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Udaipur is a great place to escape from the daily routine life. It is a city with large lakes, grand palaces and beautiful gardens. Away from this city, there are also many places which can be travel in one day from Udaipur and they have a great legacy of cultural, spiritual and traditional history. This post is about five such places near Udaipur, which are also worth visiting for a day, whenever you will be in Udaipur.

1. Chittorgarh Fort:
Distance from Udaipur: 125 kms, Excellent Highway
Public Transport: Government as well as Private buses are available frequently. Train services are also available.
Time required to visit entire fort: At least 4 to 5 hours

Rajputana is the most impressive aspect of the Indian history and Chittorgarh is a symbol of prestige, honour and elegance of Rajputana. I am sure that whenever a child starts reading history books in Indian schools or even think something about history, his first introduction begins with the heroism of Maharana Pratap, sacrifice of Panna Dhai, Love of Meera Bai,Bravery of Gora-Badal and Jauhar (Sacrifice in the Fire) of Queen Padmini. He/she must feel pride on these stories and interestingly, all these stories were born in the fort of Chittorgarh. This was the place where Meera Bai jovially took the sip from a cup of poison in the love of Lord Krishna, Panna Dhai sacrificed her son on the altar of her duty, Queen Padmini and many other ladies happily jumped in the Jauhar fire to protect their honour. Which one could be the more glorious chapter than this in the Indian History? If you wish to see and feel these stories, then you must visit Chittorgarh fort once in a lifetime.

Part of Chittorgarh Fort and Chittor Town as viewed from The Victory Tower

The Victory Tower @ Chittorgarh Fort

2. Eklingji Temple:
Distance from Udaipur: 24 kms, Excellent highway
Public Transport: Government as well as Private buses are available. Train services are unavailable.Temple is at the main road only.
Time required to visit entire temple: 30 minutes are enough

Rajputana Stories are not only about heroism and bravery. They also had a great faith in their family God or Goddess. Lord Shiva is the family god of Mewar Dynasty in the form of Eklingji. The kings of Mewar dynasty only ruled as a representative of Eklingji. This temple is 1300 years old and made of marbles. The Temple is very grand and magnificent in conception and perfect in execution. Hindu pilgrims come here from far places throughout the year to worship the Lord Eklingji. The descendant of Mewar Dynasty still come here on every Monday to offer their prayers to Lord Eklingji and to seek his blessings.

Eklingji Temple

Eklingji Temple

3. Haldighati:
Distance from Udaipur: 50 kms (approx. 25 kms further from Eklingji), Good-conditioned paved road
Public Transport: Government as well as Private buses are available frequently upto Eklingji. Very less public transport are there between Eklingji and Haldighati. You have to arrange own transport like auto rickshaw (charges between 300-400 INR). Train services are unavailable.
Time required to visit entire area: 15 minutes Haldighati Pass, 15 minutes Chetak Memorial, 45 minutes Badshahi Bagh and surrounding cultivated fields of Roses and perfumes shops, 30 minutes Museum

Battle of Haldighati is an important battle of Indian History, that wrote a new chapter in the history of Rajputana. Maharana Pratap never accepted subordination of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and fought bravely with Mughal army in the Battlefield of Haldighati. However, Mughal army outnumbered Rajput Army and seeing that the battle was lost, Pratap’s generals prevailed upon him to flee the field so as to be able to fight in the future. In the same battle of Haldighati, Mana Jhaala, a general of Maharana Pratap, wrote a new tale of loyalty. He donned Pratap’s armor and took his place in the battlefield to confuse the Mughal army and facilitated Pratap’s escape.In the process, he fought bravely and died in the battlefield. This battlefield also witnessed the indomitable valor of Chetak, loyal horse of Maharana Pratap. Despite the injuries, he took out Pratap safely from the battlefield and died thereafter. The memorial of Chetak is there in Haldighati and it is a true tribute to the heroism of that horse.There is also a museum at Haldighati, which has a great collection of the stories related to the battle of Haldighati in the form of sculptures as well as portraits. In addition to this, Haldighati area is also famous for the cultivation of Chaitri Roses ( a type of rose). These roses are used in the production of Rose water, Rose syrup and perfumes and these products are famous worldwide today.

My Blue Bird @ Haldighati Pass

Chetak Memorial near Haldighati

4. Kumbhalgarh Fort:
Distance from Udaipur: 110 kms (50-60 kms further from Haldighati), Good-conditioned paved road
Public Transport: Public transport are very less. Train services are unavailable.
Time required to visit entire fort: At least 3 hours for the temples and Badal’s Palace, provided that you will not stay for the evening light show.

