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Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh is one of the least developed region in India in terms of the public transport. Although the population density of this district is the lowest( 2 person per sq.km.) in India, but still due to its huge tourism potential there is a requirement of a decent public transport system in this area. If you travel by your own car or a hired cab, you do not face any problems, but if you want to travel this region by using public transport, then be prepare to wake up early in the morning to reach bus stand at right time or else be prepare to spend one more day at your present place. I did not travel in the Lahul part of this district, but I just returned from the Spiti Valley. This post will give you a lot of information on the public transport while travelling in the Spiti Valley.

A view of Kaza Town

Since Delhi is the major hub for all tourists in India, I consider Delhi as the starting point of your trip and since Kaza is the largest town in the Spiti Valley, I consider Kaza as the first destination of your trip in the Spiti Valley.In this post, I talk in terms of hour rather than kilometers, because in the hills, I believe the hours are more important than the kilometers to plan your trip.Delhi ISBT refers to Delhi Maharana Pratap ISBT in this post, which is close to Delhi Metro Kashmiri Gate Station. All bus fares mentioned in this post are round up by 10-20 INR.

A view of snow-capped mountaion from the road near Nako Village

There are two main routes to reach Kaza from Delhi: either to travel via Shimla and Reckong Peo or to travel via Manali. During my trip Manai-Kaza route was closed due to the snow at Kunzum Pass and the authorities are still working to open this route.As per rumours at Kaza, it is expected to open by July 7 this year, but nothing is assured. Although my initial plan was to complete this tribal circuit by travelling on the route Delhi-Shimla-Reckong Peo-Kaza-Manali-Delhi, but due to this closure at Kunzum Pass, I took Shimla route in the onwards as well as in the return journey. Now I explain each route one by one.

Please Note: These information are gathered during our trip in the first and second week of June. Public buses frequencies may increase in the month of July-September, during the peak travel season to Spiti Valley. You may also find some shared jeeps/taxis plying on the route in that season.

Delhi-Shimla-Reckong Peo-Kaza Route:

This route is an all-weather route open throughout the year, but subjected to weather and road conditions after Reckong Peo onwards. According to the Google Maps, this route is 755 Kms long and required 13 hours and 10 mins to travel by your own own car. But in reality, It takes upto 30 hours to complete this route if you travel by your own car and upto 36 hours if you travel using the public buses, that too without a long break, which is highly recommended on this route. In this long journey, you indeed pass through the numerous historical and natural attractions, tourist places etc, but I assume that your intention is to reach Kaza first, so no description of en-route places is here. This helps me to keep this post shorter, because each en-route attraction requires a post for itself, so I left them for other posts in the future. Now,let us start our journey from Delhi.

Start from Delhi to Reach Shimla: It takes 8-12 hours by road depending on the mode of transport.

There are two ways to reach Shimla:

First to catch a Volvo AC or an ordinary bus from Delhi ISBT direct to Shimla. Volvo bus takes around 9 hours, while ordinary bus takes around 10 hours to reach Shimla. Volvo AC Bus Fare: INR 800/- and Ordinary Bus Fare: INR 320/-. There are lots of ordinary buses running between Delhi ISBT and Shimla on hourly basis, specially in the evening hours and in the morning hours. They belong to Himachal Roadways, Haryana Roadways or to Punjab Roadways. Four Volvo Buses timings are at 6:30 AM,9:25 AM, 21:00 PM and 22:00 PM. These four Volvo buses belong to Himachal Roadways. Apart from this, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) also runs two Volvo AC Buses from Delhi at 8:00 AM and 20:30 PM, fare is INR 880/-. Himachal Roadways AC bus starts from Himachal Bhawan, while HPTDC AC bus starts from HPTDC Office at Chanderlok Building near Janpath, but you can catch both the buses from Delhi ISBT also .

