinia, Italy:  In the north west of Sardinia, close to Porto Conte bay, Alghero territory, there is the most important cave diving site in the Mediterranean Sea.  Thanks to the huge limestone cliffs of Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio there are more than 300 caves above and below water, with about 30 large, and many smaller, underwater sea caves.  The Nereo Cave is the most important and it is considered also the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. On the east side of Sardinia there are many underwater cave systems starting from the Gennargentu Mountains, with underwater rivers which arrive at the sea by different, lengthy routes.

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Note: This post is written for the Alive is Awesome Blogging Campaign and contest run by Godrej Group.

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