Kumbhalgarh..This name itself carries some weight. It is the second most important fort in the history of Rajputana, after Chittorgarh Fort. After the sacrifice of Panna Dhai at Chittor, Kunwar Udai Singh was brought here secretly, so that he could be safe here from Banwari. Maharna Pratap was also born in the same fort. The outer walls of this fort are 15 feet thick and spread over the perimeter of 36 kms. These walls are believed to be the second longest continuous walls, after the Great Wall of China. The location of this fort in the middle of hills and dense forests made it inaccessible from invaders.Situated at the height of 1100 meters, this fort’s defenders could easily tracked any enemy movement from miles away. Perhaps that’s why this fort could not be conquered ever. Only once in the history, the combined armies of Akbar, Maan Singh, Udai Singh of Marwar and Sultanate of Gujarat were able to breach the security of this fort for a short period, that too because of the shortage of water supply in the fort.
There are many Hindu and Jain temples inside the fort. A grand light show is held every day in the evening and it is an amazing experience to see this fort in those colorful artificial lights.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort

5. Ranakpur Jain Temple:
Distance from Udaipur: 45 kms further from Kumbhalgarh. Directly approx. 110 kms from Udaipur. Via Kumbhalgarh approx. 150 kms from Udaipur , Good-conditioned spiral paved road through the hilly terrains.
Public Transport: Public transport are very less. Train services are unavailable.
Time required to visit entire temple: At least 2 to 3 hours

Between the splendid palaces and formidable forts of Rajasthan, the Jain Temple at Ranakpur still attracts people’s attention with full splendor. Built in the 15th century, this temple is situated at a place that seems neither like a town nor like a village and surrounded by the Aravali Hills and dense forests. About 1000 carved pillars of this temple are beautiful pieces of craft skills on the white marble stones. Some even say that it is impossible to count all the pillars. Interestingly, no two pillars are having same carvings. Here, a union of sun rays with white marble stones happens in such a manner that at every hour for some period the color of these white stones looks like blue pale. Description of the beauty of Ranakpur’s Temple is beyond the words.This temple is a blissful combination of architecture, sculpture and crafts.

Jain Temple @ Ranakpur

White Marble Carvings @ Ranakpur Jain Temple

In these five great places, Chittorgarh Fort is situated on a different route and direction from Udaipur. Other four places are situated in the same direction from Udaipur in the range of 150 kms. Since, public transport are less frequent in this area, it is advisable to hire a cab from Udaipur to visit all these places on the same day. There are numerous travel agencies in Udaipur, those offer a single day bus or cab tour to Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur. and If you are riding a motorcycle, then nothing can be more exciting than visiting these places in Rajasthan.

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    staying at nathdwara is good or in udaipur to cover all these places

  2. Dear backpacker,

    Is it possible to do Udaipur to Chittorgarh via Kumbalgarh. We have booked our hotel in chittorgarh.
    Also advise which of the two is a better fort.

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  6. Hello me and my husband want to visit Udaipur and from there want to go to Jodhpur via kumbhalgarh, Rankapur .Also want to visit Chittorgarh.Is it possible?
    We’ll reach Udaipur on 19th february take rest that day. On 20th will visit Udaipur full day and 21st want to visit Chittorgarh and back Udaipur.22nd on the way to Jodhpur want to visit Kumbhalgarh and Rankapur.Can you pls tell me how much time it’ll take on 3rd day i.e 22nd feb?

    • Hi, it will take normally 2-3 hours to visit Kumbhalgarh and two hours at Ranakpur Temple. Rest is your journey time. The road between Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur is a hilly terrain. You can travel from Udaipur to Jodhpur covering both the places in a single day. Start early from Udaipur and expect to reach late night at Jodhpur.

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    Many thanks for this very informative write-up. Are there places in the city of Udaipur itself that one should visit. Thanks in advance. Ujjal Choudhury

  9. Hello, Thanks for sharing this. Could you advice that which places can be visited within 3.5 days? Wheather 2nd or 3rd week of december is good time to visit?

    • Yes. It’s good time to visit Udaipur. Spend your days in Udaipur only. One the last day, you can join any one day tour package for Kumbhalgarh Fort and Ranakpur Temple. Many tour operators in Udaipur offer this package.

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    • Not possible in my opinion. Better to plan your stay near Ranakpur for the night. You can cover all places in a single day, but by the time, you will reach Mount Abu, you will be completely exhausted.

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    • Hi, I don’t think that its a good time to visit Udaipur. It will be extremely hot. You may not be able to enjoy the lakes also. If possible, plan for another time. If still want to go, then you must go. Its a beautiful city and in the off-season you may get the best prices for everything.

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    Also, Can we visit the place where Mira Bhai worshipped Krishna in the Chittorgarh fort?

    • Hi, Nathdwara is about 50 kms from Udaipur. Regular public buses operate between Udaipur and Nathdwara, else you can hire a cab from Udaipur for one day trip. If you wish to stay there, plenty of hotels/guest houses available. Accommodation can be also booked online at the Official website of Nathdwara Temple, upto 12-days in advance. Inside the Chittorgarh Temple, Meera Bai Temple is situated in the premises of Kumbh-Shyam Temple. You can go there easily without any hassle.

      Have a nice trip.

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