Second way to reach Shimla is to travel via Chandigarh. Chandigarh is 250 kms away from Delhi and Shimla is further 120 kms away from Chandigarh. There are lots of ordinary as well as AC buses running between Delhi ISBT and Chandigarh at every 10-15 minutes round the clock. If you do not get a direct bus to Shimla from Delhi, you can board a bus going to Chandigarh and from there; you can catch another bus to Shimla. I have seen the list of about 180 buses at Chandigarh ISBT running between Chandigarh and Shimla, that means you can get a bus to Shimla in every 10 minutes from Chandigarh. Fare: Ordinary Buses, Delhi-Chandigarh: Ordinary Bus INR 200/- AC Bus INR 500/-, Chandigarh-Shimla:Ordinary Bus RS.150/- AC Bus: Rs.320/-

Important Caution: Be careful that there are two ISBTs in Chandigarh. One is in Sec.17 and another is in Sec.43. Sec.17 ISBT is the hub for the buses departing towards Delhi from Chandigarh, while Sec.43 is the hub for the buses departing towards north of Chandigarh to the state of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. So if you catch a bus from Delhi to Chandigarh, it may terminate at Sec.17 ISBT. In this case, you can catch a local Chandigarh Transport Undertaking Bus to Sec.43, which is about 15 minutes away and fare is Rs.10 for AC bus. From Sec.43, you can catch a bus to Shimla. To avoid this situation, it is better to catch a northbound bus from Delhi that has a halt at Sec.43 ISBT in Chandigarh.

Train Availability Between Delhi and Shimla: There are also a train link available between Delhi and Shimla, but it takes the same amount of time, even more as compared to the buses. First you have to catch a train from Delhi to Kalka. Then, catch another train from Kalka to Shimla. Kalka-Shimla line is a narrow gauge line and tourists regularly enjoy the toy train journey between these two stations. Kalka-Shimla Railways is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage .

Flight Availability between Delhi and Shimla: One daily Kingfisher flight is available between Delhi and Shimla. This Flight departs from Delhi IGI Airport Terminal 3 at 09:45 AM and reaches Shimla at 10:45 AM. Fare remains above INR 5000/- in all season. Shimla Airport is located at Jabarhatti, approx. 22 kms away from the Mall Road.

Reached Shimla, now Move to Reckong Peo: It takes around 8 hours to complete this part. Fare: Rs.205/- for ordinary bus

Shimla is a most sought, over-crowded hill station near Delhi and the honeymooner’s paradise in India.If you want to rest here, you can spend many days exploring the beauty around this hill station, but I take you further away to Reckong Peo a.k.a.Kinnaur. There are many government as well as private buses running between Shimla and Reckong Peo at nearly every hour from 5 AM in the morning till the 8 PM in the evening. Beyond these hours, there are only 2-3 buses to Peo (shorter and popular name of Reckong Peo). You can get these buses from the New Bus Stand of Shimla, which is 3 kms away from the old bus stand below the Mall Road. Few Buses are available from the Old Bus Stand as well and all the buses going to Peo make a stop at Lakkar Bazaar Bus Stand in Shimla.

Kaza Bus at Reckong Peo Bus Stand

This part of the journey is very crucial to decide the total time of your travel between Delhi and Kaza, because there is only one bus going further away from Reckong Peo leaving at 6:30 AM. So, your arrival time at Reckong Peo and your body’s need for rest is very crucial for onwards travel beyond Peo.

Important Note: There are two government ordinary buses operate from Shimla to Kaza in the evening. First government bus departs from Shimla at 18:30 PM and second one (Hamirpur-Kaza) at 20:00 PM. But none of this bus goes upto Kaza. You can purchase a bus ticket direct to Kaza, but You have to leave these buses at Reckong Peo in the morning.Your bus conductor issues the seat numbers for onward travel and in Reckong Peo, you have to board on another bus that is going to Kaza at 6:30 AM as per your seat number.

There is a private bus by Kumar Bus Service at 19:00 PM from Shimla New Bus Stand. They claim to go upto Kaza, but in my knowledge they go upto Yangthang only,one hour before Nako Village and well before Kaza. So, be sure about the destination while boarding on that bus. In peak tourist season, they may operate upto Kaza.

