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The ferries running in Pearl (Zhujiang) river Delta and South China Sea between Macau and Hong Kong is the main way to reach from Macau to Hong Kong. The main ferry terminal in Macau is the Macau Ferry Terminal (Terminal Maritimo) at the Outer Harbour.

The Outer Harbour Macau Ferry Terminal itself look like an airport. There are designated windows to purchase the ferry tickets. After that you have to pass through Macau Departure Control, so that Immigration Officer can put a departure stamp on your passport. From there you can go towards your departure gate to board the ferry. This is a busy terminal handling most of the sea traffic between Macau and Hong Kong as well as the Chinese ports of Shekou and Shenzhen International Airport. Bus No. AP1 runs from Macau International Airport to the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal.

Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Macau Grand Pix near Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Heliport on the top of Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

There is a lesser known ferry terminal in Macau, located at Pier No. 11 at the Inner Harbour. This is a new ferry terminal building after its former Pier 14 site was given to developers by the Macau Government. It is very near to the Macau city centre and can be easily reached on foot. This terminal mostly services boats to Shenzhen, Jiangmen and Wanzai across the Inner Harbour in Zhuhai.

There are mainly three arrival ports in Hong Kong from Macau. First is the main Hong Kong Island, the site of the original British settlement. Most of Hong Kong’s highest skyscrapers and the financial centre can be found here, including its famous skyline along the northern coastline. Second is the Kowloon Island, most populous area in Hong Kong and at one time it was the most densely populated place in the world. Today, it offers a chaotic mix of malls, street markets and backpacking choices. Third arrival port is Hong Kong International Airport, which is situated at Lantau Island.

A graphical idea of ferry terminals

Ferry From Macau to Hong Kong Island:
Ferries from Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal to Hong Kong’s Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan (main Hong Kong island) operate 24 hours a day at frequencies of every 15-30 minutes by day and hourly at night. Ferries are operated by TurboJET (Tel: +853-87907039 in Macau, +852-28593333 in Hong Kong).The cheapest one-way ticket to Hong Kong is HK$142 (HK$20 extra per bag for luggage) and the trip takes one hour. You can buy tickets online www.turbojetbooking.com in advance to ensure you secure the sailing you want at busy times. Weekend fares are more expensive. Another frequent ferry service is operated by Cotai Jet directly from Taipa in Macau to Hong Kong.

A TurboJET Ferry

Another Ferry

Do not confuse Kowloon with Hong Kong main island. Kowloon is another island of Hong Kong and a backpacker’s paradise. It is cheaper in comparison to main Hong Kong Island in terms of accommodation and foods. It only takes half an hour to reach main Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon). I stayed in this part of the Hong Kong. Ferries from Macau are less frequent compared with services to Hong Kong Island, running every half-hour from 7AM-10:30PM. The arrival port from Macau, known as The China Ferry Terminal, is at Canton road and it takes about 20 minutes walk from Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road as well as from Victoria Harbour to reach here. Fares start at HK$133 and the trip takes about 90 minutes. The ferry operator is New World First Ferries(Tel: +852-21318181 in Hong Kong). TurboJET also operates on this sector(Tel: +853-87907039 in Macau, +852-28593333 in Hong Kong). I traveled from Macau to Hong Kong around 15:30 PM(Monday) at the cost of HKD 139.00. While returning back from Hong Kong it was more expensive on Saturday 08:00 AM and cost me HKD 166.00.

Moving inside China Ferry Terminal at Kowloon, Hong Kong

TurboJET Ferry ticket from Macau to Kowloon...26A was the seat number

TurboJET contact details and Terms n Conditions

TurboJET Ferry ticket from Kowloon to Macau

Macau-Hong Kong International Airport:
There are also ferries from Macau to Hong Kong International Airport. These are less frequent but if you are travelling from Hong Kong to Macau they allow you to bypass Hong Kong immigration and customs by transferring directly to the ferry in the airport’s transfers hall. If purchasing a ticket online in advance, your airline may be able to check your luggage all the way to Macau for you. You board the ferry at the airport SkyPier. Fares start at HK$180 and services are operated by TurboJET Sea Express.

The price of ferry tickets differ based on the time and day of the week of the ride. Ferry departures at night (between 6PM and 6AM) and on weekends are more expensive.

