Feb 052012

Surajkund is the annual fair to find the finest handlooms, handicrafts, authentic fragrances and flavours of the Indian cuisines.This photographic blog is about our trip to Surajkund Fair this year. The Surajkund Crafts Fair held annually at Surajkund in Haryana in the month of February. There is nothing new this year, except the change of theme state and a paid helicopter ride offering the aerial view of the fair that costs Rs. 2000 per person. This year tickets can be book online at Haryana Tourism website: Online E-Tickets for Surajkund Annual Fair, 2012

The more details of Surajkund Annual Crafts Fair is available on my previous year journey blog about the same at:
A Single Day Visit to Surajkund Annual Fair in 2011

Photographs of Surajkund Crafts Fair in 2012:

Entry Gate of Fair

A wheel merry go round at the fair

Bells Wind Chimes

Terracotta Art

A Hand-drum or Dholak made of clay

A wheel-chaak of a terracotta artist

A view of the fair

Different types of Coasters

Artificial Flowers for decoration

Artificial Flowers for decoration

A Bioscope: The Travelling Cinema

Silkworm Cocoon used in Silk production

Beautiful Flower Pots

A huge crowd at the fair

A Spinning Wheel or Charkha

An Artificial Bird

Key Rings

The Serving Trays from Kashmir

Beautiful Paintings for the wall

A Pattachitra by Shri Rabindra Behra from Orrissa

@Surajkund Crafts Fair

@ Surajkund Crafts Fair

Near Food Court@ Surajkund Fair

Food Court @ Surajkund Fair

Bangles made by Lakh

A shop @ Surajkund Fair

A gathering @ Surajkund Fair

Another Mela Gate @ Surajkund Fair

Chakari outside the fair ground

From Tata Indicom Advertisements @ Surajkund Crafts Fair:
These are the pics of some tag-lines used in the Tata Indicom Advertisements at the fair ground.

Kathkkali from Kerala

Meet India @ Surajkund

Bihoo of Assam

Bhangra from Punjab

Kolhapuri Slippers from Maharashtra

Although the basic theme of Surajkund Fair remains same every year and handicrafts do not vary too much, but still every year, we eagerly wait for a visit to Surajkund fair and it always gives us a great feelings about our culture and traditions.

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