Alternate Bus Availabillty:

Delhi-Kalpa HPTDC Bus: HPTDC runs a daily Volvo AC bus between Delhi and Kalpa (10 kms above the Reckong Peo) during the peak tourist season. Right now, this bus is not operating.

Delhi-Reckong Peo Ordinary Bus: This bus departs from Delhi ISBT at 20:10 PM in the evening and arrives Reckong Peo at 16:45 PM in the next day afternoon.Fare: INR 575/-

Chandigarh-Reckong Peo Volvo AC Bus: I have seen a Volvo AC bus in Shimla that runs between Chandigarh and Reckong Peo. This bus reaches Lakkar Bazaar Bus Stand in Shimla at 11 AM and arrives Reckong Peo at 6 PM.

Train Availability between Shimla and Reckong Peo: Not Available, No railway line exist

Flight Availability between Shimla and Reckong Peo: Not Available, No airport beyond Shimla

Return Buses from Reckong Peo to Shimla: In day time there are plenty of buses at hourly basis from Reckong Peo to Shimla starting from 4.30 AM. In the evening,last bus to Shimla departs at 19.00 PM.

What to do in Reckong Peo: If you arrive in Reckong Peo from Shimla and not in the mood to travel further on the same day, there are lots of places to explore around Peo. You can explore Kalpa, Roghi, Chitkul Villages and Sangla Valley for next 2-3 days from Reckong Peo (read my another post for details on these places Trip to Kalpa and Chhitkul ). Foreign Nationals visiting Spiti Valley has another work to complete. To Travel beyond Akpa Police check post on Reckong Peo-Kaza route requires Inner Line Permit for non-Indians and it is strictly mandatory. So foreign nationals can spend their time in Peo arranging for an Inner Line Permit for onwards travel to Spiti Valley.This Inner Line Permit can also be arranged at Shimla.

Final part of the Journey from Reckong Peo to Kaza: It takes around 11 hours subject to the weather and the road conditions

So, you have visited Reckong Peo area, your body does not ask for the rest now and you have your inner line permit in your hand, Its time to move beyond Reckong Peo now. There is only one ordinary bus running between Reckong Peo and Kaza, popularly known as Kaza Bus.The bus leaves Peo Bus Stand at 6:30 AM and reaches Kaza around 17:30 PM.Fare:INR 470/-. Popular tourist attractions of this route are Nako Village (Bus reaches at 12:00 PM), Tabo Village (reaches at 16:00 PM) and Schichling Village ( reaches at 16:45 PM).

While en-route Reckong Peo to Tabo

While en-route Reckong Peo to Tabo

It is on you to decide whether to leave this bus at any of these villages or to reach Kaza first. But if you leave this bus in any of these villages, next bus will be available only on the next day. I will write a separate post on the mode of transport available between the villages of Spiti valley later. That will help you to plan your travel, if you want to leave the Kaza bus in any of these villages.

Kaza Bus Stand

Tabo-Kaza road section in the Spiti Valley

Road passes through the Malling Nalla Landslide Area near Nako Village

While en-route Reckong Peo to Tabo

Alternate Bus: There is also a bus running between Reckong Peo and Chango ( 40 kms., 2 hour prior to Tabo). If you intended to go to Nako Village first, you can also try this bus. or you can take this bus upto Chango and make alternate arrangement for onward travel to Tabo at least. This bus starts from Peo ealry in the morning, perhaps well before the Kaza Bus, but I am not sure about the timings. However, while returning from Kaza by Kaza bus, I found this bus in Chango waiting for the passengers around 10.30 AM for return journey to Peo and another day I found it at Nako village around 12 PM going towards Peo.

Train Availability between Reckong Peo and Kaza: Not Available, No railway line exist

Flight Availability between Reckong Peo and Kaza: Not Available, No airport beyond Shimla

Retrun Bus from Kaza to Reckong Peo: Only one ordinary bus departs from Kaza at 7.30 AM and reaches Peo at 16.30 PM.However, you can get a direct ticket to Shimla and catch the 19.00 PM bus from Peo to Shimla as per the seat number allotted earlier.

