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Repulse Bay Beach is the most popular beach and a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong. Situated on the main road between Aberdeen and Stanley, it is easily accessible from all parts of Hong Kong. This is a wide-crescent shaped stretch of sand along the water coast and surrounded by high-rises building from one side across the road. The bay was once a haven for pirates intent on plundering foreign merchant ships trading with China until being repulsed by the British fleet in 1841, which is how the bay achieved its name.

Repulse Bay Beach from the main road

People on the beach can enjoy a beautiful view in front of them. There are blue water without limit in the front of eyes, small green islands make picture more beautiful and then there are lot of small boats as well as big ships floating on the sea water. When I reached there, the sky was full of clouds and it was very cold there. Sun was not in the sky, but various clouds add a different color to the nature there.

Sea Waves@Repulse Bay Beach

@Repulse Bay Beach

If a person like beaches and swimming, then Repulse Bay is the place to go. A net is set up in the sea to protect swimmers from the dangerous sea animals like sharks.

Sea Waves@Repulse Bay Beach

A Ship in the Sea. You can also see the Shark Net in yellow color

A kid enjoying the sea waves at Repulse Bay

A group of people enjoying@Repulse Bay Beach

Repulse Bay Beach

The sand at the beach is mostly coarse, with some finer sand found closer to the water.

Sea Waves@Repulse Bay Beach

Repulse Bay Beach

Sand, Sea and Sky@Repulse Bay Beach

 Kwun Yam Shirne:

This shrine is located at the eastern end of the beach. Kwun Yam is a Goddess of Mercy and comforts those who are sick or in distress. This shrine has a bridge and pear that goes in to the sea.

Kwun Yam Shrine

 Tin Hau Temple:

Situated near the Kwun Yam Shrine, this temple is dedicated to Tin Hau, Goddess of the Sea.  Hong Kong was basically  a home of fishermen in old days . Tin Hau is considered as the patron of the city of Hong Kong, where fishermen came to pray for full nets and calm seas, before leaving for fish-catching.

Tin Hau Statue

Other Facilities at Repulse Bay:

Other facilities at the beach include Light refreshment kiosk, changing room, shower facilities, toilet, raft, outsourced fee charging car park, playground and beach volleyball court.

Sand Area of Repulse Bay Beach

A clean toilet@Repulse Bay Beach

Real Estate Projects:

This is one of the most expensive locations for real estate in the city.  This location is a perfect location with stunning views all around. This is the main reason for the set up of luxury housing projects like The Lily and The Repulse Bay . There is also a showroom of Ferrari near the beach on the main road itself.

The Lily:

This curved building in the background of Repulse Bay is known as “The Lily”. The building, a multi-housing project, is indeed a modern architecture masterpiece and it offers a new kind of luxury residence in Hong Kong and offers the chance to escape the city and relax in comfort and style.

The Lily@Repulse Bay Beach

The Repulse Bay or  Building with the hole:

The most famous building here is known as the Repulse Bay or the building with the hole. This hole may seems the wastage of prime residential spaces, but it has its own importance in mythology. It is believed that a dragon live on the mountain behind the building. If this hole would not be there, this building always come in the way of dragon heading towards the sea. On the advice of a Feng Shui expert, to give that dragon an unrestricted passages, this hole is there in the building.

Building with the hole@Repulse Bay Beach

Ferrari and Maserati Showroom:

This showroom is on the main road near Repulse Bay towards the west end of the beach. You can easily see some  of the best known and most desired of all Super-Car brands in the world here.

A Ferrari @ Ferrari Showroom,Repulse Bay Beach

Red Beauty outside the showroom@ Repulse Bay Beach

Overall, Repulse Bay is a very good place to spend an evening in Hong Kong.

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  1. This prestigious residential area is a popular choice particularly for expatriates due to its attractive living environment overlooking its large beach and the South China Sea. The area comprises of a combination of luxury high rise and low rise developments with many townhouses commanding spectacular seaside views. Repulse Bay is a good choice for families due to its great facilities, out door space and varied selection of schools and preschools and close proximity to the beach.

  2. Here is all the fun of the fair, with Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s homegrown answer to Disneyland; Repulse Bay, where visitors roam its sandy beach or dine at one of its upmarket restaurants; and Stanley Market, which lures visitors and residents to a higgledy-piggledy seaside maze where variety is very much the spice of retail life, even if it has moved up and out of the bargain-basement arena. For even more shopping, Horizon Plaza on Ap Lei Chau has some fine homeware and fashion outlets.

  3. What a fun beach 🙂 Thanks for sharing the experience. Reading this, I’m feeling like I’ve already been there 🙂

  4. Lovely shots of the beach.

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