TurboJET Fleet Information:
TurboJET is the world's largest operator of Boeing's Jetfoils, and all used to belong to former Far East Jetfoil. Far East Jetfoil also used PS-30 and FoilCat. Whereas former Turbo Cat used FlyingCat and TriCat.TurboJET's fleet includes six major types of vessels known as Foilcat, FlyingCat, TriCat, JetFoil, PS-30 and Austal-48.A jetfoil carry 190 passengers, while a FoilCat can carry upto 423 passengers. The interior of these vessels are like an aircraft. There are mainly three classes in each vessel and their prices and passenger amenities vary accordingly:

Economy Class:Fully air conditioned, audio & visual entertainment facilities, televisions, catering kiosk, duty free counter, 2/4 washrooms

Super Class: Fully air conditioned, reclinable seats, audio & visual entertainment facilities, 2 televisions, catering kiosk, 2 washrooms.

VIP Cabin: Fully air conditioned, luxury VIP sofa seats, audio & visual entertainment facilities, 1 television

FoilCat and PS-30 have Economy Class only.

Seats of Turbojet Ferry in Economy Class

Interior of a Turbojet Economy Class

A Word of Caution:
1. There are so many ferry terminal in Hong Kong to confuse anybody. So its better to check before moving to any terminal to catch a ferry to Macau. If you are residing in Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon, the nearest ferry terminal for Macau is China Ferry Terminal on Canton Road, 20 minutes walk from Nathan Road. There is also a nearby ferry terminal at Victoria Harbour (20 minutes walk from China Ferry Terminal) and known as Star Ferry Piers, but it maily offers connecting ferries between Hong Kong Main Island to Kowloon.

2. Beware of touts at Hong Kong side of HK Macau Ferry Terminal. They can offer you a discounted tickets of ferries that are about to depart within minutes. After buying the ticket, you will loose some of your time in Departure Control for passport check and within this time the ferry will depart and you will end up loosing all your money. Always buy the tickets from a designated window or online or from self ticketing machine.

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  1. Hi,Wonderful explanation of several itinerary and events which we generally don’t find easily.I m planning vacation to Macao and HK with my family for a week.I am planning to leave by ferry to Macao from HKIA directly and
    would like to know whether ferry folks pick up baggage directly for us from belt as we can not pass immigration while on transit ??
    Do I need to face HK immigration only while return to China Ferry terminal at TST on my return ??
    What other documents they ask for issue of 14 days visa ??
    What is the best way to travel from China Ferry terminal to Lantau island to visit Disney land ?? OR from HK do I need to take different ferry to reach Lantau island ?Thanks

    • Hi,

      I think HK has stopped visa-free entry to the Indians. So, I am not sure about the first part of your question. You have to face HK immigration at China Ferry Terminal while returning to Macau. Earlier they didn’t ask any documents except the passport and financial proof. Not sure about the current procedure. Metro is the best way to rich Disneyland/Lantau Island. Disneyland is on the metro route, while for Lantau , you have to ride the cable car or bus from Tung Chung Terminal. Why don’t you visit Lantau first after reaching HKIA?

  2. Helped a lot in planning our trip, thank you very much!

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  4. Hi Solo backpackers. I am staying now in Whampoa, Hunghom and I elaving for MAcau tomrorwo , June 26. I kept checkign which ferry terminal is closest to me, but kowloon-Macau Terminal is the only available. Think this is okay. What shodl I tell to the taxi driver or if I take the subway. Where should I head to? thank you

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  7. Hi can you help me in selecting time of departure because I’m planning to buy my tickets online.
    Our arrival time in HKIA is 9:20 AM (no check in luggage), also planning to go directly to Macau, how much time allowance do we need to put in between for the scheduled ferry? Which port in Macau?
    After arriving in Macau, what bus should we choose to go to the Venetian? We’re just planning to ride the gondola and have our lunch there, and if time permits we also want to visit St. Paul Ruins.
    We will be staying at Tsim Sha Tsui, and we would like to go there in the evening.

    Your insights would be very helpful. Thank a lot!!

    • Hi, You are thinking on a very tight schedule. You can make it, but it’s better to start early from the Hong Kong, if you intended to visit Macau during the day and return back to HK in the evening. It takes one hour from HKIA to Macau Ferry Terminal in Kowloon, HK. Then one hour ferry to Macau. Further 15 minutes bus ride to Venetian. At least two hours to visit St. Paul’s Ruins. So, calculate all accordingly.

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