Kaza Bus returning to Shimla at Reckong Peo Bus Stand

Delhi-Manali-Kaza Route: The beauty of this route is that it takes lesser time,full of scenic places and a foreign national does not requires an Inner Line Permit, if he/she gets in to the Kaza via Manali.But again If a non-Indian wants to travel beyond Kaza towards Tabo or Nako (especially between Hurling and Spillo section of the highway), there is a requirement of Inner Line Permit. This is the most popular route to reach to the Spiti Valley, but it is not available always. The section of the route between Manali and Kaza is available only for 5-6 months during the summer and monsoon seasons in a year. It generally opens in the month of June and closes in the month of November.According to the Google Maps, this route length is 735 Kms and it requires 12 hours 16 mins to travel by a car, but again due to the hilly terrain it requires about 24 hours time to cover the entire route. During my visit, this route was closed, so I do not have much information, but I want to share some useful information which I gathered from the web.This route consists two parts of the journey: Delhi to Manali and Manali to Kaza.

Delhi to Manali: You can reach Manali from Delhi thorughout the year. Manali is a popular hill station and also a honeymooner’s paradise.There are many ordinary as well as AC Volvo buses available between Delhi ISBT and Manali at frequent intervals. Bus Fare: Ordinary Bus INR 525/-and Volvo AC Bus INR 1150/-. Alternatively, You can reach Chandigarh ISBT Sec.43 and from there catch a bus to Manali as explained above in the case of Shimla.

Train Availability between Delhi and Manali: No train up to Manali, No railway line in the region. However you can board a train either upto Chandigarh or upto Rupnagar (Ropar). Thereafter you have to catch a bus.

Flight Availability between Delhi and Manali: A daily Kingfisher flight operates between Delhi and Bhuntar Airport, which is 50 kms prior to Manali. This flight departs from Delhi at 06:05 AM and arrives Bhuntar at 07:25 AM. There is also a daily flight operated by Air India Regional (Alliance Air)fare always remain above INR 5000/-.

Manali-Kaza:When this 210 kms.route is open, there are two daily ordinary buses leaving from Manali Bus Stand to Kaza at 5.00 AM and 5.30 AM.These buses are run by Himachal Roadways and fare is approx. INR 200/-.The bus passes thorugh Rohtang Pass,Batal, Kunzum Pass, Lossur and takes about 11 hours to reach Kaza. If you have plenty of time you can detour at Batal or Kunzum Pass for one day each side trek to Chandratal, which is a very scenic lake at the altitude of 4300 meters.

Important point is that once the route is declared open by the authorities, you do not get the public buses for next 2-3 weeks. They only allow small vehicles to run on the road initially. In this period, you can get a shared sumo/jeep. A shared sumo between Manali and Kaza cost you Rs.700 and takes 9 hours to complete this trip. There are ten people in the Sumo; Two on the front seats, excluding driver, four on the middle and four on the back seats. The seats are available at first come first basis.

Train Availability between Manali and Kaza: Not Available, No railway line exist

Flight Availability between Manali and Kaza: Not Available, No airport beyond Kullu

I hope these information will be helpful to plan your trip to Spiti Valley.

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  42 Responses to “Road Journeys from Delhi to Spiti Valley”

  1. Hi,
    I’m from Bangalore. I wish to road trip from shimla to kaza ( via kullu, manali, rohtang pass).
    Journey date is from 30 June to 10 July, 2014.
    I would like you to know that this is my first road trip up north and its gonna be two of us.
    So gotta few queries and i would be really grateful for ur suggestions

    1: Are the roads open during June- july ?? and a stupid question- are they motorable ?? weather ??
    2: Which mode of transport do u suggest ?? i am not into prospect of riding a bike…. i wish to hire a jeep to drive through… is it possible ?? IF so where can i get vehicles for hire ?
    3: Any places on the way or deviations to explore ?
    4: After kaza im not sure whether to track back in same route or got through rekong peo, rampur and shimla
    5: Are there any places for stopover except the one i mentioned before ( do i need backpacks and supplies )??


    • Hi, I will be able to solve your queries:

      1: Are the roads open during June- july ?? and a stupid question- are they motorable ?? weather ??

