Aug 172012

Colors are the most precious gift of nature to the human. If you look all around, you can understand how bad would be our life without the combination of these colors. When I explored the pictures of my life on the road, I also found some interesting colors ..and here I am sharing those colors of my journeys:


The mighty blue color reflects the expansion of sky as well as the deepness of a sea. But when you find the water and the sky is meeting somewhere to give you a perfect picture, then you are lucky enough that day. Some places in the world are as fascinating as Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. The temples of this park are famous for its architectural and artistic perfection, not to mention its sheer size.While exploring this 1000 years old Archaeological Park in Cambodia, I decided to watch the sun set over the Angkor Wat Temple. I was waiting for the sunset with hundreds of people and came across this view: A water lake around the temple, A blue sky above the temple and moon looking down from the sky, clouds flying in a corner and people walking on the causeway of the temple to witness this beautiful site.All these factors combined and inspired me to capture this moment.

@ Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia


Green color gives an immense relief to the eyes. Whenever this color come in my mind, I think about the nature. I clicked this picture, while walking in the Kowloon City Park in Hong Kong. The park houses a big lake, where you can find many birds swimming in the water. Reflections of surrounding trees in the water turn the water in the green color. I saw this bird swimming alone in the middle of the lake and captured this moment.

@ Kowloon City Park, Hong Kong


Seam reap is a fascinating destination for me. I love its street, its restaurant and its central market. While walking towards the Seam Reap Central Market, I reached on a bridge at Seam Reap river and saw this lamp glowing above the river water and its reflection in the water giving a perfect example of symmetry. Even in that darkness, perfect reflection of the lamp was clearly visible in the water. I immediately took out my camera and clicked this picture.

Outside Central Market @ Seam Reap, Cambodia


White color symbolizes innocence and purity. It was the occasion of the closing ceremony of 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, when I came across the sea of the human in the stadium. These people were performing in the various formations and showing the integrity and the unity of my country India.

Commonwealth Games 2010 Closing Ceremony @ New Delhi, India


Yellow is an attention getter. I was wandering in the annual crafts fair at Surajkund in Haryana, India. My wife was hungry and I went to food stalls to buy some foods. We saw a group of artist beneath a tree posing for the pictures. They were the part of a dance group and just performed at the event. Their yellow-colored face drew my attention immediately to capture a wonderful moment.

@ Surajkund Crafts Fair, Haryana, India


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  1. Nice captures of colour.

  2. Wonderful captures all. I loved your green and red the most. Good luck for the contest.

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