      There is heavy snowfall in the area last week, so the road opening is delayed, but it is expected to open by the time of your trip. The roads are not in very good conditions, but of course, they are motorable and challenging one. You should really have a brave heart to negotiate with that. Last year, there was heavy rain in the same period, but Spiti falls in rain shadow zone, provided that you cross the Kunzum Pass without any difficulty.

      2: Which mode of transport do u suggest ?? i am not into prospect of riding a bike…. i wish to hire a jeep to drive through… is it possible ?? IF so where can i get vehicles for hire ?

      Yes, you can hire a vehicle (mostly Gypsy) in manali or any other vehicle from Delhi. Cost is a factor in this case.

      3: Any places on the way or deviations to explore ?

      Yes, while moving from Manali to Kaza, you can take one day detour to the beautiful Chandartal Lake (vehicle may or may not reach there, so it needs some trekking also), near Losar/Kunzum Pass.

      4: After kaza i m not sure whether to track back in same route or got through rekong peo, rampur and shimla.

      If you hire the vehicle in Manali, better to return back via Manali, but if you hire a vehicle from Delhi, then you can come via Peo, Rampur and Shimla. You will be able to cover all these beautiful places also.

      5: Are there any places for stopover except the one i mentioned before ( do i need backpacks and supplies )??

      Decide your rough itinerary, then we will think about the possible stop-overs.

      Have a nice trip.

  2. Hi
    Thank you for sharing your travelogue. The information and the posts are very informative and helpful and I am glad it comes up as the very first search result on google!

    I am planning to take benefit from a long off I have starting 10th April. I have 5 days in my hand and I was thinking of doing a solo drive till Spiti and be back by 14th evening. I plan to go completely unprepared (except a backpack, tent and a sleeping bag) and play it by the ear. Doable? I have quite an energy to drive extended hours, i just want to avoid night driving. Do you perceive any challenge/risk/safety issues (considering this will be a solo travel) ? Or would you recommend that i take public transport or do it another time?

    The ides is just to be out for a few days and Spiti has been a place i had been wanting to go for a long time.


    • Hi Akhilesh, you can do it alone and there is no problem. But there are still lot of roads are under snow in Spiti, after Nako. Some of my friends went there last month up to Kaza on their bikes. They successfully negotiated with the snow. Assessment is now on you. Driving there is tough, as it is featured among one of the most dangerous roads in the world. But, then lot of people do this and its an ultimate fun. Have a great trip.

      • Thanks! A question that comes up is if there is enough traffic after Reckong Peo in the event one needs a bit of help? Or the ‘Kaza bus’ is one of the very few vehicles to be seen?

        Just went through a weather forecast and it looks like it will be freezing cold in spiti over the next 7-10 days. True?

  3. Hello,

    I appreciate your efforts, time and patience for creating this blog which gives so much information for travel enthusiasts. I am grateful.

    My friend and I are planning to travel to Spiti from Delhi (May 3 to May 8)may 9th, we need to be back in Delhi. from your blog, I understand we need to take the Shimla – Kinnaur Route as the other route will be closed. After reading the contents here, we are planning to take a public transport to Shimla and then move to Reckong Peo in another public transport. We plan to stay in Reckong Peo for a night and then move to kaza next day. Any places we could cover in between? Do you think its doable starting from Delhi on May 3rd(late afternoon) and could we reach Delhi on 8th May?

    Thanks so much in advance,


    • Hi Naina, if you start in late afternoon on May 3 from Delhi, then you can’t catch morning bus (May 4) from Reckong Peo to Kaza. So, if you reach Reckong Peo on 4th Morning, spend that day at Kalpa. Start from Peo on 5th Morning and you will be at Kaza by evening. Hire a cab and explore Kibber Village, Kye Monastery and Dhankar Village, all three on 6th May and try to reach Tabo by late evening. Its doable. On 7th Morning, explore Tabo Monastery and catch 9 AM bus to Reckong Peo. You will reach Delhi on 8th Afternoon. Its very hectic, but this is the only way to do this. Else, leave Spiti for another trip of longer duration. Try to explore Kalpa, Chhitkul, Sangla Valley, Sarhan and Narkanda in this 5-days trip.

      • Thanks Much. We really wanna see Spiti and nothing else :(, so now even if its gonna be hectic we are certainly gonna do it. How about the other route via Manali ? Do you think if there are chances of that being open during first week of May?

        Thank you,

        • Manali-Kaza route will not be open by the first week of May, so only option is Shimla-Kaza route. As I told earlier, its hectic, but doable. You can go ahead. Have a great trip. 🙂

  4. Very Informative!

    I am panning a trip to Lahaul Spiti valley as under:

    27th Aug 2014: Delhi to Shimla(overnight bus)
    28th Aug 2014:Shimla to Reckong Peo by bus
    29th Aug 2014:Reckong Peo to Tabo by bus
    30th Aug 2014- 5th Sept 2014 : Spiti Left Bank trek
    6th Sept 2014: drive and trek to chandratal
    7th Sept 2014 :drive(bus or shared taxi) to manali, overnight Manali to Delhi

    Is this doable in the time frame?

    Any specific advice you would like to provide?


    • Hi, your plan looks perfect. Its very much doable. What do you mean by Spiti Left Bank trek? is it the trek from Dhankar to Kibber? If yes, then better to do in the reverse order. I didn’t trek, but I heard that from Kibber to Dhankar, its easier to trek in comparison to Dhankar-Kibber direction.

      • Hi SB,

        Thanks for your reply.

        My plan for Spiti Left Bank trek is as under:

        I decided this way to get better acclimatization Poh being at 3300m and Langza 4300m.

        In case , I decide the route you have suggested, then should I take the Delhi Manali route, do the Chandratal trek and then head for Kiato for the 7 day trek?
        Is it possible to do the Chandratal trek in one day from Manali and head to Kiato the same evening? What mode of transportation is available back from Chandratal to Kiato in the evening or next day early morning.
        In case we need to do a camping at Chandratal lake for the night how much time will it take to rach the nearest road point to get a vehicle for Kiato?

        Ending the trek we can forward to Tabo-Reckong Peo and Shimla.

        Thanks in advance!

        • Hi, if you wish to go from Manali side, then catch the morning 5 AM bus from Manali to Kaza. It will drop you at Batal (6 hours from Manali) or Losar (30 kms further from Batal after passing Kunzum Pass). From both the places, you have to arrange a hitch-hike from local people going towards Chandratal ( vehicles go at least upto 3 kms before Chandratal). Otherwise, its a 12-kms trek from Batal and 14-kms from Losar. Next day, early morning, you can get various jeeps from Batal/Losar going towards Kiato and further onwards to Kaza.

  5. Hello,
    very well written. I’m going to Spiti next month (April) via Delhi – Shimla – Peo – Kaza route with overnight stays at Shimla & Peo. What is your thought on this? And also any info about bus availability in this route during April? I’m on a shoe-string budget, so I plan to take bus only. I have a small backpack with a laptop and a camera. Can this be easily carried in ordinary buses?

    Thanks in advance. Keep writing dear!

    • Hi John, one of my friend just returned last week from Kaza after a bike ride. The road from Tabo to Kaza is covered of snow, but they were able to complete their ride. The whole Spiti Valley is covered under a layer of snow these days. Hope it will be less by April, as summer is approaching. Shimla-Kaza route is open and Buses are available on the route as mentioned in this post. Planning a night halt at Shimla and then Peo is good choice. While staying in Peo, if you have time, do visit Kalpa (6 kms), Sangla and Chhitkul (One day excursion). They are really beautiful. You can carry your backpack with a laptop and camera. Just keep them at appropriate place inside the bus to avoid discomfort. People are honest, so don’t worry about theft, but do keep a watch on your bag. Spiti is totally amazing. You will love it. Have a nice trip.

  6. Hi Dear – this is an excellent article, stumbled up on it when researching for a trip to Spiti in late March.

    I am planning to be in Kaza on the 23rd of March. I will arrive in Delhi on the 21st – was planning to take the overnight bus in to Shimla (either HP roadways or the HPTDC bus – which one would you recommend)

    When I reach Shimla the next day morning (22nd, 7 AM?) will there be any buses leaving directly to Kaza through Peo? If there is one and I do take it, what time on the 23rd will I possibly reach Kaza?

    My return flight from Delhi is tentatively on the 30th of March (8 PM) with an option to extend by one more day. When do you think I should plan to leave Kaza to make it in time for my flight on the 30th?

    Also, what is the scene in Shimla or in Peo with regards to private taxis. Will they be available during this season and if yes, what do they typically charge?

    I would be very grateful if you could respond.


    • Hi Ajith, Thanks. You can book any bus, HRTC or HPTDC. Both are good Volvo buses, but HRTC is Rs. 80 cheaper. and, I don’t think, you will be able to get a bus from Shimla to Kaza directly in the morning. Those buses from Shimla generally depart in the evening. Better to take a bus to Peo and make a night halt there (22nd Night). Then, Catch an early bus to Kaza from Peo, and you will be able to reach Kaza by 0400 PM on 23rd.

      You need 24 hours to travel from Kaza to Shimla and then 12 hours to Delhi. So better to leave Kaza by 28th Morning Bus, to avoid any en-route delay. This is still a high time for the snow. You can expect road-blocks due to snow. You can also leave Kaza on 29th Morning to reach Delhi by 30th Evening. Please note down the contact number of Shimla Roadways Bus Stand (01772658765) and Reckong Peo Roadways Bus Stand (01786222444). You can speak with them to get a better idea of the bus schedule.

      Direct Taxis are available from Shimla as well as from Peo, but I don’t have any idea of the charges. I didn’t use them.

      Have a nice trip. 🙂

      • Many thanks for the response and the details 🙂
        Much appreciated! I will ensure that I come back and post an update after my trip.


        • wow.
          i will be backpacking around northern India. i will be flying in to Kolkata next week.then work my way west then north.. i plan to go to Kaza upong seeing beautiful photos ive seen just now. i hope the plan works out though. i f you can travel earlier.maybe we can travel together..i will be there 1st or 2nd week of March =)

          • Hi Ayan,

            From the limited knowledge I have, early March it would still be snowing up there in the hills. So please plan for a few days extra to factor in weather-related travel changes. I wish I could have joined you, but unfortunately I will not be able to make it up there any time earlier than 22nd March due to quite a lot of commitments. Avanish has already shared quite a bit of information about buses in this post and in response to my question. Hopefully they are useful for you. If I hear anything else, I will be sure to let you know. Meanwhile, have a great trip to India and keep us posted on how your trip to Kaza goes.


            • Hi, as mentioned earlier, I managed to complete my trip to Kaza and am writing this from the Delhi airport. It took me all of 2 days to return from Kaza (started journey back on the morning of 28th). I got a seat on a shared taxi at Kaza as bus service was temporarily suspended. You can find taxis next to the main bus stand in Kaza. My taxi took me only until Reckong Peo (started journey at 7.30 AM and reached Peo only at 6 PM due to a 3-hr landslide delay just 20 kms short of Peo). The fare for the taxi cab was INR 1000. From Peo, managed to get a bus on the same evening to Rampur where I halted for the night. Reached Rampur at around 11.30 PM after a 5 hour journey through some of the worst roads on the planet! Bus fare – INR 300.

              From Rampur onwards back to Shimla there are plenty of options. I personally took a private taxi and finished the ride to Shimla in about 4 hours.

              In the mountains, its always good to have a buffer of 6-7 hours as landslides are quite common and can put a spanner in the works. The usual refrain is that it will get fixed in 1/2 hour, but very rarely does 🙂

              Hope this helps.

  7. Amazing amazing information.
    I am planning to go till kaza from delhi via govt buses in 3 days. December 😀 and reside in pwd and Frh(last year i had been till kalpa and sangla valley same time by local buses). my prefer stops are : Delhi(isbt) —- Sarhan(temple, i can reach at 3 pm till here no issues) —–then problem is how to reach Nako second day—–Then to Tabo—-then to Kaza (or i am thinking to hire a car at tabo to roam full day dhakar, kaza, ki kiber and back till eveng to Tabo) —-then to Peo(if from kaza, if from tabo then to shimla)—-Shimla—-Delhi.
    please please guide me fast. I have just 3 days to go. I need exact matching bus timings etc and can i able to do this.

    • Hi Sunny..Do you really wish to plan this journey to Kaza and back to Delhi in 3 days only? That’s the worst thing I can imagine as a traveller. If you don’t have more time then go to another place. Very frankly, in 3 days it is not possible. You can reach Sarhan by 3 PM in a single day. But you can’t do Nako, Tabo, Kaza, Dhankar etc in a single day and again return back to Delhi on the third day. All these journeys are subjected to weather as well as road conditions, that too in this winter season. There are only one or two public buses in a day between two points and if you missed any, then you have to wait till next day. I suggest you to do it in at least 7 days. Go somewhere else in 3 days. Rest is on you. Have a nice trip.

      • Hi thanks for reply and pardon me for my outstanding English 🙂
        I meant that I am planning to move from delhi after 3 days or so. And I would be having a week to travel.
        But i have inquired about stay at Nako, and everyone is shut, pwd is not answering. Even not sure about Tabo and Kaza . So. I finally decided to move to Malana and Pulga in parvati valley.

        • Then its really cool..If you are now planning to go Parvti Valley, its good…Otherwise, once you will be on the road, you can always find someone to accommodate you in the night, even in Nako, Tabo or Kaza. By the way, have you been to the places like Kausani, Gwaldam and Ranikhet? They are also very nice for the winter season and can be covered in a week trip. 🙂

  8. Well written , but unfortunately no time to explore Alas! may be some day i will look into your blog and plan

  9. hi , excellent info,but i need a bit more please. in october is any bus service to pin valley?namely mud and gungri.
    what about mane gogma-again from kaza, thanks mate .

    • Yes, you can get a shared jeep from Kaza to Pin Valley in October also, probably up to Mud village. and I didn’t see any bus going to Pin Valley from Kaza. No idea of Man Gogma. 🙂

  10. Well written… very helpful.. this is what I was looking for. thanks brother.

    But I found one point missing and that is how to travel from KAZA to spiti valley? Also I am planning to go there in september mid, is it the right time for this manali route??

    • Thanks for liking it Bro..regarding missing point…What do you mean by Spiti Valley? Can you tell me any specific location, where you want to travel?..Kaza is a part of the valley, in fact, most important town of Spiti Valley. Other places in valley includes Dhankar, Kibber, Kye, Tabo, Demul, Komik etc..So, these all are part of that valley only. So, if you want to know about any particular place, then let me know..I will be happy to help you. Enjoy..Take care. 🙂

      • Sorry for not putting up my question correctly basically I wanted to know how can one visit all the places in Spiti valley? suppose if I want to go to Dhankar or tabo or any other place in the spiti valley, what is the mode of transport? Also I am planning to go there in september mid, is it the right time for this manali route??

        • Mid September is a good time, no problem on that..Basic mode of transport between the villages of Spiti Valley is the private cab..Public transport is very less, only one bus goes in a day from Kaza to Kye and Kibber and that comes back next day..Similarly, two public buses between Kaza and Tabo..and so on..Alternate option is to try a hitch-hike, you may obliged easily and even you can try trek to some places to save money on private cab…Please go through my other posts on Spiti Valley. There is total 7 posts on the places in Spiti Valley.

  11. Information provided by in the article is valuable thanks I was going to spiti but stranded at Sangla due to heavy rain Your article will help me in future

  12. Avanish, you are doing a great job by putting this encyclopedia of information for the prospective travellers to the region..money saving tips are helpful

  13. I once took a 24 hr bus ride from Kaza to Shimla and promised myself never again.

    Thanks for the info on the bus timings, going on a volvo to shimla will at least help me spend the night in peace.

  14. khoob maje lo bhai jindgi ke.

  15. really informative post for those who are planning a trip there.

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